Scorpio's horoscope for November 2021

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for November 2021

The Sun, Mercury, and Mars in your sign assure you an indisputable radiance and an outstanding eloquence. You have convincing arguments, renewable energy, and sustained activities. In contrast, in an excellent aspect to your sign from the 5th, Venus protects your love affairs and finances. The picture seems idyllic, but this is without taking into account Jupiter and Saturn, squaring your sign, which simultaneously sends you desires and frustrations, desires but limits, openings but constraints. You will have to deal with these contradictions daily. For some people, you will also have to put up with the sudden changes brought about by Uranus in Taurus, opposite your sign. A rewarding but tiring month...

Scorpio: Mood for November 2021

You are full of energy and willpower in November. You just have to be careful that this determination does not turn into aggressiveness or crises of authority under the influences of Jupiter and Saturn. You need to tone down your sometimes sarcastic comments, even if you are right. You intelligently defend your points of view but do not impose them. Family relationships may suffer from your behavior, even though you are only trying to improve the daily life of everyone. You will not have too many diplomatic resources to spend the month smoothly and end it in harmony with those around you.

Scorpio: Love for November 2021

You will get along well with those close to you, provided you avoid any slippage due to latent aggressiveness, especially in the family. Tensions are palpable at times, but exchanges should resume more serenely, in a more constructive spirit at the end of the month. If pressures undermine your relationship, you will find it challenging to keep quiet to calm things down. Still, Venus can help you from the 5th onwards by re-establishing a romantic atmosphere. You have a strong desire to improve your daily life, which raises debates as you may choose a life a little beyond your means, which worries your loved ones.

Scorpio: Money for November 2021

Your finances are protected all month long. But if you remain disciplined, it's just a matter of willpower as you have all the assets to keep your wealth and expand it. It is mainly tensions and frustrations that may push you to spend for the wrong reasons. You just have to analyze the situation and your desires to draw the correct conclusions and keep a healthy budget. However, after taking advice, you can invest wisely in real estate or any other family-friendly investment.

Scorpio: Work for November 2021

Suppose you have to negotiate with your hierarchy, avoid raising your voice, and be more diplomatic than demanding. In that case, it's in your best interest. You seduce your interlocutors based on your skills, so there's no need to provoke your partners, associates, or superiors who don't appreciate your managerial directives. You have enough arguments to make others want to team up with you. Inspired, creative and seductive, use a solid statement and your depth of vision to inspire confidence and make people want to follow you. Finally, don't overestimate your possibilities so as not to be disappointed later.

Scorpio: Leisure for November 2021

You have too much energy to spend in November, which may lead to tension and even conflict. The best thing to do is to expend your energy physically in a possibly demanding activity such as running, cycling, or climbing. The more you tire yourself out physically, the more relaxed you will be. Mind games also work well for you and are an opportunity to get together with family or friends to challenge yourself.

Scorpio: Key dates for November 2021

- On the 1st, you'll work out and discuss the best way to improve the ordinary.

- On the 10th, avoid raising your voice to maintain an open dialogue with your family.

- On the 15th, you mobilize your will to improve your life and your loved ones but don't think too big.

- On the 19th, you will renew the dialogue by smoothing out the rough edges. The Full Moon invites you to collaborate rather than isolate yourself.

- On the 29th, you will showcase your talents and use your charm to make a lasting impression.

Scorpio: Advice for November 2021

Stay calm and control your boundless energy by avoiding rigid positions and alienating everyone. Make your options clear without giving the impression that you are the only one in charge, and get your messages across gently. Everything will be good for you in November if you don't think too big.

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