The Influence of the Planets

Written by Mary

The ten planets of the solar system (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) each have their own characteristics, all of which influence the lives of individuals. When studying the planets, you end up with a better understanding of an individual's tendencies and personal choices. The planets give us a clearer interpretation of a horoscope and enable us to see the individuals with whom we could develop the closest affinities. This is because the planets influence our behaviour and also have an impact on our relations with others.

There is a close link between the planets and horoscopes, and each planet can influence one or more astrological signs. The Sun represents the sign of Leo; the Moon, Cancer; Mercury, the signs of Gemini and Virgo; Venus, the signs of Libra and Taurus; Mars, Aries; Jupiter, Sagittarius; Saturn, Capricorn; Uranus, Aquarius; Neptune, Pisces; and finally Pluto, the sign of Scorpio.

To carry out a complete analysis of the influence of the planets on the life of an individual, you need a specific graph with their date and place of birth. This information is essential for drawing up a table of planetary influences on a person's behaviour.


The Sun is the central star. The Sun is all about radiance and it supports our solar system. In the human body, the Sun represents the heart, back and eyes. Within the family, it will be the masculine image of the husband and father. The Sun gives us information about the essence of an individual, their inner self or Ego. It tells us about their vitality and energy. The astrological sign associated with the Sun is Leo.

The Moon represents the mother, wife, food and the digestive organ, the stomach. The Moon can evoke water, crowds and popularity. It symbolises our feelings and emotions, and the way we respond to them. The Moon gives artists their fertile imagination and it is this planet that will help us adapt to change. Its astrological sign is Cancer.

Mercury is synonymous with movement, exchanges, intelligence and communication. In the body, the hands, arms and blood circulation represent Mercury. Within the family, it is the youngest brother, and also the teenage years (momentous period of life, constantly evolving). Mercury symbolises reason and rationality. It is synonymous with speech, writing and communication. Its equivalent astrological signs are Gemini and Virgo.

Venus is the bringer of peace, representing the flesh, taste, beauty, art and sensuality. In the body, it represents the mouth, veins and kidneys. Venus will influence our behaviour and guide us in our appreciation of beauty. This is the planet that will give us the ability to enjoy pleasure. Venus represents our aesthetic awareness, love of harmony and ability to communicate with others. Its equivalent astrological signs are Libra and Taurus.

Mars is the bringer of war in Greek mythology. It represents action, iron, weapons and war, the beginning of all things. Mars symbolises energy, a person's enthusiasm and willpower. Its sign is Aries.
Jupiter is the bringer of joy. It is the largest planet in the solar system, the Sun and Moon being light-givers. Jupiter can mean the guide, instruction, medicine, children, judges and so on. It symbolises the quest for direction and is a source of optimism. Jupiter means hope and represents spiritual aspiration. Its equivalent sign is Sagittarius.

Saturn is the bringer of old age and is consulted to find out about a person's chances of promotion, their intellectual, moral or social potential. This planet helps us to see reality as it really is. It can help us to overcome difficulties and discover our limits. Saturn also tells us about our stamina and aptitudes. It confers practical sense, caution and reserve on those who are directly under its influence.

Uranus is the symbol of intuition. It gives us intuitive understanding and helps us to open our minds to new things completely painlessly. It is often said that Uranus is the ruler of astrology. Its sign is Aquarius.
Neptune is another planet invisible to the naked eye and represents faith, illusions and fluidity. This is a planet that brings people extrasensory experiences and opens up the way to transcendental mysticism. But perception can quickly turn into deception and illusion, and for this reason Neptune is often associated with drugs. Its equivalent sign is Pisces.

Pluto means sexuality, death and occult powers. It represents all that is hidden from the naked eye. It symbolises the cycles of death and renewal. Pluto's equivalent sign is Scorpio.

Planets Today

Nowadays, scientists and astronomers do not like using the term “influence”. For them, the planets do not have any influence on the Earth. They prefer to talk of non-causal links, exchanges and things that we still have not managed to define in scientific terms. The ancients talked of “radiance” and in that sense, they were not too far removed from astronomers. For them, radiance meant something non- material. At the end of the day, we can establish a link between the concept of astral influence and that of “Chi” in martial arts, or “prana” in Hindu tradition. You could also liken the planets to “chakras” of the solar system.

The only scientists to try to demonstrate the influence of the planets on Man are Michel and Françoise Gauquelin. However, the majority of scientists refuse to pay attention to the Gauquelins' research. And yet, the statistics they have drawn up speak for themselves. If you would like further details, go on to read our dossier on the importance of the planets.

Each planet is significant and influences living beings on Earth. The planets constitute balance and harmony, enabling us to have a better understanding of the life and behaviour of an individual. Try drawing up your astrological chart and you will learn a lot about your personality.

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