Virgo's horoscope for December 2021

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for December 2021

The management of stewardship and daily life will mobilize you on the family front in December. But you can count on Venus to exalt your passions and make things evolve in love, even if you have duties and responsibilities that take up all your time. So it is the private sphere that attracts and holds your attention first.

Virgo: Mood for December 2021

During the first few weeks, the Sun and Mercury will try to get on your nerves, and from the 13th, Mars will interfere with your activities. However, the sky is sufficiently beneficial for you to put these temporary tensions into perspective. Control your excessive anxiety, and do not let yourself be demoralized by the slightest slip-up. Venus, in good aspect throughout the month, guarantees you a stable and fulfilling emotional life. Hold on to your loves and friendships to overcome the daily inconveniences. Don't forget that situations are going in the right direction, that changes are favorable to you, and that you are at the dawn of a new life, more and more enriching.

Virgo: Love for December 2021

Your horizons are clearing, you have fewer burdens to deal with, and happy prospects are on the horizon from the 29th as Jupiter will favor collaborations, contracts, and commitments. This promising period will allow you, by mid-February, to make or renew tender ties. You are looking forward to experiences that are out of the ordinary. Around Christmas, frustration may prevail because of a too heavy daily life. Still, Venus will ally with Pluto in December to exalt your thirst for the absolute and to escape from the banality. Intense love affairs, perhaps a little complex, will keep the passion alive and keep you from boredom.

Virgo: Money for December 2021

You spend the month doing your accounts and wisely planning for the future. You are helped in this excellent management by Venus. She opens doors for you, allows you to receive a bonus, a raise, or a capital gain of some kind! In short, a bit of financial luck. Do not hesitate to save a little because, from the 29th, Jupiter will enter into opposition with your sign and will then encourage you to certain excesses or to make expensive gifts. Fortunately, Saturn will remain in a friendly sign for a long while. It will help you balance your accounts and consolidate your wealth. On the other hand, Pluto will allow you to make attractive investments thanks to your unfailing lucidity.

Virgo: Work for December 2021

Saturn has allowed you to perfect your skills and integrate a work discipline that will soon reap the rewards (from the 29th until February 12, 2022). Jupiter favors all sorts of good associations if you accomplish the tasks assigned to you, even if they lack appeal or seem burdensome. Your communication is active and creative, but it must be kept under control so that it serves your interests without getting you into trouble. Get your messages across clearly to succeed and to build on your recent successes.

Virgo: Leisure for December 2021

In December, you are in a playful mood and take great pleasure in playing with children, participating in tournaments of all kinds, or knitting, painting, and any other manual de-stressing activity. You take care of the house plants, think about a pet, or invest in new decoration. Your dynamism and your good mood keep you in shape and quick to take exercise while having fun.

Virgo: Key dates for December 2021

- On the 6th, you don't hesitate to express yourself. You even direct operations to transform what needs to be changed, in the family or love.

- On the 11th, passionate exchanges, an intense encounter, and an atmosphere that invites you to abandon yourself to love. Rely on your communication skills to intervene effectively on a daily ground.

- On the 20th, you want to improve your living conditions and those around you. Rely on your eloquence to elevate debates, to make people laugh, and to put a little fantasy in your heart stories.

- On the 25th, you will wonder what inspires you, what scares you, and what inspires you. These reflections are tinged with passion, with the desire to change things.

- On the 29th, specific alliances and contracts allow you to blossom in love or in business.

Virgo: Advice for December 2021

Jupiter protects your health, supports your activities, and illuminates your daily life. Keep up with the times without going overboard, even if you sometimes feel that you are being subjected to a restrictive and frustrating sky. Soon you'll be breathing easier, so be patient. To approach the future in full possession of your means, change what needs to be changed: your hands and mind will be free at the end of the month.

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