Virgo's horoscope for June 2021

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for June 2021

After a rather studious start to the month, Venus will brighten your future prospects a little by connecting you to a project that may broaden your horizons. You are looking to escape from certain imprisonment. You want to go abroad and break with the stifling codes of the past. If someone agrees with you, you will be immediately called to order because Saturn is playing the killjoy by adding responsibilities that are impossible to avoid for the moment. Count on Venus for your tender plans (moving, settling down, or a baby) and on your entourage to support you. This month is definitely turned towards the future, even if some obstacles temporarily get in your way.

Virgo: Mood for June 2021

Communication difficulties arise from an aggressive desire to impose your vision of things, or even your plans, on everyone. It is not sure that people will agree with you, even if Venus seems to assure you of the support of your relatives, friends, and faithful ones. But you can envisage the future as you wish. In June, you tend to want to direct everything according to your own pleasure and put pressure on those you love. These methods do not please everyone. Distribute your energies more wisely, do not waste them trying to accelerate the movement.

Virgo: Love for June 2021

This month, you will focus on your emotional life in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Jupiter facilitates exchanges with the other person and favours the flame's return as commitments or promising meetings. You can also count on Venus to fulfill your desires as soon as possible. Rely on your ability to unite, with charm and grace, those who matter to you. They will want to follow you and project themselves into an engaging future, but avoid rushing into action if you notice that things are stalling. Wait patiently for the situation to support you again without getting angry or forcing your way through.

Virgo: Money for June 2021

You will benefit from a delightful sky if you accept delays, misunderstandings, and distractions due to Mercury in retrograde... Your finances could even grow and embellish just before the extensive vacations. Promising projects will be favoured by your partners and associates. You will present your plans by praising your merits and the interest they represent for the community. This is an excellent opportunity to get your teams, hierarchy, or protectors and sponsors to support you. Jupiter is on your side and supports your alliances, but do not expect to make all your dreams come true at once, as some prospects will not be finalized until 2022!

Virgo: Work for June 2021

If you have a project, defend it, but play fair. Do not shirk any responsibility, and do not leave anything unfinished. Saturn forces you to slow down so that your work is perfect. Do not deviate from your duties and responsibilities, even if Uranus makes you want to try your luck elsewhere or otherwise and broaden your horizons. You have (for the time being) no way to escape from a restrictive daily routine. You are bogged down in discussions that drag on. Don't confuse anyone, and don't let yourself be fooled either.

Virgo: Leisure for June 2021

Goodbye monotony, you are showing your imagination this month. The weight of everyday habits is lifted. You take the lead. You cunningly come up with new ideas, projects, next vacations or short stays for two. Everything is a pretext to escape. For once, whether you are alone or with a partner, you decide to play it cool and get away from it all.

Virgo: Key dates for June 2021

- On the 3rd, you are working hard to get your tasks done, so don't be disarmed! Rely on your exciting projects to rally support and start laying the groundwork for your future endeavours!

- On the 13th, you aspire to push back the frontiers, to settle abroad or simply to surpass yourself. Your aspirations are legitimate, but they will take time. Communication problems could get you into trouble, so refrain from engaging in negotiations.

- On the 21st, rely on your charm to win over those around you, to seduce or convince.

- On the 22nd, if the exchanges are slow, it should pick up again!

- On the 23rd, you make others want to believe you and follow you, but don't pressure anyone to achieve your goals.

Virgo: Advice for June 2021

Rely on your ability to unite, but don't get upset when things don't work out. Hold on to your dreams to keep your spirits up and in good shape. Don't sow doubt, or even mistrust, in the ranks. Take a step back from events. Wait until the 22nd for debates to resume more fluidly and defend your interests and your work once again!

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