Virgo's horoscope for October 2021

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for October 2021

The Sun until the 22nd, Venus until the 7th, Uranus, and Pluto all month long: four planets encourage you to hold on to what you have. They help you find new opportunities to stabilize your situation. The climate in October is favorable to your projects and initiatives. Obstacles are falling, and many problems are being solved, allowing you to embark on new adventures in relationships, family, or work. But you should not let all these facilities make you too demanding towards others who may not have your luck. Know how to balance your desires and wishes to evolve without going overboard.

Virgo: Mood for October 2021

In October, you are mainly concerned about your financial situation and the well-being of your loved ones. Until the 7th, you will use your charm to seduce and reinforce your entourage's popularity. You are ready for any change to allow you to start a more fulfilling and perhaps more profitable life. For some of you, this means a complete overhaul of your achievements. Sometimes with unavoidable losses, but also with unexpected gains. Destroying to better rebuild is the approach of some of you, for all, a promising and pleasant October.

Virgo: Love for October 2021

You wish to build a stable and fulfilling relationship in the long term, and you will not spare your efforts in this direction. You are using your past experiences to ensure a more promising sentimental future. You defend your interests and those of the family with a lot of conviction. You do not hesitate to claim your due. But these steps can also take you away from those you love. You will have to explain to them that you are absent or unavailable because you work for the good of everyone and not only for your personal interest. You will achieve certain material ease.

Virgo: Money for October 2021

If you have investments in mind or extraordinary expenses to make, try to use the good influences of the first week because afterward, Venus could push you to excess, greed, and gluttony. It could induce unreasonable behavior in your money management. However, you are not the type to squander your assets, but a simple stressful blow can make you temporarily inflexible. If you are tense, go out without your credit card! Uranus and Pluto change or metamorphose situations, but it is always better in the medium term, even if it is sometimes distressing.

Virgo: Work for October 2021

Worries are fading, and the way is clear to move slowly but surely toward your goals and to secure your footing. Impatient to evolve, you could get bent out of shape or demand too much, too fast. You will be rewarded for your talents and merits. Negotiations will not resume until the 18th, but Jupiter will accompany and favor your social ascension. A promotion, a raise, the brilliant recognition of your merits, something to rejoice about, but not to take advantage of it to ask for more and more, at the risk of tarnishing your excellent reputation.

Virgo: Leisure for October 2021

Take advantage of your good shape to air out your body and mind. Whatever the weather, take regular walks. Handicrafts at home will also do you a world of good, and you are likely to be inspired to make beautiful things. Don't neglect your loved ones, and don't keep your nose glued to your smartphone, rediscover board games, cooking with the kids, watching movies with your family. Autumn is the prelude to winter. Take good habits to spend these seasons in good company, in a cozy and friendly cocoon.

Virgo: Key dates for October 2021

- On the 1st, eager for pleasure or gratification, some excesses could be detrimental to you.

- On the 4th, certain advantages could be put into effect.

- On the 13th, you can reassure those close to you that you are in control of the situation.

- On the 20th, the Full Moon favors gains and bonuses. It's your turn to play (without taking risks).

- On the 28th, there is happiness in the family: you make everyone happy.

Virgo: Advice for October 2021

Saturn helps you secure your status and results. A little nervous and irritable, you can't stand the slow pace that keeps you under pressure. Take refuge in your private circle to recharge your batteries and wait until the discussions are revived. Nothing stands in the way of your success except a tendency to ask too much of others. Your demands could go too far.

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