Libra's horoscope for July 2023

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for July 2023

Count on sometimes unexpected events to change things, to evolve your situation in July. You will not necessarily have the head to go on vacation and surf on a moving conjuncture to not miss any opportunity that passes within your reach to go forward, to open you new perspectives. The trick is not to exaggerate your powers and to moderate your demands.

Libra: Mood for July 2023

Jupiter brings joy to your life and is favorable to your affairs of the heart and money. Count on a renewed confidence in life to approach daily life with dynamism, even enthusiasm . However, do not overdo it around the 17th when you are found to be too expansive or greedy.

Libra: Love for July 2023

Jupiter will bring about events that are likely to make you evolve and endow you with an undeniable magnetism. Take advantage of this to radiate and seduce, to rekindle the flame or to attract in your nets who you like. More than great romantic declarations, you aspire to express an ardent sensuality .

In couple: Jupiter titillates your senses, exalts your appetites and makes you want to enjoy life, to have a good time. The ideal moment to go on vacation and organize naughty naps with your partner.

Single: rely on your charisma to live adventures that do not necessarily last forever, but which have the advantage of satisfying your current greed, your thirst for pleasure.

Libra: Money for July 2023

If you need funds to finance your activity, to evolve in your field, do not hesitate to ask for the support of your banker, or even of partners, who want to team up with you. However, don't push the envelope too far.

Libra: Work for July 2023

Jupiter favors your expansion. Whether it is through partnerships, beneficial associations or any other kind of external events, you will benefit from the flow of funds that can relay your requests. But don't ask for too much.

Libra: Leisure for July 2023

You are tempted by a trip to the casino or wish to invest your money in the stock market. Anything that involves a little risk will appeal to you, as Jupiter exalts your need to be stimulated, to be exhilarated by events.

Libra: Key dates for July 2023

-On the 1ster : dynamic and promising events will bring you closer to the top. This is the time to vaunt your merits and above all to negotiate to your advantage with every chance that your demands will be met.
-The 2nd: seductive projects in your head and in your heart. You dream out loud, but take reality into account to avoid disappointment, especially financially where your room for maneuver is reduced .
-The 17th: do not overestimate your supporters who turn out to be less generous than you had hoped. Don't be too greedy to avoid ending the day hungry and frustrated.
-The 20th: you will feel a certain exasperation, with the feeling that your initiatives are coming up against a wall , that you are being asked to follow the movement while, in the shadows, you are only thinking of going ahead.
-The 23rd: you are in a turmoil inside and can hardly bear certain events that seem to thwart your plans . However, there is no need to rush into action, to try to force your way through. At the risk of receiving some backlash that will put your nerves on edge.

Libra: Advice for July 2023

July contributes to your expansion. You benefit from the support of Jupiter. The opportunity to take some calculated risks, supported by partners of business or of heart.

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