Sagittarius's horoscope for May 2021

Written by Daisy

Sagittarius: Astral Climate for May 2021

Count on Venus to encourage you to strengthen your ties with those you love. She favours tender exchanges, and Jupiter supports your blossoming family. Do not abuse your power to impose on them what you hold dear. You must discuss laying the groundwork for future happiness on a solid, and above all, shared basis. By mobilizing yourself on this family terrain, you will steer situations in the right direction: dialogue. Consultation, a little moderation, and realism will make your loved ones want to follow you in the adventure.

Sagittarius: Mood for May 2021

Even though you are making great efforts to assume your daily responsibilities, you start the month with a feeling of powerlessness, even of failure. However, you will quickly find solutions to lighten your routine, and you will manage things more freely. Venus will help you smooth out the rough edges and build a more loving relationship with those around you. Do not go to excess and do not think that you can manage everything or that everything is possible. You could provoke minor disputes with loved ones who would like more caution and moderation.

Sagittarius: Love for May 2021

At the beginning of the month, try to manage the housekeeping as well as possible. You will do everyone a favour and, from the 9th. Venus will invite you to get closer to your partner and favour dialogue. Listen to those close to you and strengthen ties with those around you through more attentive communication. Don't impose your ideas or your vision of things on anyone. You want to invest in a property, start a family, or expand it? Whatever your priorities in May, you want, above all, to flourish in excellent company.

Sagittarius: Money for May 2021

You seem to be more concerned this month with improving your home to ensure your fulfillment than with promoting your social ambitions. However, to have money, you have to work, and so you are immersed in your responsibilities to flesh out your bank account. Venus and Jupiter should help you invest wisely and, more globally, make the right decisions concerning your portfolio: luck will follow. The only risk you run in May is to spend lavishly. So, if you feel that your enthusiasm is pushing you to excess, calm down and preserve your assets to go the distance.

Sagittarius: Work for May 2021

Mars will help you improve your situation until the 9th, sharpening your fighting spirit, even if your professional activity is not a priority for you in May. Unless you are running your own company or collaborating in a family business. In that case, Jupiter could extend your influence and help you prosper starting on the 13th. Your efforts to develop dynamic solutions that can improve daily life or renew your methods to regain some freedom to maneuver will pay off. Moreover, Venus will bring a sense of connection to your exchanges, and you will be back to working conditions worthy of the name.

Sagittarius: Leisure for May 2021

Encouraged by Jupiter, which favours your family life, you will use your leisure time to contribute to your general development. You'll be out hiking together, playing games in the garden, or playing board games. You take great pleasure in surrounding yourself with good people to concoct delicious meals. Everyone gets involved in brightening your home with good humour and creativity. It's time to get out the Legos and puzzles or make short comical videos together to post on the web. The key is to use your energy wisely, without abusing your strength or your powers.

Sagittarius: Key dates for May 2021

- On Monday the 3rd, you'll find it challenging to communicate with those around you who are against you. Don't give up and keep going.

- Saturday the 8th, don't take advantage of your popularity to get noticed at the risk of being too noisy.

- Wednesday the 12th, don't give up the fight. You'll use bold means to unblock a situation that seemed to be at a standstill.

- Sunday the 23rd, only put forward your arguments if you are sure that they are in line with reality to not disappoint or make people doubt you.

- Thursday 27, don't use your charm to influence those close to you. You risk sowing doubt in people's minds.

Sagittarius: Advice for May 2021

Even if you use most of your resources to contribute to your emotional and family fulfillment in May, you are also combative on the professional level. It's up to you to measure your energy so that your initiatives make others want to follow you. Count on Venus from the 17th to facilitate exchanges and offer you a well-deserved respite.

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