Scorpio's horoscope for December 2022

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for December 2022

With your appetites whetted and your greed sometimes a little challenging to channel in December, you will want everything and preferably everything right away. Focus on smooth communication to get your messages across, and hope they will respond favorably. You will probably be better inspired in the year's second half than in the first. Confusion reigns in your exchanges and gives the impression to the other person that you are trying to possess them more than to love them.

Scorpio: Mood for December 2022

In December, you're in a somewhat optimistic frame of mind, as the elements seem to be conspiring for your happiness and success. Take advantage of this to socialize with the world around you. Use your charm to seduce and convince, but without giving in to the temptation to impose your trademark (the 22nd).

Scorpio: Love for December 2022

Count on Venus (between the 10th and the 18th) to facilitate your exchanges with those close to you. You will know how to proceed to get your messages across and get everyone to agree, except perhaps around the 22nd. Your thirst to improve the ordinary and care for everyone's happiness incites you to forget that other people can also be correct.

In a Relationship: you approach all the subjects in progress delicately between the 10th and the 18th. You aspire to harmony in your family, but you'd better tone it down if you don't want people to think you're too sure of yourself (the 22nd).

Single : rely on gentle communication between the 10th and the 18th to get everyone to agree with you (especially in the family). On the other hand, avoid making decisions that will affect everyone's future alone (on the 22nd).

Scorpio: Money for December 2022

Jupiter offers you some beautiful social and professional openings from the 20th until February 20th. Take advantage of this cosmic backdrop favorable to your expansion to ask for a small (big?) raise.

Scorpio: Work for December 2022

Jupiter returns (as it did between May 10 and October 28) to increase your chances of improving your daily life. Opportunities to stand out from the crowd and make your mark. Be on the lookout for offers in December. Do your best to impress the public (and your boss) on the 22nd.

Scorpio: Leisure for December 2022

Venus exalts your desire to connect with others while Jupiter strengthens your energies. This will stimulate your desire to spend your energy to maintain balance, morale, and team spirit.

Scorpio: Key dates for December 2022

-On the 2nd, difficulties in getting your messages across to others who find you confusing and tend to distrust you? Make your intentions clear to those close to you.
-On the 4th, your (excessive) desires disturb the game of love.
-On the 17th, exchanges will tend to flow more smoothly by allowing the other person to express themselves as freely as you do.
-On the 22nd, you will know how to seduce and rally support by communicating on an equal footing with the other.
-On the 28th, the month ends with the current flowing and your love life taking off.

Scorpio: Advice for December 2022

This month favors your personal growth through warm contacts with the outside world and opportunities to take a step forward on the professional front. Maybe give up the temptation to show off (on the 22nd).

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