Cancer's horoscope for October 2021

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for October 2021

In October, the sky is mixed for you: until at least the 22nd, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars induce many tensions, setbacks, or misunderstandings. You are disorganized and express yourself aggressively. This does not serve your popularity, and you are slowed down in progress towards your goals. Your willpower turns into nervousness, and your lack of patience leads you to act in the wrong way. Do not undertake anything important. Fortunately, until the 7th, Venus is protecting your love affairs and your money, so enjoy this first week.

Cancer: Mood for October 2021

Your family is at the center of your concerns. You have a great desire to improve your living conditions, but you lack the time, energy, and opportunities. Do not overestimate your powers and means. Avoid abuses of authority that make you unpopular without solving any problems. You must be patient and tenacious while waiting for the sky to clear. Venus is ideally placed during the first week to allow you to enjoy the pleasures of love and the good things in life. It is a godsend not to be missed: treat yourself. It will do you the greatest good.

Cancer: Love for October 2021

You want to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones, and you are making great efforts to manage your home in the best possible way. Your intentions are good, but you are clumsy and bossy, even aggressive. If you encounter difficulties settling outstanding issues, wait until the 18th and restart the discussions on a more constructive ground. Until the 7th, Venus protects your love life and, from the 22nd, the Sun helps you shine, charm, and seduce. A little patience between these two dates, and you will be able to pass between the drops.

Cancer: Money for October 2021

Stay very careful with your finances: after the 7th, the sky is no longer favorable to your financial security, luck leaves you, exchanges are slow and difficult, your activities do not go as planned. Watch your spending, and don't sacrifice your material security to please your family. This is a short-term calculation that will only bring you financial and family troubles in the medium term. However, your intuition remains excellent and essential changes, even if unexpected, are rather beneficial to you.

Cancer: Work for October 2021

Saturn and Jupiter accompany the changes that are necessary to get out of a deadlock. Rely on your desire to cooperate to make yourself appreciated. But do not try to distinguish yourself at all costs and do not let mood swings spoil the atmosphere at work. Jupiter favors your evolution in all areas. Take advantage of this to ask for your due and make a good impression around you, just to make everyone want to work with you. However, in October, it is your family that keeps you busy, and it is there that you spend the most energy.

Cancer: Leisure for October 2021

You've got a lot of stress to deal with, and you're likely to be tired this month, so focus on relaxing activities. A good hot bath, a long walk, board games with the kids, a little restaurant for two... Everything is good to get your head out of the water and enjoy the good things in life in good company. Invite your friends and let them invite you to shared pleasures, don't lock yourself in your room with your tablet or a book: the treats are outside and together.

Cancer: Key dates for October 2021

- On the 1st, any disagreements with your partner or a loved one? Clarify your intentions so as not to generate misunderstandings.

- On the 8th, avoid any mood swings or overly directive attitude. It seems you want to control everyone.

- On the 18th, discussions that were getting bogged down resume in a more constructive way.

- On the 20th, the Full Moon puts you in the front line at work.

- On the 28th, there is joy and love in the air!

Cancer: Advice for October 2021

Saturn has forced you to draw a line under the past. You are now giving another direction to your life. You are building on solid ground. Hang on. Don't be afraid to take a stand. Listen to those around you, and you will be able to act without imposing any constraints. Do not let yourself be dazzled by blissful optimism. Remain lucid and realistic.

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