Aries's horoscope for April 2021

Written by Daisy

An active, dynamic month that isn't too affected by a molten cosmos. Let's take the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a new life. Move forward and take initiatives without fearing the sanctions of a sky that keeps us under pressure. Now is the opportunity to breathe more comfortably and finally surf in milder weather. Let's spread our wings and discover ourselves without further delay.

Aries: Love horoscope for April 2021

Love: All the Way!

Take advantage of the influence of Venus, present in your sign until the 14th, to seduce. Its rather flattering lighting favours encounters and helps you attract attention, especially from the one you love. From the 14th, you will want to do everything without restricting yourself, Aries, you devour life while taking care not to spend too much to satisfy your growing appetites.

1st decan (March 21st - April 1st): Phew!

After a tense beginning of the year, you spend this month sheltered from the turmoil and bad weather. Your sky clears and you benefit from a relative peace to relax and see your dreams come true. Count on Venus (between the 14th and the 22nd) to enjoy life to the fullest, and express your desires. You finally find the means to make them come true and the freedom to maneuver that you've been lacking for a long time!

2nd decan (April 2nd - April 11th): Stay Reasonable!

To convince your entourage, bet on an indisputable charm to mark minds. Passionate exchanges turn to your advantage. Starting on the 22nd, you aspire to improve your income to please yourself or spoil those you love. But keep your feet on the ground so that you don't end the month frustrated, and above all, exposed.

3rd decan (April 12th - April 20th): At Last!

Venus gives you seduction between the 7th and 14th. Enough to make people want to follow you in exciting plans. Count on your persuasion and your charisma to rally the votes of your entourage, your partner, or your friends around a life project that will make everyone unanimous...or almost.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Spring is here. Take advantage of it to love, radiate and undertake without overestimating your powers.

Aries: The thread of the month for April 2021

The first week,

On the 2nd, bet on the strategy to place your balls without upsetting your hierarchy or arousing the suspicion of those who are waiting for you to slip up. On the 6th, you are charismatic. Bet on your radiance to express your desires to an entourage that can't refuse you. On the 9th, don't force anyone's hand so as not to generate misunderstandings. On the 10th, you will have exciting projects that you will praise to those who follow you with their eyes closed.

The second week,

On the 12th, the New Moon puts you at the front of the stage, it's up to you to shine without blinding anyone. On the 13th, you stop at nothing to try to convince people that you are right. Use your combative energy and powerful arguments to hit the nail on the head. On the 15th, you will carry out your projects, supported by a beautiful energy and by your entourage. On the 16th, don't abuse your influence to force your hierarchy to follow you without reservation. You could hit a snag. On the 17th, nothing will stop you: dynamic, on the offensive, and charismatic, you'll go for it! But moderate yourself if others find that you are too demanding.

The third week,

On the 19th, use your eloquence to plead your case and convince. On the 23rd, you spend a lot of money to please yourself or make a dream come true. Don't blow your budget. On the 24th, think before you act or invest. Don't overestimate your means so you don't find yourself in trouble. On the 25th, you will be called to order. The brakes remain and induce frustrations that are hard to bear.

The fourth week,

On the 27th, the Full Moon recommends that you better manage your expenses so as not to exceed your limits. On the 30th, you're flaming up and ignoring the signals you're getting.

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