Aquarius's horoscope for April 2023

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for April 2023

You improve your living conditions and attract attention. Avoid sensitive subjects that can lead to a bad atmosphere in your family. Rely on warm and benevolent communication to get your messages across smoothly.

Aquarius: Mood for April 2023

You shine in business or in love, your energy and charm make things happen. However, you should be okay with any mishaps from the 21st onwards.

Aquarius: Love for April 2023

Count on your power of seduction to attract attention. Your radiance will allow you to be the centre of attention. Take advantage of this to change things in your family, even if you encounter resistance from the 21st.

In a Relationship: fluid exchanges at the beginning of the month with those around you; your charm favours your love impulses. From the 21st, do not impose your desires or your rhythm.

Single: a nice spring month to try your luck in love. If you have everything to please, only want a little. Let go of ballast without giving up.

Aquarius: Money for April 2023

Jupiter has allowed you to enrich your address book. New relations support you financially if you express the need.

Aquarius: Work for April 2023

You are mobilizing to launch major changes in your family. Despite the slowing down of the pace from the 21st, your desire to move forward will remain the same.

Aquarius: Leisure for April 2023

From the 21st onwards, delays are expected in events, but you can spend your energy to innovate.

Aquarius: Key dates for April 2023

-The 3rd: inner turmoil pushes you to start debates that make your loved ones bristle. If you want to tackle sensitive subjects with your family, start by putting them in the right form.

-The 7th: you invest your resources to improve your living conditions and have a happy hand. If you have a crush on a house, a place, or a country, do not hesitate.

-The 11th: Your charm and eloquence attract those you love or who you like. Your power of seduction can be used to rekindle the flame or to turn your interlocutors into admirers.

-The 14th: You want to enjoy life's pleasures to the fullest, but you must not spend lavishly.

-The 29th: you are changing things up with your family. A move in progress or to
come? Freedom to claim or to take. You invest your energies wisely.

Aquarius: Advice for April 2023

This month favours the implementation of a family project that requires all your energy and mobilizes you full-time. If from the 21st, you feel like you are pedalling in a vacuum, you will not let up, and you are right.

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