Pisces's horoscope for May 2021

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for May 2021

You find it difficult to communicate with those close to you at the beginning of the month, and you tend to impose your vision of things on everyone. Your principles seem surprising because they are in contrast with your usual way of functioning. But Venus will help to facilitate exchanges from the 17th onwards. This is an opportunity to relaunch debates smoothly and fluidly. You will then make sure that everyone feels respected and loved. Your initiatives will contribute to restoring an agreement that has been a little altered lately. Venus invites you to consolidate your family, to found one or to enlarge it. Count on Jupiter in your sign this month to enhance your life. New perspectives open up. You get out of the shadows.

Pisces: Mood for May 2021

You're talking to your loved ones about an attractive life plan, and you're finding the correct arguments and attitude to convince them that your goals are worth adopting and following. But don't frighten those around you by thinking too big. At the end of the month, you'll get everyone to agree with you if you show yourself to be more sober and realistic. For a while, your ideas are inspiring. Those around you may find them too disconnected from reality. However, you have enough charisma to make an impression on people, especially their hearts.

Pisces: Love for May 2021

Venus favours communication with those around you at the beginning of the month. This is the time to gently convey your messages and open a constructive and sensitive dialogue with your loved ones. From the 9th onwards, you will take absolute pleasure in taking care of your loved ones, counting on Venus to inspire you. Whether it's a matter of improving your living conditions and those of your loved ones, moving into an environment you like, or beautifying your home, you'll aspire to evolve in a harmonious setting and in a climate conducive to the fulfillment of all.

Pisces: Money for May 2021

In May, you are looking to improve your comfort at home and elsewhere. You spend lavishly on your well-being, whether it be on good meals, decorations, or sometimes capricious fancies. Beware of a childish tendency to want everything right away. Make sure you're watching your back before you start making expensive purchases. Saving never hurt anyone. If you're going to invest in an important project, such as real estate, take advice from specialists. Your beautiful intuitions will not always be enough to keep you from bankruptcy...

Pisces: Work for May 2021

Until the 9th, you deploy your talents and strong will to attract your creations and works. From the 13th, Jupiter invites you to launch a new cycle of expansion. What you've been maturing in the shadows is beginning to take shape. However, it won't be until December that you'll be sure you've cleared out everything that no longer suits you in your new path. A sense of euphoria will overtake you, but you will have to prove yourself. You know that it is time to break with past conditioning that prevents you from expressing yourself serenely. You expose your audacious ideas without provoking controversy. You are preparing those around you for a new life cycle that is slowly taking shape.

Pisces: Leisure for May 2021

You are exceptionally fit and in good spirits in May. You will have a great desire to have fun, move, and meet people. Don't deprive yourself of this! Pisces has astrological affinities with the world of photography, so why not make the most of the thousands of photos you probably have? Make albums that are so much more pleasant to browse through with your family. You can group them by date but also by theme or person. Not only will you have a great time with your memories, but you can also get help from your family. In the end, you will certainly make someone very happy. However, don't forget to do some physical exercise so as not to lose shape or gain too much weight...

Pisces: Key dates for May 2021

- Monday, May 3rd, don't overestimate your possibilities because you may find it challenging to get your message across, and you may feel a little lonely.

- Wednesday, May 12th, you want someone to hear you and take into account your bold ideas but remain diplomatic with your family so that they agree to listen to you.

- Thursday, May 20th, it is by intervening gently and making your loved ones aware of what motivates you that you will remove the obstacles linked to the past.

- Wednesday, May 26th, the Full Moon recommends you to be diligent at work. You seem to be more concerned with your personal plans than with the company's interest.

- Monday, May 31st, you put your power of conviction at the service of a dream or an ideal!

Pisces: Advice for May 2021

The May opens the field of all possibilities for you. But you must keep your feet on the ground (challenging for a Pisces) and rely primarily on dialogue to encourage everyone to want the same thing as you. So use the gentle method that will convince your loved ones, after all...

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