Pisces's horoscope for December 2023

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for December 2023

You don't hesitate to take a stand to defend your interests, your status or even to improve it. While some can count on their communication skills to relay their cause, others are careful not to offend anyone in high places by expressing demands they find unrealistic. You all aspire to reach an ideal in love, but respect each other's limits.

Pisces: Mood for December 2023

Very playful, a little provocative, you'll keep everyone amused if you remain sensitive and attentive to other people's limits. Because, while your sense of humor may be seductive, your tendency to provoke your interlocutors ends up annoying.

Pisces: Love for December 2023

You aspire to find the rare pearl, to make your relationships evolve and you are not content with little. Venus enhances your emotional ambitions, which must be reconciled with a tendency to provoke those around you.

In couple: your communication evolves under the influence of Uranus, which encourages you to say out loud what you're thinking without taking the gloves off. Be careful not to let your humor offend the sensibilities of .

Single: to achieve your ambitions in love, to find your soulmate, avoid provoking your entourage which appreciates your originality of tone, your little jibes and other quips.

Pisces: Money for December 2023

Rely on your willingness to plead your cause and persuade those in power to finance your projects, give you a raise, promote you, or even, for some, defend their status.

Pisces: Work for December 2023

If you're not short of a sense of humor and even less of talent, remain reasonable when presenting your plans to a hierarchy that may be keen on new ideas, but may not be willing to put up with your slightly fanciful remarks, you can count on an indestructible strike force to defend your interests.

Pisces: Leisure for December 2023

You want to explore new avenues, engage in activities that take you off the beaten track. You're eager for novelty and fantasy, and you want to involve your loved ones in the adventure.

Pisces: Key dates for December 2023

-The 5: high aspirations in love and a sharp awareness that to achieve them, you'll have to take into account the lessons learned from the past. You'll need to strike the right balance between high aspirations and firm grounding.
-The 17th: beware of the risk of misunderstandings, even tangles, that you may create between yourself and an authority, a hierarchy that may not always understand what you're getting at. To avoid being sidelined, start by clarifying what you're saying.
-The 18th: enthusiasm for current and future projects. Count on the active support of those around you, who appreciate your spirit and your ideas, and will help to bring your plans to fruition.
-The 21st: you'll want to realize certain ambitions in love. Whether it's a question of finding the rare pearl or developing your relationship, avoid disrupting the game by making comments that could worry the other person. It's better to play it by the book.

Pisces: Advice for December 2023

December is entertaining if you don't impose anything on anyone. Whether it's your vision of the world or a communication that surprises or even shocks your interlocutors.

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