Libra's horoscope for May 2021

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for May 2021

You start the month in a frustrating atmosphere, with Saturn-inducing constraints that slow down your pace. Fortunately, if the climate remains a little austere, Venus will be there to nuance the situation, raise the debates, and bring about pleasant surprises that are very comforting. Your sympathetic ruler planet will allow you to build or strengthen your relationships by endowing you with charm and seduction but also with solid reflections. Rely on your desire to raise the bar professionally, family-wise, or personally to broaden your horizons and end the month much better than you started it.

Libra: Mood for May 2021

You are working hard to improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones. But you are tempted to spend too much because you are looking to fulfill a fantasy without necessarily having the means to do so. In the family, your goodwill will enchant the daily life of your loved ones and work wonders. If you are not too greedy, spendthrift, or disconnected from reality, your unfailing determination will bring you closer to an ideal. But don't think you are more powerful or influential than you are if you want to maintain your popularity. Don't sow doubt in the minds of those close to you who might misjudge your demands and interpret them as the manifestation of excessive personal ambitions.

Libra: Love for May 2021

You are banking on your power of seduction to change things in your family or in love. You exert a positive influence on situations and on your partner. Still, above all, you want to develop your emotional ties. You are no longer satisfied with lukewarm or even problematic relationships. You want the best of love: a strong relationship and a soulmate. If you have already found one, you do everything possible to strengthen your ties and give meaning to your relationship. Count on Mars and Venus to raise the debate with diplomacy, and you will end the month smoother than you started it.

Libra: Money for May 2021

If you aspire to improve your finances, count on Jupiter to strengthen your income or induce new ones. Until the end of July, this giant planet offers you opportunities to get out of mediocrity and brighten your daily life. It is a precious ally to invest wisely, save regularly, or receive financial surprises. But do not overestimate your possibilities because you sometimes see too much. You must learn to channel your appetites of all kinds, your good fortune does not necessarily authorize you to do absolutely everything you like.

Libra: Work for May 2021

Until the 9th, Mars will help you not give up anything to get what you want. You will impose your ideas and your methods. You will also benefit from the support of Jupiter, who will help you powerfully put your talents to good use. An unexpected job offer or a promotion, you have the opportunity to prove yourself! You show that you can be counted on. You put your talents at the service of the community as much as your own. Your professional development depends on your ability to cooperate, work as a team, and rally goodwill at work. You may feel stuck at times, but that doesn't discourage you. You can grow your business.

Libra: Leisure for May 2021

The beginning of the year has held you back, but Jupiter is coming along to make you want to push your limits. This is not a reason to take risks by launching yourself into intense physical activities without warming up. Start slowly and prefer soft methods like yoga to high-level competition. You will also be very interested in cooking. Here again, you will have to moderate yourself to avoid getting sick. Your favourite pastimes will revolve around meeting new people and socializing. You'll become the social animal you used to be, and you'll take advantage of your good shape to see your friends again or make new ones.

Libra: Key dates for May 2021

- Monday, May 3rd, avoid taking everything so tragically. Put frustrating events into perspective, and don't burden others with your worries and anxiety.

- Tuesday, May 11th, the New Moon favours your strategies and encourages you to move forward with situations that are stagnating.

- Monday, May17th, the foundations of your private life evolve significantly in the direction of your aspirations: turn a page.

- Wednesday, May 26th, the Full Moon favours communication. Take advantage of it to exchange with those around you!

- Saturday, May 29th, you must deal with the time. Some debates get bogged down and will not resume until June 22nd.

Libra: Advice for May 2021

Far from the turmoil of the beginning of the year, the situation in May offers you a break. Exalted Venus gives you naughty or greedy ideas and encourages you to put them into practice. You can also count on Jupiter to favour your emotional and financial fulfillment. This giant planet warms up the atmosphere and puts an end to a certain solitude. These are pleasant prospects, but they must be qualified. Even if you think you are acting in the interest of all, you sometimes neglect to consult your loved ones before making important decisions. Saturn is still a bit of a downer. Still, you will convince those around you of your actions' legitimacy and your strategies' relevance.

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