Libra's horoscope for April 2023

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for April 2023

Energy to defend your positions, change things and the desire to make your love life evolve? You will listen to each other and stay tuned to restore a positive relationship and commit yourself to a more constructive basis.

Libra: Mood for April 2023

You are going through a period of stripping away your old ways of operating to eventually bring out a new version of yourself. Nothing prevents you from fighting hard to impose your new style.

Libra: Love for April 2023

Venus exalts your desire to live stories that live up to your expectations. Some dream of embarking on a journey with the one they love, while others look for their soul mate. There is no question of settling for anything less than that, but rather to spice up the relationship, to get off the beaten track.

In a Relationship: a need to break with routine fuels your desire to share rare moments, take advantage of a favourable context to rekindle the flame or give meaning to your duo.

Single: you are not satisfied with banal stories that lead to nothing. Your aspiration to do everything over again is manifested by the desire to experience a love that lifts you up that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Libra: Money for April 2023

You do not hesitate to ask your banker and your fighting energy and your desire to convince open doors for you. But negotiations are delayed from the 21st.

Libra: Work for April 2023

For sure, you redouble your zeal, audacity and determination. You are fearless in shaking up the established rules and your hierarchy. You want to change the rules of the game, the methods, and even the style. You impress those around you, even if exchanges get bogged down from the 21st onwards.

Libra: Leisure for April 2023

Anything that satisfies your desire to fight measure yourself against others, and win fills you with enthusiasm. You don't hesitate to take on any physical or rhetorical challenge.

Libra: Key dates for April 2023

-The 3rd: Avoid procrastinating or asking too much. People will either stand up to you or set traps for you.

-The 7th: You know how to get your messages across gently to maintain a good atmosphere at work and home. Take advantage of this climate of trust to make your relationships evolve in the right direction.

-The 11th, certain metamorphoses on the sentimental level favour access to a higher version of love. A tendency to cultivate to break with the dark areas of the past.

-The 14th: You will feel limited and frustrated by constraints and responsibilities that you have to assume daily and that prevent you from taking off, dreaming, and from pursuing an ideal.

-The 29th: you are mobilizing without reserve to initiate a radical change in your situation. If you wish to change jobs or direction or free yourself from guardianship that weighs you down, this is the time.

Libra: Advice for April 2023

Nothing will stop your momentum. However, be prepared to deal with delays, which will slow down your progress (from the 21st) but will not prevent you from continuing to throw the punch.

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