Libra's horoscope for July 2022

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for July 2022

You spend a lot of energy to make your career plan evolve. There is no question of stagnating or stagnating, but rather of giving yourself the means to move forward, to progress. Just make sure that you channel your energy to serve your goals and stay tuned to the other(s) to change things in the right direction: yours.

Libra: Mood for July 2022

A natural desire to change things at work, to strengthen the company? Rely on your ability to motivate your colleagues, your hierarchy to move forward together, and forget your egotistical desires. You lack neither flair nor audacity to propose your options during a creative first fortnight. On the other hand, you should tone it down afterward because your determination turns into a thirst for power that is not well perceived by those around you. If you find it challenging to find the right words or if you want to avoid confrontation, go on vacation alone or make an effort to understand others.

Libra: Love for July 2022

Jupiter invites you to take a step towards others. Still, you will do your best to manage your social and professional contacts. Venus exalts your radiance, and you use it to attract attention and replenish your connections. Still, you have little time to spare for the other person as you make necessary changes to a career plan that you wish to see evolve. However, Venus exalts your thirst to live intense moments that meet your requirements and give you a certain radiance. Suppose you attack your loved ones or try to be right about everything. In that case, it is not sure that you will be unanimously accepted by your family. Prefer to play the card of reason and appeasement. Communicate gently and devote more time to your loved ones to end the month in harmony rather than in conflict.

Libra: Money for July 2022

You are focused on your desire to succeed and open up the future to your liking. If you can reap some financial benefits, the prospect delights you but is not a goal in itself. You have too much to do in your work and complicated family life to worry about increasing your income. Unless, of course, the current problems are money-related.

Libra: Work for July 2022

Rather vindictive and eager to get your situation moving. If you have the correct arguments to convince others, don't impose anything on them and rally support by arousing interest, even enthusiasm, not forcing your way through. A desire to innovate and bring your personal touch to an activity animates you. But do not think that your ingenuity or audacity will automatically open all the doors. Use your flair to guide your activity productively and increase your creativity daily. If family worries interfere with your work, try to balance attention to your private life and being present at work.

Libra: Leisure for July 2022

Suppose you like to shine in society, to draw attention to yourself between the 18th and the 26th. In that case, you are tempted at the end of the month to join others in some joyful activity together (hiking, team sports). If you feel stressed frustrated, invest in a punching bag. Rather than staying silent or attacking everyone, take up your favorite sport or join a club. We bet that you will have less energy to spend on anger by lifting weights.

Libra: Key dates for July 2022

-On the 2nd, tensions in the family if you take the side of attacking everyone.
-On the 10th, you can count on your popularity to change things, whether your work or destiny.
-On the 17th, your desire to serve the common cause strengthens your popularity in society and at work.
-On the 26th, if you are negotiating for funds to finance your projects, don't ask for too much.
-On the 31st, your projects are on track, and you benefit from the support of your private and social partners.

Libra: Advice for July 2022

You aspire to be the best you can be, but you'd better not forget that, by nature, you can't exist without the other. July serves your ambitions and meets your requirements. It would be a pity to disturb such a beautiful frequency by going beyond the framework. Avoid any missteps, conflicts, and the feeling of being dragged down by staying present. Look to the future and try not to give the impression to others that you are only thinking about yourself.

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