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The characteristics of the Libra ascendant:

Whatever sign you may be, Libra Ascendant will endow you with an accommodating and nice spirit, a sense of nuance, tact, and an irresistible charm. Your great flexibility in mind makes you understanding and able to adapt to others, to smooth things out on any occasion. No matter where, in order for you to feel at ease, you need harmony and balance. You flee conflict, are the king of compromise, and need to know that everyone appreciates you. You are, too, deeply devoted to those around you. And yet, you lack self-confidence and hesitate way too long before making a decision, choice, or commitment. Elegant and sensual, you like nice things and have a strong artistic streak in every way. You are a true aesthete and epicurean.

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Ascendant Libra, you are governed by Venus

Venusians are sociable, diplomatic, and a little artistic. They constantly seek balance and peace in life, in their relationships with others, and in their quest for personal happiness. You need company, friends, and harmonious relationships to develop self-confidence, and you have a lot of trouble living on your own. This constant need to be in harmony with others makes you indecisive and dependent on what and who is around you. Deciding means making a choice and so, in general, giving something up, which is hard for you. You are overflowing with charm, kindness, and elegance, but that can also make you superficial. You unconsciously tend to reach out to more and more people in the sole aim of earning appreciation, and you are quite capable of skipping over your own personal needs in favor of your partner's or loved ones'.

The 12 signs with Libra Ascendant


Women: You are definitely the sentimental type and one who only feels alive when living through their relations with others. From love to friendship, your feelings are always intense and your emotions deep. In the end, you only have the energy that you share with others. You could enjoy a successful artistic career, especially if you're given a push. Anything that has to do with marriage and relations in general is good for you.

Men: You are a man who likes to be surrounded by people and often take part in group endeavors. You have trouble making important choices and have nagging doubts whenever you have to forego a certain project in order to get others done. You are good at easily expressing your feelings with others through material objects. You need to share your thoughts in a warm and comforting atmosphere to find creativity and motivation.


Women: You are somewhat torn between a slight egotism that makes you cling to your deals and your people a little too much at times and your social skills based on your dependence on other people's affection. You are outgoing and worry about how people see you. If you can manage to be a little more dynamic, you will be able to find a few excellent outlets for your artistic or handyman skills. Moreover, your charming sensuality makes you a great seducer.

Men: You are rather outgoing and love to exchange ideas with everyone but also appreciate the comfort of your own home. You are a man who knows what he wants but not how to get it. You aren't real good at laying out a solid strategy and often get lost in poor reasoning. You would do anything to maintain balance in your emotional life and surround yourself with calm and attentive people.


Women: You are an exquisite being who loves to meet new people and interact in harmony. You don't like to come to a decision as it implies having to reject one thing right off the bat, and so you let others make choices for you when it is convenient. You probably have some sort of arts or crafts skills, but you will need tenacity to make a career out of it. Your friends can really help you out here.

Men: It is through your social bonds that you will find the most opportunity as well as satisfaction. You are usually quite inspired and have the ability to create a pleasant ambiance where you are. It is rather easy to talk you into taking part in a goal or letting someone else make decisions for you. You float along at the mercy of the ideas around you, and that can have consequences, especially in your love-life.


Women: You are quite seductive! Your voice, movements, looks, smile: everything about you is enchanting and makes you popular everywhere you go. Leo's authoritativeness is softened by your ascendant, making your relationships go smoothly with everyone. This makes you tactful and easy-going. Any career in sales would suit you well as would artistic activities, since you have very dependable aesthetic taste.

Men: You are attracted to luxury and nice things. You also like people and to have them around, which makes you good for sales or any area that requires a particular comfortability with human relations. If are in love, you will likely get married quickly. You constantly need to share your goals with someone else.


Women: No matter what image you wish to put out, it doesn't take long to notice your great emotion and fragility. You have a good chance of succeeding in your career thanks to your kindness and charm, which attract sympathy from all sorts of people and thus brings you solid support. It would be in your interest to find a domain where you can express your artistic streak, but don't get discouraged too quickly!

Men: You are a born artist who communicates with the rest of the world via their artistic works. You natural charm helps you surround yourself with useful and interesting people who can give you good advice. You don't always have self-confidence and sometimes lose your train of thought. You don't exactly know how to act when your emotions overwhelm you. You often can't decide between letting yourself go and hiding what you feel.


Women:You are so attentive towards others that you could end up forgetting about yourself along the way - don't compromise too much! You are very nice, which should attract a wide array of friends to you, but you also tend to hesitate too much when it comes to making emotional choices. Your likability and sense of balance could lead you to a career in diplomacy as you are excellent at being the mediator.

Men: You are often torn between determination and hesitation. Your contradictions wear you out. You will have to learn to regularly take stock of your situation in order to make the right choices. You have a pleasant personality that people like, but your connections with others lack depth. You don't dare to really put yourself into a friendship. You need cultured discussion in your romantic life. You can show great stability as long as you don't get bored.


Women: You don't go unnoticed; seductive, always smiling, pleasant, and refined, you are preoccupied with the effect you have on others. You are passionate about beauty in all its forms. This trait can be seen in your career as much as in your relationships. You will, however, have to fight your tendency to be aloof; don't take the easy way out or become too dependent on those around you.

Men: You are a real charmer who needs to be admired to feel alive. You will most likely have a great career in sales since you also love winning people over. You are drawn to the splendor of things and can admire them for hours. Your emotional life is generally quite full. You have many friendships going at once and aren't impatient about getting into a relationship.


Women: Underneath your seductive airs hides the ability to hide and conceal yourself. You are usually ready to do anything to attain wealth. You are exclusive and often lack objectivity. It is, then hard for you to change course when you make a mistake. You run the risk of having a very agitated emotional life as your seductive powers are not at all innocent or unplanned, which can displease some people...

Men: You are a real charmer who likes admiration. You have an active social life and show great ease in finding professional opportunities. At work, you are efficient, especially in bringing in clientele, and love attention. You have a tumultuous emotional life, your choices varying according to your current desires while you yearn for stable and passionate love.


Women:You are in love with all of the world's beauty, which makes you easily adaptable to other cultures and any mood. You sense of justice and diplomacy bring you good luck in succeeding in life. You are able to calm any conflict. You are kind, a little too much at times, which can lead to disillusionment if you don't learn to protect yourself from freeloaders.

Men: You are an upholder of the law deep down in your soul who makes sure that things are always fair and just. You are certainly skilled in diplomacy, are open to listening to others, and you are also a great orator. You like travelling and
meeting new people, but you hate setbacks or constraints. You need freedom in your romantic life, even if you could build a comfortable household where you could have friends over.


Women:You are outgoing and clever and have the knack of whipping up goodwill to help you accomplish great or just things. You are perpetually worried about your love-life as you have trouble expressing your feelings. You are aware of this problem, and that's what hurts. It is through your various encounters and their outcomes that you will manage to figure yourself out, really get to know yourself and find your calling.

Men:You are often troubled by doubt and have trouble feeling comfortable in public, but would do anything to hide this fact. You lack self-confidence, and you are regularly disappointed by your own behavior. Still, you are appreciated by others who find you courteous and kind. You have to find a way to clearly express your feelings as it will help you create your own love-life.


Women:You radiate pure seduction, and your lofty ideals, keen sense of justice, and artistic taste have a lot to do with it. It is from your circle of friends that you will encounter the most opportunities or prospects whether materially, professionally or emotionally. You are drawn to a high-class or artistic life. Moreover, your aesthetic taste, sense of harmony, and of balance, dominate your motivations.

Men: You aren't always serious, but you have a real ability for taking action for important causes. Deep down in your soul, you are an artist and have to express yourself through your creations in order to free the tension that is sometimes within you. You tend to leave your partner in romance as soon as things get serious. You need freedom so much that you won't dare to really throw yourself into a relationship. With age, your doubts will die out.


Women:You are on a constant search of the absolute, the ideal, for harmony and serenity. The slightest criticism or imperfection can totally turn your world upside down. Even if you're in good health, you seem delicate, fragile. You are naturally indolent and tend to escape the harsh real world. You love-life is where you give the most of yourself. You are attentive, devoted, and understanding with your partner.

Men: You like to be in total harmony with those around you, but you still have to learn to prepare yourself against life's harsh truths. You are very creative person who can share all sorts of wonderful goals with people who are interested in them. If you are unlucky in love, you will have to force yourself to speak with your partner about it and learn how to be less indulgent at times.


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