Pisces's horoscope for July 2023

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for July 2023

Count on the Sun to exalt your personal radiance, to boost your desire to seduce, to love and to be loved. You will meet new people, enrich your address book, and work towards harmony in your private, social and professional life. An aspiration that you will achieve if you act in the interest and respect of others as much as in your own.

Pisces: Mood for July 2023

You are not lacking in spirit, you excel in the art of communicating, attracting attention and retaining it thanks to a communicative dynamism. Take advantage of these good dispositions to enrich your address book, to make useful or pleasant meetings , to multiply the small trips and to undertake a training.

Pisces: Love for July 2023

Jupiter favors your exchanges with your close circle. You will make pleasant encounters, widen your usual circles . Do not spread yourself too thinly by communicating superficially.

In couple: count on Jupiter to communicate and maintain warm relationships with others . Charismatic and seductive, don't get lost in small talk that isn't totally sincere.

Single: Jupiter multiplies the opportunities to meet new people who hold your attention , but avoid talking for nothing.

Pisces: Money for July 2023

If you need money, ask your friends and family for help and they will be happy to help you. But don't pull too hard on the rope.

Pisces: Work for July 2023

Count on Jupiter again to make a good impression on the world around you. You can convince your interlocutors to believe you and to follow you , because you present your projects under their best angle . Except on the 17th when you'd better put it on hold for a while.

Pisces: Leisure for July 2023

You are interested in everything and Jupiter reinforces your curiosity about the world and others. Take advantage of this opportunity to sign up for a cultural trip, preferably with a family. A trip to try in a small group, or even with your family .

Pisces: Key dates for July 2023

-The 1 :er the current passes wonderfully between you and the one you love, your power of seduction operates . On your own, take advantage of your current radiance to bewitch whoever you want and especially whoever you like.
-The 2nd: between your desire to please everyone and a definite tendency to want to break with certain ways of functioning that lock you into attitudes that no longer suit you, you risk provoking conflicts.
-The 17th: do not say too much, do not do too much, the best is the enemy of the good. Be content, to avoid being found too impertinent or demanding, to go with the flow without trying to parade, to monopolize the attention .
-The 20th: if your ideas are well established and you do not wish to take a step towards the other, beware of frontal oppositions from which you are not sure to emerge victorious. Think about letting go of some ballast.
-The 23rd: Your desire to stand out from the crowd, to express your uniqueness, your originality is not unanimously accepted. You are criticized for doing only what you want to do, to the detriment of the collective interest.

Pisces: Advice for July 2023

This is a month when your mind is more open and you are looking for company. There is no question of staying alone in your corner, but rather of seizing every opportunity that comes your way to learn, to travel, to make enriching encounters.

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