Aquarius's horoscope December for 2020

Written by Daisy

Love: You Search for Meaning! You need to give meaning to your existence. Venus endows you with charm and connects you to your inner world by making you want to exploit potentials and talents related to a spiritual quest and the need to do what you like. Your love life is not at the top of your priorities at the end of the year because a more global life project mobilizes you. Starting on the 15th, Venus invites you to make projects, Aquarius, and to rally the votes around personal perspectives that you want to realize.

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st) The Way is Clear and Open!

The first fortnight protects you from any palpable turmoil, giving you time to prepare. Saturn, from the 17th, invests in your sign, followed closely by Jupiter. Around the 21st, the two planets intersect and open up new possibilities. If you want to change direction at work or in life, this duo offers you the opportunity to do so, even if this chance to take a step forward comes in a difficult context. Nothing hinders your impulses, and your commitments have an immediate effect on your life. Take the necessary time to think about how to make this shift smoothly.

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th) Stay Cautious!

You want to develop your untapped talents. Bet on your charm on the 6th to make yourself loved by all and make everyone want to believe you and follow you. But don't launch yourself into grandiose projects that are beyond your means and discourage your allies. It is by keeping a sense of reality that you will be unanimous and reassure your entourage. This is not the time to fantasize, but rather to wait wisely for your time, which should ring out in 2021.

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th) Guided from the Inside!

Rely on your charm, your ability to unite, and on a strong bond with your inner world to glimpse the road that will open up when you are rid of the weight of the past. An arduous but promising path during which you will lighten up and begin a new, more serene life cycle where you will blossom according to your codes. But don't attack your loved ones. Rather continue to examine yourself.

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You step out of the shadows and shed the weights that hindered your evolution: continue, persevere and take nothing lightly to build on solid ground.


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