Aquarius's horoscope for October 2021

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for October 2021

If Venus induces some dissatisfaction until the 7th and the Sun until the 22nd, the rest of the sky is relatively favorable. Mercury in retrograde in Libra annoys many signs by the slowness, delays, obstacles, and misunderstandings it induces. Still, you manage to turn it into an asset by taking the time to take care of your relationships and refining your future strategies. Mars, in Libra, also gives you incredible energy towards others, associations, agreements, and a taste for high ambitions. From the 7th, Venus changes sign and could well, from Sagittarius, bring you excellent surprises. These happy coincidences serve your interests or put you in touch with fulfilling people.

Aquarius: Mood for October 2021

You're not as creative as you'd like to be, and you're having a little trouble maintaining confidence in your abilities. Still, ideas are flooding your mind, so now is the time to examine your goals. Store up the information until you can get started. The first week is a bit of a burden, and your lack of desire makes you crabby, but from the 7th onwards, your spontaneity can lead to beautiful encounters. You are beautiful. With Mars well placed, you spend your time in rewarding activities. You will find opportunities to prove your determination. More generally, this is a month full of options where you have the chance to show yourself off, even if certain events force you to question yourself. You are making progress.

Aquarius: Love for October 2021

You are evolving; you have emotional projects and the will to lay the foundations for them. From the 7th onwards, Venus will support your romantic aspirations and help you to realize them. From the 18th, delays and slowness disappear, and nothing resists your contagious ardor. Situations get better. You find the time and the right words to strengthen your ties or to create new ones. As the weeks go by, you have every chance of building or maintaining a beautiful love story. Provided you show yourself to be benevolent and stable in your expectations to inspire confidence.

Aquarius: Money for October 2021

At the beginning of the month, your greed may push you to throw money away or, on the contrary, to be stingy with your generosity. In either case, your behavior improves, and you manage your assets rather well. This is not a particularly good time for significant investments, so be cautious and informed before you get involved in any bold projects. The last three weeks could well be marked by lucky breaks, so stay alert and available so as not to miss any opportunity to make a good deal!

Aquarius: Work for October 2021

Your power of seduction brings you a lot of support in your activities. This is the time to take up challenges and evolve positively in your socio-professional life. From the 18th onwards, you will be able to expose your ideas and methods to your colleagues, associates, or boss. You will simply have to take care to manage your overflowing enthusiasm as best you can. It could be detrimental to your cause if you do not show yourself reliable and trustworthy enough. Do not hesitate to develop solid arguments rather than lyrical speeches that will not convince everyone. And above all, do not be too authoritarian...

Aquarius: Leisure for October 2021

You are in great shape, and you have a great desire (and a great need) for physical exercise. This is an excellent time to join a sports team or to have fun with friends or family. It is indeed, in good company, that you will have the best moments. You can also treat yourself to a show or an evening at the restaurant. All your relationships are protected, and the joint activities bring you much pleasure.

Aquarius: Key dates for October 2021

- On the 4th, you have enough arguments and charisma to assert your ambitions and convince.

- On the 6th, the New Moon invites you to broaden your horizons and take action.

- On the 13th, projects dear to your heart begin to see the light of day and are based on solid foundations.

- On the 20th, the Full Moon favors communication and the resumption of discussions.

- On the 27th, if your projects are attractive, they must also be realistic, so do not overestimate the means at your disposal to achieve them.

Aquarius: Advice for October 2021

You are coming out of a difficult period. You are getting your head back on straight, overcoming the last obstacles without difficulty. From the 18th onwards, you really take back the reins of your life, but do not let certain impulses from the past spoil your progress.

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