Taurus's horoscope for July 2021

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for July 2021

There are many passions, tensions and opportunities for you in July. Venus and Mars in Leo boost your sensuality, appetite, and fighting spirit, but beware of excesses! The sky is favourable to your evolution, to your blossoming. Still, you risk putting much energy into it and generating conflicts or misunderstandings if you do not take more precautions to express yourself without hurting anyone. Your critical mind is sharpened, and you are a little too sure of yourself.

Taurus: Mood for July 2021

You are in a conquering mood in July. Your energy is a pleasure to see, but it sometimes turns into hyperactivity or even aggressiveness. Clashes are likely in love, at work or in business if you do not make concessions and are too greedy: emotionally or financially. If you channel your energies well and manage your potential intelligently, you will exhibit beautiful creativity and take full advantage of the changes coming up in your life. Your taste for beautiful things is heightened. You take great pleasure in listening to good music or contemplating beautiful works of art.

Taurus: Love for July 2021

Venus and Mars in Leo, opposed to Saturn in Aquarius, all squared to Uranus in your home, is a potentially explosive configuration for better or worse, depending on what you do with it. You are overflowing with charm, your sensuality is exalted, and your passionate mood pushes you to seduce or win back your partner. You put all your ardour into it without constantly measuring the pressure you can put on your bond. Your desire to please is exacerbated, and you could be insistent without even realizing it. Beware then of conflicts and other exasperations.

Taurus: Money for July 2021

Money is not a problem in July, but your spendthrift behaviour could break this beautiful balance. Indeed, carried away by your passions and your desire to blossom, you may give in to all temptations, including impulse buying. Real estate investment will always be a safe bet for you, but even in this area, don't make any important decisions without consulting a specialist. Take time to think things through.

Taurus: Work for July 2021

This is a month more favourable to vacations than to work. But if you have no choice, put your heart into your work and use your creativity and charm to make a positive impression. Don't try to climb the ladder too quickly: the climate is not so favourable. It's better to concentrate on your usual tasks by sublimating them personally or with a new method. This is the best way to use your energy without rushing anyone, without trying to outdo anyone. Just be yourself, do your best, and everything will be fine.

Taurus: Leisure for July 2021

You need physical activities to unwind and put your boundless energy to good use. The skies are favourable for team sports, family vacations and sustained effort. You may even be drawn to a competition, a contest, as you have a conquering soul this month. Be careful with accidents and take time for rest, naps and idleness, and make sure you manage your unstable resources.

Taurus: Key dates for July 2021

- On the 4th july, you want to free yourself, to change your job or your life. This is legitimate. Still, if you try to force your way through, you risk triggering conflicts that you will have difficulty containing.

- On the 7th july, you are too greedy and don't like the answers you get, so you should lower your expectations.

- On the 10th july, the New Moon puts you in the spotlight, an opportunity to get noticed without blinding everyone.

- On the 17th july, don't force anyone's hand. Whether it is your private or professional partner, rely on your charm to seduce, not impose, your desires.

- On the 24th july, the Full Moon invites you to work on some secondary income (bonuses, return on investment, inheritance) or settle your debts.

Taurus: Advice for July 2021

In July, take advantage of the influence of Venus, who gives you charisma, of Mars, who gives you energy and of Jupiter, who supports your projects. But keep an eye on Saturn, limiting your expansion and forcing you to be serious, even sober.

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