Cancer's horoscope for August 2023

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for August 2023

There is no question of depriving yourself, of giving up on a project that encourages you to exceed your means. Communicate on the subject by putting the forms there, by transmitting your enthusiasm to the entourage which does not follow you if you involve it against its will.

Cancer: Mood for August 2023

While you are working on your wonderful projects, you lose sight of the limits that must not be exceeded to succeed. To keep up the momentum, keep smiling and start by lowering your expectations. You will gain credibility.

Cancer: Love for August 2023

You aspire to realize a project with the help of your family and friends who are only too happy to support you. But you must contain excessive desires that frighten some people around you.

In couple: if you remain reasonable, you can convince those you love to adhere to exciting prospects. But don't mistake your desires for reality.

Single: if your dreams seem to be coming true and rallying the votes, avoid however embarking your loved ones in adventures that exceed your means and theirs.

Cancer: Money for August 2023

Don't dampen the enthusiasm of those close to you, as your professional and social circle will withdraw from the game if they see that you are playing too big a game. To keep your support, reduce your expectations.

Cancer: Work for August 2023

Your projects will seduce and make potential investors or superiors want to follow you. However, you must remain measured when it comes to your budget, otherwise you will not fail to be called to order.

Cancer: Leisure for August 2023

You find partners to team up with. Your enthusiasm attracts your relatives, friends, partners who share your activities if they are not ruinous.

Cancer: Key dates for August 2023

-On the 1st  : the first Full Moon of the month encourages you to change things, to make your life evolve through a promising project. Count on your power of persuasion to draw whoever you want into the adventure.
-The 9th: although your plans may excite you, they are not unanimously accepted and challenge a conception of the future that many have taken for granted. Your eccentric ideas and proposals do not please everyone.
-The 16th: If you calm your euphoria and do not blow the budget, you can rally support for projects whose innovative side you emphasize.
-The 22nd: beware of expensive investments that will dampen the enthusiasm of those who will suffer the consequences. Do not try to force your way through, at the risk of discrediting yourself.
-The 25th: Be convincing, but don't shy away from dialogue to persuade those you need to believe you and follow you.

Cancer: Advice for August 2023

The month is sunny, joyful, buoyant. But don't think you are spared by the laws of earth's gravity. In short, keep your feet on the ground to finish the month with your popularity intact.

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