Gemini's horoscope for October 2021

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for October 2021

The sky is somewhat favorable for you in October, primarily until the 22nd. No less than 5 planets escort and support your aspirations, your activities, your exchanges, your love affairs, and your personal fulfillment. Your ambitions begin to take shape, and you find the ability to expand your horizons. In the friendly sign of Libra, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars promise you beautiful encounters and pleasant exchanges with everyone. You work in harmony, and, from the 7th, your love affairs fill you with happiness. For some, a marriage is even possible.

Gemini: Mood for October 2021

You are brimming with charm and energy. This is a perfect month to express yourself, work efficiently, meet new people, nourish your love life, and, more generally, move quickly and well towards your aspirations and ambitions. From the 7th onwards, Venus could push you to argue or be too greedy. Still, it can also be the driving force behind a more open, dynamic, and evolving emotional relationship. There is still Neptune to confuse some people. Still, with the avalanche of other good influences, you will likely have an enjoyable month, instructive and full of good times with pleasant people, whether in your private or social life.

Gemini: Love for October 2021

You feel a natural relief in your love life, obstacles fall, communication resumes, and tenderness is well present in couples. Single people have every chance of not staying single and of making tender exchanges. The October sky is conducive to getting closer and meeting people in earnest. The atmosphere is warm and favorable to your emotional development. Even if minor differences arise, they will be settled next month. You are putting your sense of responsibility to good use with great determination. You are making many efforts that are paying off, and you are heading towards good stability.

Gemini: Money for October 2021

From the 7th, Venus, in opposition to your sign, could encourage you to excess. However, 5 plants protect your assets, and it would take a lot of ill will or recklessness to run into real financial problems. Simply think a little before making a significant expenditure or perhaps a risky investment. For the rest, treat yourself and your loved ones without asking too many questions. Ideas flood in, so this is an excellent time to get your goals and concepts down on paper. Store up the information before launching into the realization.

Gemini: Work for October 2021

The situation allows you to move around, meet new people, and exchange opinions. Your professional relationships are fluid and gratifying, expose your projects, have good ideas that please your hierarchy, and allow you to reach the objectives you have set for yourself and climb the ladder. You are helped by a magnificent charisma, and Saturn supports you. But don't get frustrated if things don't go as fast as you'd hoped, don't impose your projects, deal with delays or misunderstandings, keep your emotions under control. Use your charm and express your potential.

Gemini: Leisure for October 2021

For your beautiful energy not to turn into nervous tension, it is necessary to use it positively by doing sports or at least a little physical exercise. Walking, cycling, gymnastics are all suitable for your sign. You will be able to relax in playful activities with children or friends unless you choose to visit unknown places or unusual experiences. Your relationships with others are excellent, so take the opportunity to share your best moments.

Gemini: Key dates for October 2021

- On the 2nd, with your goodwill, you end up getting what you wanted.

- On the 6th, the New Moon adorns you with all the graces (lucky you).

- On the 11th, Saturn, which was holding back your ambitions, eases the pressure and allows you to progress towards your goals.

- On the 19th, a special strike force is put at the service of your ambitions, and everything smiles on you.

- On the 27th, you use your charm to convince your superiors to follow you.

Gemini: Advice for October 2021

If you were exasperated by slow and sluggish exchanges, they will start again from the 18th and will be successful. It is better to wait than to get unnecessarily upset. Don't try to get more than you want: Jupiter brings you a beautiful fulfillment that should satisfy you in most areas.

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