Taurus's horoscope for May 2023

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for May 2023

An old project will blossom from the 16th. Jupiter favours your expansion. Count on Venus to help you meet new people and maintain cordial relations with your usual entourage. Even if Mars endows you with a will to power, that must be curbed to unwind and close the month on a good note.

Taurus: Mood for May 2023

You want to get out of the row and express your need for freedom, originality, and difference. Whether with your family or at work, you can surprise and seduce.

Taurus: Love for May 2023

Your thirst to break with some of the ways of the past is confirmed. You can count on a great capacity to make your loved ones aware of your desire to manage exchanges. You will be delighted with this progress and take the place you hope for within the family.

In a Relationship: there is no question of compromising your need for freedom and autonomy from those around you. You will inscribe this desire in people's minds without making waves.

Single: You want to break away from a dependency that distorts communication, and you are proceeding with your idea. This approach earns you rewarding exchanges.

Taurus: Money for May 2023

If you need money, you ask for a raise or a promotion, and you have charm and arguments to convince. Use your difference to plead your case.

Taurus: Work for May 2023

Discussions dragging on for the past month will resume more productively from the 25th. A few delays do not prevent you from approaching your activity with the feeling of being freer. This new approach will seduce your interlocutors.

Taurus: Leisure for May 2023

It's time for a new challenge. Whether sailing around the world or discovering a new author, you must take to the sea.

Taurus: Key dates for May 2023

-The 5th: Count on supporters who defend your interests to express your potential, talents, desires and appetites fully. Don't mistake your dreams for the ultimate reality.

-The 13th: pass your messages gently, soften your interlocutors and present your projects in a realistic light. If you remain aware of your limits, you will make others want to follow you.

-The 15th: no more ruminations, hesitations about what to do, what messages to pass on. If discussions drag on, they will resume more fluidly. This is the time to defend your projects.

-The 18th: try to smooth things over. Don't impose too much on authority or a group that's not very open to your proposals. It is not by forcing your way through that you will best achieve your goals.

-The 23rd: beware of outbursts in the family. Your outbursts of authority do not meet with unanimous approval. Prefer to convince by presenting your projects in their best light rather than trying to impress the crowds. You risk generating more conflicts than perfect agreements.

Taurus: Advice for May 2023

Uranus pushes you to take a new approach to life and others. Take advantage of this driving force to claim more independence and freedom and to take your place.

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