Libra's horoscope for July 2021

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for July 2021

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn support your projects, your love affairs and your activities. Still, the Sun and Pluto can play tricks on you. On the whole, July is a pleasant period, with good influences encouraging you to take the lead and declare yourself. Ask for what is due to you, and, in most cases, you receive positive responses. Until the 22nd, however, tensions are possible at work. You may find it challenging to be satisfied with what is offered to you. But your eloquence and rare determination will help you win on all fronts.

Libra: Mood for July 2021

This month, you're primarily concerned with your professional life and friendships. You are fit, bright and effortlessly attractive to everyone. Nothing can put you in a better mood than good relationships with others, and in this area, you are somewhat spoiled. Take advantage of this to consolidate your emotional and professional achievements, with diplomacy but with determination. Through dialogue and exchange, you will obtain the best results for a more fulfilling future, but you must be patient.

Libra: Love for July 2021

Venus first and the Sun second meet to illuminate your love life throughout the month of July. You're brimming with charm and have no trouble seducing your partner or a new person who will break your solitude. But don't rush into anything! Take the time to get to know your desires and needs and distinguish between the two. Also, consider what you can bring to the relationship and possibly how you can improve yourself. This will allow you to establish excellent strategies that will come to fruition in August.

Libra: Money for July 2021

Jupiter protects all your assets and, therefore, your finances as well. Still, a sudden taste for luxury could make you spend more than you should. Your generosity towards friends or your partner could similarly plague your budget. So stay sober and reasonable, even if your desires are great for yourself or to please others. If this is not the time to throw money away, it is not a reason to be stingy. The middle ground will be the watchword of the month of July.

Libra: Work for July 2021

You put your heart and soul into your activities. You should get excellent results in esteem, promotion or raise, as long as you don't get too greedy or too hasty. You have tremendous assets to defend your cause, expose your talents and rally colleagues and hierarchy to your vision of things. You take on your responsibilities without hesitation, and you deploy a great deal of energy. Even for the most thankless tasks, your popularity is felt, and nothing can make you happier.

Libra: Leisure for July 2021

At work and in your group of friends, you spend excellent moments in amusing exchanges, effective collaborations and total complicity. This is a perfect time for sports and team games with family and friends. Walks, board games, outings, everything is good to have fun together, relax and strengthen the bonds that bind you to your loved ones. Don't rush into daring activities without checking your back: caution is the mother of safety.

Libra: Key dates for July 2021

- On the 1st july, you are indeed committed to your plans, but make sure you present them to others in the right way so as not to run into a wall.

- On the 7th july, if you have inspiring projects, you will have difficulty withstanding the rejections you receive.

- On the 15th July, you act for the common good, but you don't forget yourself. Rely on your flair and empathy to win over people.

- On the 22nd july, take a break, time to sort out your emotions, desires, and take a step back from a daily routine that is getting out of control and multiplying opportunities.

- On the 24th july, the Full Moon favours your creative impulses and your love affairs. Don't be afraid to indulge yourself.

Libra: Advice for July 2021

In July, you want to be listened to and appreciated. So don't impose your views on everyone and put yourself at the service of the community, leaving your personal goals on the back burner. You wish to open up the future and draw its contours. Still, you consult others before launching yourself to be sure not to offend sensitivities and thus make the unanimity.

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