Leo's horoscope for December 2023

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for December 2023

Rely on your personal radiance to bring about change. If you want to achieve success in business or love, don't be afraid to show off, but avoid trying to manipulate anyone, which could lead to frustrating setbacks. Otherwise, a willingness to serve the common cause will enable you to score points and boost your popularity. It's up to you to make the right choices.

Leo: Mood for December 2023

You have an undeniable charisma and an unshakeable determination to stand out, to impress, to express your talents openly and fully and to impose your methods and priorities. You're sure to please and spend a pleasant month.

Leo: Love for December 2023

Show that, despite your desire to change the way you work or live, you pay attention to the needs of those you love. Reassure them and that your personal goals are not achieved at the expense of your family's interests .

In couple: you'll need something different, a new direction for your destiny. Just take care to explain to your loved ones that your social and professional aspirations in no way prevent you from continuing to take care of them.

Single: your parents are worried that you're heading off in directions they don't understand. Reassure them that your new ambitions and your thirst for something new will in no way undermine the relationship you have with them and with your family.

Leo: Money for December 2023

People are tempted to finance your works, they only see you and your radiance, and the demonstration of your talents allows you to convince without needing to put pressure on anyone.

Leo: Work for December 2023

There's no question of giving up on changing things and evolving your social or professional destiny. You aspire to enjoy greater autonomy and freedom of movement, and don't hesitate to jump at the slightest opportunity to take a new direction. Rely on your creativity to make a lasting impression.

Leo: Leisure for December 2023

Inspired and creative, you'll enjoy exploring and developing your talents. Whether it's art, sport or culture, you want to achieve excellence.

Leo: Key dates for December 2023

-On the 5th: you're moving your family relationships towards greater harmony, and you're deploying a wealth of benevolence and empathy to change things for the better.
-The 17th: although your charisma remains undeniable, don't assume that it's irresistible, at the risk of blurring your exchanges with your partner, who may find that you're trying too hard or asking too much, and may be suspicious of your hasty declarations.
-The 18th: your initiatives and behavior seem to please a hierarchy, an authority that rewards your efforts with dignity. Keep up the momentum, and put the collective interest ahead of your own.
-On the 21st: redouble your attention to those around you who reproach you for doing as you please and taking ill-considered social risks without regard for their own need to feel secure.
-28th: You are charismatic and particularly attractive, but don't abuse your influence to exert a hold on others who don't appreciate your dubious strategies and other manipulations.

Leo: Advice for December 2023

It's a month and a year of creativity, radiance and change. Everything to please a Leo worthy of the name. To be sure of closing this session on a high note, don't forget your loved ones in the battle.

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