Gemini's horoscope for June 2021

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for June 2021

You are at the party in June. Venus sharpens your appetite, your desire to devour life. You can count on an indisputable charm to attract any person or situation likely to fulfill you. And if it is glory, honours and recognition that you need, there is no risk that you will miss out because Venus will see to it between the 2nd and the 10th, and the Sun will take over from the 21st. The Sun encourages you to gently push back certain limitations that are weighing heavily on your life. Venus will respond more precisely to your desires and expectations between the 10th and 18th.

Gemini: Mood for June 2021

Your speeches are not clear. Your ideas and opinions sow doubt, even distrust in people's minds. And if, in addition, you try to do everything, if you force anyone's hand, beware of possible repercussions that will not go at all in your direction. It may be better to withdraw from the game and take time to think before you speak and act. This attitude will prevent you from blurring the landscape and making a lousy impression on those around you. They are much more interested in your talents than in your possible abuse of power or shady maneuvers!

Gemini: Love for June 2021

You want to free yourself from unconscious constraints that limit your fulfillment, and you will succeed in part on the 13th before being overtaken by Saturn, who cuts you off without mercy. This is a frustration to endure, so bear with it until you get better. Misunderstandings are clouding your exchanges, so don't measure yourself against those who oppose you. Don't try to obtain by force what you are willingly denied and express your desires in moderation to have a chance that the other person will hear them. Greedy and demanding (a little too much), learn to deal with time and your partner's will!

Gemini: Money for June 2021

Keep an eye on your accounts to make your assets grow or settle your debts. You aspire to taste everything, and this greediness should be satisfied by Venus. She provides you with the means to fulfill your desires. Count on her to have a good time and forget about everything else. Continue to put forward your ideas and arguments, but do not abuse your charm to get what is denied you. People might find you too greedy and let you know. On the other hand, don't hesitate to show what you can do to improve your image.

Gemini: Work for June 2021

You have what it takes to get the recognition you deserve. Your talents and charm are working wonders and will earn you the admiration of all. A raise, a promotion, or an abundance of money could be the result of your ambitions. However, these beautiful dispositions will not be enough to convince your hierarchy to grant you what you are currently missing the most: a little more freedom and autonomy to express your originality. Saturn slows down the movement and deprives you of this room for the maneuver you are asking for (the 14th). Try not to get upset because, if you rebel, you risk losing much more than those who do not necessarily act with joy.

Gemini: Leisure for June 2021

In June, you have plenty of energy reserves and are eager to use them in fun activities. Two-wheeled vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles) are particularly suited to you. Still, with Mars in Cancer, you could also decide to beautify your home, play with real estate by investing or improving what you already own. Your skill and practical intelligence promise rewarding results, and you'll enhance your wealth while having fun and feeling happy, proud of yourself at the end of the month.

Gemini: Key dates for June 2021

- On Wednesday the 2nd, Venus in Cancer will exalt your feelings, your family life and your circle of friends. You give the best of yourself to those around you. The atmosphere is one of gentleness and tenderness.

- Thursday the 10th, the New Moon invites you to launch a new expansion cycle, to shine without blinding everyone!

- On Monday the 21st, your talents are in your favour. You put them at the service of a higher cause, and you win over those who had doubts about your selflessness.

- On Wednesday, the 23rd, you have the talent to convince your hierarchy to give you a raise or promotion. But this is not the time to pressure your interlocutors to get more.

- On Sunday the 27th, Venus in Leo promises a powerful emotional atmosphere. This proud but generous climate suits you perfectly.

Gemini: Advice for June 2021

You have many potentials to exploit in June, but don't abuse your powers to impose your rules or distort the game. Use your energy to promote your merits and make others want to vote for you. On the other hand, if you only do what you want to do, beware of the possible fallout.

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