Taurus's horoscope for June 2021

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for June 2021

You are pursuing a goal, and in June, you will benefit from serious assets to put them into action. Whether it's a life project or an exciting professional prospect, count on the adequate support of your friends and loved ones to move forward under the right conditions. Take advantage of this extraordinary situation and note in passing that you are already well surrounded! However, do not expect to be granted all your requests. Your demands must remain realistic. Rely on your ability to make people dream, seduce them, to gently leave their mark.

Taurus: Mood for June 2021

Jupiter favours the realization of projects that are close to your heart, and you can bring them to fruition, supported by your loved ones. With your head and heart full of dreams that you aspire to realize, you exchange ideas with your loved ones and communicate your enthusiasm to them. A feeling of euphoria should last throughout a month. It paves the way for you and guarantees that those you love will listen to you and be willing to encourage, even support your plans!

Taurus: Love for June 2021

Venus favours communication with your loved ones between the 2nd and the 27th. This is the time to establish a friendly dialogue or re-launch more open, even more pleasant discussions. From the 21st, the Sun takes over and keeps you in harmony with your loved ones, willing to listen and gently pass on your messages. But you are also mobilized by your social life, and you want to prove yourself at work. Your loved ones will understand that you want to free yourself from burdensome constraints. Still, they will not avoid certain inconveniences.

Taurus: Money for June 2021

If you are defending a project, you can ask for the support of your loved ones in your endeavours. This support will help you to get through the month with the feeling of being understood and loved! Keep the discussions open until Venus intervenes in your favour and allows you to communicate harmoniously (between the 18th and 27th). You will benefit from the unconditional support of those close to you to carry a dream and plead in favour of projects that are close to your heart. But do not abuse your charm to influence a financial authority who only looks at facts and figures.

Taurus: Work for June 2021

In June, you benefit from a supportive sky that contributes to your success! Whether you aspire to realize a large-scale project on a professional level, you will know how to praise your merits and the interest that people would have in trusting you. Especially around the 3rd and 23rd, when, endowed with an undeniable charm, you will plead your cause ardently, and you will win without too much difficulty. So this month, you can count on an area devoid of turbulence and relatively supportive of your initiatives to move forward and to lay the groundwork for a dream without waiting!

Taurus: Leisure for June 2021

You are in good shape, full of vitality. Take advantage of this to channel your beautiful energy into physical exercise. A little sport, lots of walking and rewarding encounters should ensure that you look good and feel good. If you do nothing, you risk building up tension and generating power struggles with those around you. So choose joint activities rather than irritating and fruitless discussions.

Taurus: Key dates for June 2021

- Thursday 3, rely on your fluid communication to make others want to believe you and follow you!

- Thursday the 10th, the New Moon invites you to ask for the reward worthy of your merits.

- Monday the 14th is not necessarily the time to shout about your independence.

- On Tuesday 22, the exchanges concerning the financial subjects that were stagnating are becoming more fluid.

- Thursday 24th, the Full Moon invites you to push back the boundaries of what is possible, to expand your horizons.

Taurus: Advice for June 2021

In June, to get what you want, opt for the soft method rather than the hard way. To finish the month in full possession of your means, do not waste them in useless fights and sometimes prefer to save yourself rather than trying to be right at all costs!

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