Pisces's horoscope for July 2021

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for July 2021

Only Mercury is in your shadow in July: your speeches are not always clear, and you may encounter some misunderstandings. The Sun in Cancer until the 22nd keeps you in shape and beautiful. At the same time, the Venus-Mars duo emphasizes the pleasures of love and creativity. Jupiter supports all your projects and instills a climate of luck that can manifest itself in your private life as well as in your professional career. You approach changes with serenity and are willing to take a new path if you feel it is necessary. July is very fulfilling: whether you are at work or on vacation, you have many opportunities to evolve at your own pace towards a blossoming personality.

Pisces: Mood for July 2021

You are radiant, and your charm is a hit in all areas. However, you are more at ease with the atmosphere, the looks, the gestures and the unspoken words than with the speeches in which you get a little confused. Let your charm act; it is your best ally. Well-at-ease and eager to please everyone, you do precisely what is expected of you with touching goodwill. Nothing pleases you more than feeling useful and appreciated. Your creative talents are growing more substantial. You could be doing very successful work in an artistic or craft field.

Pisces: Love for July 2021

Until the 22nd, your sensuality is on the rise, and you could have a torrid time with your partner. If you are single, your chances of a decisive encounter are most vital from the 22nd. In the meantime, you can flirt and seduce without worrying. Even if your meetings are not necessarily lasting, you will take great pleasure in them. On the couple's side, you will strengthen your ties and listen carefully to your partner's desires and expectations. It will allow you to consolidate your relationship and spend a month of cooperation.

Pisces: Money for July 2021

Until the 22nd, you will have to control a particular taste for luxury and remain moderate in your spending. You also tend to give gifts to everyone, which could throw your budget off balance. On the other hand, if you invest wisely in a sustainable sector, such as real estate, your intuition and charm could lead to excellent deals. Your day job is steady and profitable, so you could have the opportunity to put some money away.

Pisces: Work for July 2021

You have a lot going for you in your work in July. The Sun enhances your personality, Venus and Mars exalt your creativity, but Mercury makes trading and travels more hazardous. You will have to adapt to other methods or a new vision of your business. Still, you can change your way without any problem because any change will benefit you. Don't get involved in controversies. You risk losing credibility and even the popularity you hold dear. Wait until the 22nd to tackle relationship problems and resolve them diplomatically.

Pisces: Leisure for July 2021

If you are on vacation, you can take advantage of all the nautical pleasures: lake, river, seaside or swimming pool, taking a dip or swimming laps will do you much good. It's also a great time to tap into your creativity and get into painting, decorating, music, cooking. These activities will ease your usual anxiety. You could have some fascinating work on display at the end of the month that will give you a boost of confidence. But also, get moving, walk, hike, don't let yourself get stuck in harmful laziness.

Pisces: Key dates for July 2021

- On the 4th, the current goes badly. Your interlocutors do not appreciate your free electron ways.

- On the 5th, use your talents to make the other person aware of your aspirations through constructive exchanges.

- On the 10th, the New Moon exalts your charm and talents, which you should express without delay.

- On the 22nd, attentive to others, you will have no trouble rallying support in love and business.

- On the 24th, the Full Moon invites you to take a step back from events and refine the best strategies.

Pisces: Advice for July 2021

You are taking advantage of your magnetism to set the summer on fire. Still, you must also fight to keep the atmosphere from degenerating. Use your strengths and channel your moods. Smooth things over and team up instead of rebelling over nothing.

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