Aries's horoscope for October 2020

Written by Daisy

A month to approach without dominating anyone. In October, stay tuned to elevate the debates, gently convey your messages, and conclude them to your advantage rather than forcing anyone's hand. It's up to us to surf on the good vibes that encourage amicable exchanges and renounce any authoritarian approach that would only pollute the atmosphere and short-circuit the frequency.

Aries: Love horoscope for October 2020

Love: At the Service of the Other!

A willingness to serve each other and the community in October, whether it's supporting your own or devoting yourself to the common cause, Aries, you don't have to be shy. Venus (between the 2nd and 28th) encourages you to make yourself available to those you love. From the 28th, time for tenderness, exchange and closeness.

1st decan (March 21st - April 1st): Other Priorities?

You are obsessed with discussions that drag on and on. Venus advises you to put oil in the gears rather than on the fire between October 2nd and 11th. Use your creative energy wisely and for the benefit of the group, exploiting your potential and using it to improve your family life. As of October 28th, Venus encourages your exchanges, encounters, and tender moments.

2nd decan (April 2nd - April 11th)

: Your Head and Heart are Elsewhere! In October, you seek first to serve your ambitions and convince yourself that you are up to the task. Your goals are not linked to the emotional sphere. You fight first and foremost to defend your interests. However, rely on Venus to get your messages across smoothly. Even if the beneficiaries of your diplomatic talents are more in the ranks of the hierarchy than those close to you.

3rd decan (April 12th - April 20th): A Love Affair to be Fought!

Your destiny evolves and changes. You change your job, your vocation, or even your life. In October, you support some very controversial debates. Count on Venus (between the 19th and the 28th) to demonstrate to your superiors that you aspire to serve the community as much as your interests. This cooperative effort will not prevent all clashes, but it will make the other person aware of your vision of the world. As for love, it will wait for better times to return to the front lines.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Goodwill to demonstrate in October to pacify your exchanges and make others understand that you are not only fighting for yourself. While waiting for love to regain its rights and its place in your schedule...

Aries: The thread of the month for October 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, the first Full Moon of the month (which will, therefore, be two), invites you to put your interests first. Don't make too many concessions on the essentials. The 7th, tense exchanges concerning your financial interests, do not stray too far from the norm, at the risk of worrying your bankers or debtors. The 9th, put oil in the wheels rather than on the fire, plead your case but avoid heated and energy-consuming confrontations. The 10th, with a fraction of goodwill and cooperation, you can make your voice heard. The 11th, if you act as if everything is owed to you, you will upset everyone.

The Second Week,

The 12th, a beautiful day to connect with your good intuition. Use diplomatic channels and goodwill to score points. The 13th, stay tuned to others to avoid confrontation. The 14th, if you have undertaken meaningful negotiations, you must be patient before concluding them. The 15th, your destiny changes, and you have little control throughout things. This is no reason to assault your partners; it is better to listen to them than to bully them. The 16th, the New Moon opens and maintains the dialogue, in private and in public. The 18th, the debates will end in a deadlock if you do not make an effort to melt down stubborn resistance.

The Third Week

The 19th, avoid any power struggle so that your ascent is not hindered. Be open-minded and put your goodwill to work for the community to win the favour of your superiors and convince them to trust you. The 20th, you plead your financial case, but negotiations drag on. Be patient. The 21st, by doing your part with kindness and humility, you will win the vote and make a difference. The 24th, your dedication and kindness melt resistance and allow you to break down barriers. Keep up the momentum. The 25th, don't give up on the ongoing negotiations, but don't be stubborn. Let go to restart the debates more freely.

The Fourth Week,

The 31st, the second Full Moon of October, illuminates this end of the month and puts your potential and finances at the forefront. You unblock files and move negotiations forward. But don't cross the line so as not to upset your banker.

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