Aquarius's horoscope for April 2021

Written by Daisy

An active, dynamic month that isn't too affected by a molten cosmos. Let's take the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a new life. Move forward and take initiatives without fearing the sanctions of a sky that keeps us under pressure. Now is the opportunity to breathe more comfortably and finally surf in milder weather. Let's spread our wings and discover ourselves without further delay.

Aquarius: Love horoscope for April 2021

Love: You Put Your Heart Into It!

Venus promotes fluid, harmonious communication until the 14th. Take advantage of this opportunity to tighten the ranks in family, soothe exchanges or smooth things over. From the 14th onwards, this delicious planet urges you to take care of those around you. You aspire to improve your living conditions, Aquarius, by developing a climate of benevolence within the family that warms your bonds. You convey your messages at home gently.

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): Springtime Sweetness!

After a beginning of the year that has induced tensions, you will take your place in April, sheltered from bad weather. No more inevitable changes, take advantage of Venus to get closer to those who matter. Some people want to settle down or enlarge the family. You breathe and you look forward to the future more serenely.

2nd decan (February 1st- February 10th): small upheavals to be expected at the end of the month!

At the beginning of the month, you cheer up and reassure the other person with a mature and responsible attitude. From the 18th, Uranus urges you to free yourself from alienating guardianships and do as you please. If you try to change the rules or to establish a creative dialogue in the family, not sure it's appreciated. We'll let you know on the 25th by reminding you of your duties and responsibilities.

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th): Paths to be Opened, but Not Without Precautions!

The current is flowing well and the mood seems euphoric, but don't induce misunderstandings by making bad decisions, spending too much, or ignoring the limits. You can persuade whoever you like to believe and follow you (the 13th, 15th, and 17th), to adhere to your world view and your desire to expand your horizons. But be careful not to cross the line, or you will mislead others who will not follow you with their eyes closed (the 12th and 16th).

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

April invites you to communicate politely and take care of your entourage to get through the month without making too many waves.

Aquarius: The thread of the month for April 2021

The first week,

On the 2nd, you talk about money based on past experiences that give you insight into what to do and what to do next. On the 6th, you seduce and convince everyone to adhere to your ideas and satisfy your desires. On the 9th, if you want to have it all, you risk using questionable methods. Avoid that to maintain your credibility. On the 10th, it is by communicating with seriousness and maturity that you make your mark. You benefit from a charisma likely to attract success.

The second week,

On the 12th, the New Moon favours communication. Don't let your unconscious interfere with what you are saying so as not to blur the frequency. On the 13th, incisive, determined, and convincing, you impose yourself without giving the impression of forcing your way through. On the 15th, your striking force and enthusiasm work wonders and help you persuade those around you that you are on the right track. You make them want to follow you in the adventure. On the 16th, you don't communicate wisely, you show emotions (fears, doubts, and complexes) likely to worry those listening to you. On the 17th, you impose your perspectives and train your troops. But don't let your unconscious lead the dance if you want to end the day in beauty, carried by deserved success.

The third week,

On the 19th, decided to rally the votes, you rely on a fluid communication to convince. On the 23rd, Uranus plays the troublemaker within the family. Maintain a benevolent dialogue to claim your rights without making waves. On the 24th, watch out for the tone that rises and the tension that sets in: your words will awaken the hostility of those close to you. On the 25th, no matter how skillfully you plead your case, you will hit a wall.

The fourth week,

On the 27th, the Full Moon lights up your career and invites you not to give up, even if it is your family life that mobilizes you as a priority. On the 30th, you aspire to improve your living conditions and you release funds to do so.

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