Leo's horoscope for October 2021

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for October 2021

This is a month when you will exchange a lot with your close circle: family, friends, neighbors, colleagues: you will maintain your relationships and make new ones. You are looking for ways to bond with others, strengthen your ties, or create a more formal commitment. Your arguments and your charm reinforce your popularity but do not take advantage of them to impose your ideas or your methods. Until the 7th, Venus may still induce tensions in your emotional life and finances, as you tend to be excessive in all your desires.

Leo: Mood for October 2021

You are in an amiable mood. You are looking to make new relationships or keep the ones you already have intact. You feel like going out, going to a show, or putting on a show yourself for your loved ones. With a bit of theatricality, a lot of charm, and good intentions, this is a cocktail that should make you sure of success. On the love front, things are tenser (or more passionate) until the 7th. Then, in this area, too, the spirit of discovery and adventure will be very present. A beautiful month to enjoy with your friends, old and new.

Leo: Love for October 2021

You are putting your love life in order. It is moving in a pleasant direction towards a solid and lasting fulfillment. Venus brings a lot of spice to your daily life. The trio of Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the friendly sign of Libra makes you eloquent, charming, and open to all discussions in a beautiful spirit of conciliation. October is a perfect month for commitment. Whether it's marriage, cohabitation, or children, everything is in place for a beautiful month full of promise and satisfaction.

Leo: Money for October 2021

The heavens are protecting all your assets. However, that's no reason to overspend, especially if it's to please those around you. Prestige spending will only attract parasites, while your charm and lightness already ensure your popularity. Financial opportunities could come from happy and solid associations, contracts, or profitable deals. A change of position at work is possible for some. Investments are not your priority at this time unless it is to participate in a joint or group project.

Leo: Work for October 2021

Jupiter and Saturn are highlighting attractive contracts, profitable partnerships, and teamwork. Your good humor and eloquence will earn you an excellent reputation with your colleagues. If you master your natural authority, you can make a very positive impression this month. Your power of seduction also works in the social sphere, and your professional exchanges are particularly gratifying. This is an excellent time to join a new team or move up in the hierarchy; a promotion or a raise is even possible. In any case, your situation is stabilizing.

Leo: Leisure for October 2021

Team sports, collective leisure activities, family outings, drinks with neighbors and colleagues: the climate is delightful in October! You take great pleasure in sharing your actions with your loved ones. The taste for adventure, for discovery, tickles you, and you could experiment with a new hobby, whether it is a new method of relaxation or an escape game in a virtual world. Cultural outings are also the order of the day, and you could attend an art opening, treat yourself to a theater seat, or be invited to a party. This is not a month for idleness but for meetings and pleasant exchanges, so take advantage of it!

Leo: Key dates for October 2021

- On the 2nd, pass on your messages gently with your family. You will avoid any misunderstanding.

- On the 6th, the New Moon invites you to communicate.

- On the 15th, if you want to declare yourself, it's now.

- On the 19th, your persuasiveness allows you to rally support for your projects.

- On the 27th, in love, do not confuse desires with fantasies.

Leo: Advice for October 2021

Your relationships are evolving, and you can assert yourself without raising your voice. However, discussions are still stalled. Wait until the 18th to re-launch the debates, and in the meantime, take advantage of Jupiter, which looks promising. But do not abuse your popularity or your success to force your way through, in the family or elsewhere.

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