Taurus's horoscope for March 2021

Written by Daisy

A calmer month that goes by better. Messages are more fluid and announced less abruptly. The cosmic state of affairs favours novelty and proposes more inspiring life patterns and a more inspiring future vision. In any case, we should benefit from astral conditions conducive to consultation: it would finally be a matter of proposing rather than imposing. A relief compared to a tense end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

Taurus: Love horoscope for March 2021

Love: The Future is in Line of Sight!

Until the 21st, Venus invites you to do projects. You play with your charm to rally the votes and get support to realize them as soon as possible. From the 21st, Taurus, take a step back to prioritize and refine your plans.

1st decan (April 21st - May 1st): Balance and Positivity!

At the beginning of the month, you express your desires with the support of those you convince to help you. Until the 29th, Venus invites you to meditate on past events, take stock of your love, and prepare what is to come. You are surrounded by tenderness and confidence in the future.

2nd decan (May 2nd - May 11th): Keep a Sense of Measure!

You are enthusiastic about your projects, and you manage your energy and finances wisely. Resist the temptation to demand too much because your projects push you over the edge. If you take a step back to assess your means and determine your priorities, you should end the month in harmony with yourself and those around you.

3rd decan (May 12th - May 20th): An Ideal to Pursue and Achieve!

Galvanized by an ideal that inspires you, you make others want to believe and follow you. You aspire to make your destiny evolve and transform yourself internally. Take advantage of the currents and the support of those who love you around the 16th and 18th. Your dreams will come true. The New Moon on the 13th helps you convince those around you that your inspiration will help make the world a better place.

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Your future prospects become clearer, and you benefit from major support to realize your projects. Don't abuse it.

Taurus: The thread of the month for March 2021

The First Week,

The 3rd, tender projects come true. Freedom of movement, dearly acquired, allows you to direct your destiny to your idea. The 5th, you negotiate the promotion of your talents in high places to move up the ranks.

The Second Week,

The 11th, your heart is full of dreams and an ideal that you aspire to achieve but keep your feet on the ground. The 13th, the New Moon invites you to make plans and project yourself into a future that inspires you. Go for it. The 14th, you see life and the future in pink. You feel supported by others and by a benevolent sky. It's time to take off.

The Third Week,

The 16th, you realize your ambitions and a dream: to serve a cause that is dear to you or carry out a more personal project. Rely on your inner evolution to steer you in the right direction. The 18th, Love guides you. You understand that your efforts have not been in vain and that your metamorphosis opens up new perspectives. The 21st, you do not lack arguments to make others want to believe you and follow you.

The Fourth Week,

The 22nd, you defend your interests to get what is rightfully yours. However, keep in mind that it is better to move slowly but surely than to raise your voice and risk hitting a wall. The 24th, beware if you are too demanding, you may end the day disappointed, frustrated, and angry. The 26th, take the time to take stock of your achievements, whether in love or business. You'll see that you've made progress. The 28th, the Full Moon invites you to serve the common cause as much as your own. The 30th, by moderating your appetites and aiming for the long term, you will seduce those around you and make them want to support you. The 31st, it's time to retire from the noise of the world to take stock of the past year and begin a new cycle of expansion in full possession of your means.

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