Virgo's horoscope for August 2021

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for August 2021

Mars and Venus (until the 16th) bring you strength, courage, and seduction. The first two weeks are particularly favorable for your emotional relationships and your popularity. Neptune's opposition may cause an alternation of lucidity and misjudgment. Still, if you trust your intuition, you should make the right choices. Uranus, based in another earth sign, Taurus, will bring some of you abrupt but lasting changes that will improve your life or even set it on a new track. Finally, Pluto could consolidate these changes by turning them into a complete metamorphosis of your life vision.

Virgo: Mood for August 2021

You are radiant: most situations are going your way, you are supported, and you are brimming with projects. Unhoped-for changes in your life may occur. Uranus is doing you good, as well as Pluto, who is completing the metamorphosis of some of your lives. Venus leaves your sign on the 16th, but the Sun will illuminate your days a few days later and enhance your personality. Your projects are concrete and realistic. You can easily calculate the cost of your initiatives in time, money, and personal investment. Neptune keeps you dreamy and romantic.

Virgo: Love for August 2021

Count on Venus to exalt your charisma and your power of seduction. Present in your sign until the 16th, the delightful planet will highlight your assets and underline your charm. You will have all the assets to win back your partner, bring him/her into your life, or make a decisive encounter in the emotional sector. From the 16th, Venus moves into Libra and increases your appetite for good food and sensuality. Even if the climate is relatively sober and reserved, you have no trouble enjoying all the pleasures of life.

Virgo: Money for August 2021

Your finances are not causing you any particular worries. You could have some pleasant surprises from the 16th onwards: Venus brings good luck, an ounce of prosperity and popularity which helps with promotions, developments, both in your private and professional life. If you have the cash to invest, the best deals will be made in real estate and ecology. If you resist certain impulses towards expensive purchases, certain luxury items, you should not encounter any cash flow problems.

Virgo: Work for August 2021

Changes are possible at work, but they will usually be in the direction of a better position, a more rewarding job, or a well-deserved promotion. You are not afraid of responsibility and are building an increasingly solid career. From the 22nd, the Sun enters your sign. It highlights your talents and skills, which should remove any blockage or obstacle in your activities. Keep your calm, don't give in to nervous tension, you will avoid unnecessary headaches, and you will gain a lot of credibilities.

Virgo: Leisure for August 2021

It's almost back to school, and you're getting back into a healthy lifestyle. Naturally, physical activities are the most recommended. After a good walk, a bike ride, a bit of yoga or swimming, you can treat yourself to a restaurant or a trip to the delicatessen. Conviviality is slowly returning, and you intend to enjoy it without paying the price in extra pounds. From the 16th onwards, group activities are encouraged, whether it's a dinner with friends or board games, in an atmosphere full of collaboration and a zest for life.

Virgo: Key dates for August 2021

- On the 3rd, rely on your charm to brighten up the day and lift the frustrations that have you grounded.

- On the 8th, the New Moon invites you to prepare your return to power in the shadows.

- On the 19th, you do not lack the authority to make yourself heard. Your forceful arguments impress your interlocutors and invite them to follow you.

- On the 22nd, nothing stops you. Your ambitions are carried by your energy, your strength. The Full Moon invites you to collaborate.

- On the 26th, it's time to declare yourself. In love, in business, you have all the chances.

Virgo: Advice for August 2021

If you feel tired, try to take your vacation during the first two weeks. Concentrate on what motivates you and avoid ruminating. Let yourself be overwhelmed by discouragement if everything doesn't go as fast as you want. Away from the noise of the world, you will learn from the past. You then prepare for a new cycle of expansion that will begin on your birthday.

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