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Capricorn's detailed profile

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Capricorn is the final Earth sign of the zodiac. This sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, which symbolises a sense of duty and perseverance. Capricorn heralds the arrival of winter and is associated with the Tenth House, which represents success, distinction… in a word, ambition! Learn about Capricorn baby's profile.

The decans of Capricorn

- The first decan begins on 22nd December and ends on 2nd January. It is ruled by Jupiter. Those born in the first decan have a great sense of justice!
- The second decan begins on 3rd January and ends on 11th January. It is ruled by Mars, giving those born during this decan surplus energy.
- The third decan begins on 12th January and ends on 20th January. It is ruled by Saturn, but also by Uranus, which makes those born in this decan somewhat eccentric…
Learn more about the Capricorn rising sign.

Horoscopes for Capricorn

You will find all the links to consult quickly your different horoscopes for the sign of Capricorn:
- Daily horoscope for Capricorn
- Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn
- Seasonal Horoscope for Capricorn
- Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn

Personality and Profile of Capricorn

Capricorn cunning and sense of duty will always help them to get what they want. They can sometimes appear set in their ways, but they continue with a task until they have brought it to completion, both from a professional and a personal point of view.

The aptitudes of your baby: here is his portrait"Astro Baby Capricorn Profile"

Trustworthy and eminently worthy, Capricorns are consummate conformists. They have great strength of character, are ambitious by nature and very responsible. This Earth sign has a strong inclination towards thoroughness and a genuine sense of duty. It is ruled by the planet Saturn, thus explaining the sign's attachment to tradition and rules of all kinds.

Capricorns are endowed with intuitive qualities and a good sense of repartee, with a good capacity for the successful undertaking of civic and social action. They have a practical bent, but are also good at making those around them feel that they are important to them. They are natural leaders who will do everything to succeed in life and in their relationships.

Those born under this sign also like the pleasures in life, in fact all earthly pleasures… cooking in particular. This is a sign that lives on pleasure and feels things, even though they manage to hide their emotions.

Strengths of Capricorn

Capricorn is a sign of great perseverance, very thorough and with a serious outlook, seeking perfection. This is a very loyal sign, faithful in love and knowing how to show tenderness behind that strong carapace.

Nothing like reading your qualities to give you confidence!"the qualites of Capricorn" !

Weaknesses of Capricorn

Home-loving, conservative and often even pessimistic, Capricorns are not too keen on change. They are attached to their roots and find it hard to change course, once on their chosen path. They are often criticised for this lack of adaptability, even though they often take on a unifying role within a group.

Capricorn: it is possible to finally know all your faults with our analysis "Capricorn defects" !

Particular Symbols of Capricorn

With their desire for dominance, Capricorns like lasting and stable relationships more than anything else. Having a good sense of humour, this crafty sign is however good at spicing things up a little every now and again, when feeling under threat. Patience is one of their key words.

Career of Capricorn

At work, Capricorns are both ambitious and crafty, and hard grafters. They will successfully complete all work given to them seriously and thoroughly. This tenacity will make them stand out from others in a group, since they are also extremely sensible. This is a personality that likes to dominate. Capricorns will therefore feel quite at ease in the position of manager or leader with serious responsibilities.

Differences between Male and Female Capricorns

The female Capricorn is very ambitious and wants to succeed, whatever the means. In love, she wants to be loved and courted. She is very sensitive and will be able to deal with her feelings, which she has under control!

Capricorn man is very possessive and jealous by nature. He makes completely his own choices in life and relationships, and cannot bear to be ridiculed by those around him.

Emotional Profile of Capricorn

This sign appears very confident, but in reality finds it difficult to show his or her true emotions, especially where love or friendship are concerned. Although full of certainties, Capricorns feel thrown when they have to reveal their feelings. They also work hard at pleasure and sensuality, and are often more at ease in a mature relationship. Family and the home are important values for this sign. Their serious outlook contrasts sharply with their naivety, and they are capable of falling for a person purely on appearances, only to realise that they have been manipulated. But watch out for their reactions!

Sexuality of Capricorn

Although Capricorns are very attached to ‘conventional' practices, including on the sexual front, they are extremely sensual and lovers who are blessed with a strong libido. This Earth sign is a lover who can be deadly, being both self-possessed and serious-minded, but also very cunning and showing his/her humorous side in the most comical situations. Capricorns are perfectionists and formidable, being able to be flexible and adopt the right stance to attract their object of desire.

Portrait of Capricorn

Element: Earth sign
Strenght: Serious
Weakness: Inflexible
Personality type : Introverted
Keyword: Ambitious
Outlook: I choose
Physical: Knees, skin
Color: Violet with a hint of brown
Gemstone: Amber
Metal: Lead

Affinities with Capricorn:
- Pisces
- Taurus
- Scorpio
- Virgo

Signs less compatible, meeting some resistance:
- Aries
- Libra
Opposite sign of the zodiac/polarity: Cancer.

Astro Celebrities of Capricorn

Famous Capricorns include:
- Ava Gardner
- Kate Moss
- Patrick Dempsey
- Al Capone
- Carla Bruni
- Jude Law
- Gérard Depardieu
- Jim Carrey

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