Aquarius's horoscope for February 2021

Written by Daisy

February has the best and worst in store for us. For some, the possibility to surpass themselves and spread their wings. For others, the need to make concessions and endure an unpleasant feeling of frustration. But for all, the opportunity to grow and gain maturity by making the most of temporarily thwarted hopes or stepping stones towards a full expression of their abilities. If everyone accepts what is, no one will end the month on edge.

Aquarius: Love horoscope for February 2021

Love: Use Your Assets Wisely!

Venus exalts your power of seduction. Bet on your desire to please to approach certain sensitive files as gently as possible, Aquarius, and smooth things over. Starting on the 25th, Venus invites you to develop your talents and ask for financial recognition of your merits.

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): Hold On... Without Destroying!

You enjoy an undeniable aura at the beginning of the month. You must use it to nuance your rigid approach to the current situations you are trying to get rid of. This does not spare you from family pressure if you're stubborn about your positions without concession. Don't take a hard line on a problem you are trying to dodge so that you don't have to assume the consequences. Saturn calls you to order and, if you stubbornly persist, beware of a possible break-up. At the end of the month, you find the financial means to ease your worries about your future.

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th): Wow!

Avoid arguments in the family to address issues without provoking anyone's anger. From the 11th, you benefit from currents that carry you. Your power of seduction allows you to hit the bull's eye or rekindle the flame. Take advantage of it to seduce, live intense moments, and improve your living conditions rather than maintain conflicts.

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th): Use Your Energies Wisely!

Since last month, you've been wanting to express who you've become over the years. You are asserting your personality and, if the exchanges stall, you continue on your way. Use your charm between the 17th and the 25th to attract attention. But don't take advantage of this time to pressure your friends and family around the 19th. The atmosphere will turn stormy if everyone stands their ground. Use your energies to constructively influence your exchanges with those around you.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

No (more) question for you to follow the movement imposed by others but to stand apart and make your own way. Try to remain flexible in your approach if you want to do it without getting everyone's wrath!

Aquarius: The thread of the month for February 2021

The First Week,

The 1st, you do not intend to remain in the shadows. But do not impose your vision of the world, at the risk of pointing the finger at your interlocutors. Put oil in the wheels, not on the fire. The 6th, your charm allows you to smooth things over and nuance your approach to the debates. However, Saturn pushes you to close in on yourself more than to go towards the other. The 7th, tensions in the family: your desire to emancipate yourself doesn't please everyone. If you bet on your charm, you will annoy some people.

The Second Week,

The 8th, you are not short of arguments to put forward your ideas, but the exchanges trample on them. That's no reason to give up. The 10th, don't provoke anyone. Nuance your words. The 11th, there is happiness and love in the air. You attract good fortunes. Take the opportunity to start a new cycle of expansion in beauty. The New Moon on the 11th invites you to come out of the shadows and assert yourself without stepping on other people's toes. The 13th, a communicative enthusiasm helps you make an impression. A beautiful day to rekindle the flame or light it in the heart of whomever you please. The 14th, use your energies to improve your living conditions and those of your family. You make everyone want to believe you and follow you.

The Third Week,

The 17th, you are caught between a desire to escape the family's rules and responsibilities and the obligation to postpone your flight. A feeling of revolt and frustration to be channelled so that it does not undermine your morale too much. The 19th, charming and endearing, don't abuse your assets to impose your vision of things. The 21st, if communication was stalled, it will start again.

The Fourth Week,

The 25th, use your energy to persevere in an inner metamorphosis. Your attitude allows you to channel your strengths productively and calm some family tensions. The 27th, the Full Moon recommends that you manage your accounts and clear your debts. Bailout your credit cards or apply for help or a loan.

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