Capricorn's horoscope for August 2021

Written by Daisy

Capricorn: Astral Climate for August 2021

Your sky is relatively serene in August. Pluto settles the last details of a rebirth in the 3rd decan. Neptune gives you creativity, Uranus encourages positive changes, Mars endows you with beautiful energy and outstanding efficiency, Venus ensures your power of seduction until the 16th. During the second half of the month, the Sun and Mercury will, in turn, support your projects, exalt your motivations, and arouse a persuasive eloquence with your relatives or your hierarchy. Everything is going well, and the month is moving towards more and more serenity and charm.

Capricorn: Mood for August 2021

The general and daily climate suits you perfectly. You spend the month of August in a pleasant atmosphere of peace and serenity. You work with pleasure because you notice your own efficiency. You are smiling more, although still discreet, and your popularity increases. Your charm works in all areas, and you can make beautiful encounters or set up a daring project, but always in wisdom, with a sense of reality. The second half of the year is particularly favorable for discussions, conversations, exchanges, and travel. You end the summer on a very fulfilling note.

Capricorn: Love for August 2021

You now have the desire and the means to savor lasting love affairs, and you will not embark on any meaningless adventure. Until the 16th, Venus will help you develop your relationship and raise the debate level. If you are single, you are hoping and looking for someone who can fulfill your high ambitions. In the second fortnight, Venus exalts your charisma and sharpens your sensuality. Mercury helps you increase your self-confidence, and you are ready to mark hearts. You are aiming high, but your charm and your taste for quality relationships will assure you of beautiful successes that will go beyond the ordinary.

Capricorn: Money for August 2021

You want to adopt a rational attitude with your material assets. You are trying to manage them better so that you will be able to invest and reassure everyone by December. The beginning of the month is still tense: financial negotiations, debates about your material situation exacerbate an already present frustration. But Jupiter will gradually strengthen your income and guarantee you reassuring prosperity. You will see everything in a big way, maybe too big, so be careful with your spending and negotiations.

Capricorn: Work for August 2021

You are developing good arguments to defend your interests. The sky is securing your bases, cleaning up your material situation, and allowing you to set constructive milestones in your activities. Safe investments and savings, you are reassured by a stable situation. Your popularity increases during the whole month, use your charm to raise the debates, to relax the atmosphere and you will push your limits. Count on the energy of Mars to strengthen your ambitions and help you succeed, to free yourself from your constraints. You also have the opportunity to develop potential and talents that have been unexplored or insufficiently exploited until now.

Capricorn: Leisure for August 2021

With Uranus in your leisure sector, you are attracted by new or unusual activities. You could try an "escape game," very popular at the moment, and discover unknown pleasures. If you're a homebody, get out, air yourself out, play sports. If you're already accustomed to physical exercise, you'd be better off discovering good movies, books, or board games. It is in unusual leisure that you will find the most pleasure.

Capricorn: Key dates for August 2021

- On the 1st, you'll defend your interests well, but you'll have to take into account the limits that diminish your room for maneuver.

- On the 4th, you are annoyed by exchanges that go awry, and you lose control of the situation.

- On the 10th, your ambitions in love are exciting. But keep your feet on the ground, even if you are inspired and romantic.

- On the 19th, you defend your ambitions and push back limits that were unattainable until recently.

- On the 23rd, you influence your hierarchy charmingly and gently, and you secure your bases, status, and accounts.

Capricorn: Advice for August 2021

Don't think too big. Manage your current negotiations and ambitions as best you can. You can achieve your goals if you deal with certain impassable limits. Use your energies intelligently, spend them wisely to approach the new year in top form.

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