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The characteristics of the Leo ascendant

Whatever sign you may be, Leo Ascendant will make you passionate, bubbly, dynamic, enterprising, ambitious, determined, and kind. But, it will also cause you to be more impulsive, quick to anger, and touchy. You attach great importance to your popularity and love to make others admire you. You have the knack of garnering sympathy, but your excessive outrageousness can also annoy some. You can't stand it when anybody stands up to you, rarely ever admit you're wrong, and tend to rule with an iron fist. You lack neither energy or bearing, are sure of yourself, and are quite capable of pushing your limits to reach your goals. Thanks to your great tenacity, there's no need to tell you that, when you want something, you do whatever you must to get it. You are protective with those close to you and are very attached to your family.

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Ascendant Leo, you are governed by the sun

Sun signs are aglow! They are characterized by their extraversion, elegance, willpower, and initiative. They are also generous, ambitious, and a bit domineering and need recognition to feel alive. They are dependent upon others' view of them despite their great drive and grand personal ambitions. You vitality will push you to take up new endeavors, to rule over your own little world, and to develop your lofty inspirations, but you can also quickly turn arrogant, patronizing, and prideful. By keeping your ambitions and somewhat despotic attitude in check, you will be able to strike the balance you need to live in harmony with those close to you and do your business. Your seductive powers are strong: you're a looker, but, in order to move your relationships forward, you will have to learn to give those close to you some space, to listen to them like they listen to you, and to strike a balance between drive and compromise...

The 12 signs with Leo Ascendant


Women: Ready and raring to go, you live your life with panache, behaving loyally and interacting with others without pettiness. On the other hand, you yearn for social recognition and to be held in high esteem by those close to you. You will have a lot of energy to manage to succeed in life. Though your excesses might harm you, your kindness and generosity can also contribute to your success.

Men: You have an uncommon personality! You are energetic, passionate, and trustworthy. Recognition is your main driving force, and your presence is usually appreciated wherever you go. You are capable of leading great endeavors and making them a success. Despite these positive influences, you should beware any excessive pride that might drive you away from those you love the most.


Women: You've got the goals and the looks, but you will also need practical sense, willpower, organization, initiative, and tenacity to see your plans through to the end. Your pride is a strong, very positive driving force as long as it doesn't turn into megalomania and you don't get too hung up on rigid opinions. In love, you have to fight certain egotistical tendencies in your temperament.

Men: This is a mix that generally can't take a joke and can be stingy. You need to be admired or desired to feel confident. You need to amass great material wealth to feel fulfilled. Some of your behavior can earn you long-last enemies. You will need to learn humility and how to share if you want to be with a person that is on your level and up to your expectations.


Women: You are brilliant: intelligent, charming, sarcastic and gifted in numerous areas. Still you lack a clear course of action because you often spread yourself too thin among all sorts of conflicting interests. You don't always take the time to get to know your potential partners which leaves you open to judgment errors which can be particularly detrimental in your love-life as well as in friendships.

Men: You are a man with plenty of resources who finds it easy to grow in evolve wherever he is. You are a quick thinker with good ideas who won't hesitate to take the lead on any assignment whose aim is to turn a goal into reality. But, you aren't shielded from conflict or criticism, and your lack of humility can annoy others. You have to learn to pick and choose when it comes to relationships, especially when it comes to love.


Women: You need attention and you get it, thanks to your kindness, charm, and numerous, various talents. You have remarkable perseverance in reaching your goals and will boast a little once you get there... Don't forget: flattery will get you nowhere. You'll have to give this some thought, since you can be a little gullible or naive so listen to advice when it comes to making important decisions.

Men: Recognition, and in particular from those close to you, is your main driving force. You savor every single one of your successes proudly and are very frustrated by your failures but are still fair towards your rivals. The image others receive of you is very important to you: you intend on being a man that looks to be surrounded by good people. You need advice from a shrewd and serious person that will put up with your changing moods.


Women: Much elegance, a distaste for vulgarity: a real lady. All we wish is that you have the means to act on your desires. You rely on your seductive power to move forward in life and with great success. Your charisma will make all your dreams come true. If you have a partner that meets your standards, you are sure to make a magnificent couple. Your faithfulness and loyalty will be uncompromising...

Men: You are very charismatic! You are determined, ambitious, confident in your skills, and you like to feel other people watching you. You are successful in whatever you undertake most of the time, and you attract a loyal following. You will be fulfilled in your life as a couple as long as you find someone that is like you. If this is the case, you won't go unnoticed.


Women: You are more gifted in your professional life than in your love or family life... You faults and good qualities range from professional efficiency and sensitivity to a nose for sales and being critical... You are rational, logical, brainy and reserved, which doesn't make human relations any easier despite your imposing bearing. Your broad-mindedness goes hand-in-hand with your pickiness, which, at best, will bring you balance and fulfillment in every domain.

Men: In discussions, you can manage to hold people's attention, but you can be condescending with people you know, which can cause tension. You work highly efficiently, but you don't always necessarily get the recognition you desired. It's not easy to be one of your close friends or family, but you are as loyal as you are distrustful, and so it can be well worth the time it takes to get to know you.


Women: Your desire for recognition and appreciation is so deeply rooted that you stack up contacts and relations, and your popularity cannot be disputed. You possess great charm, nobility, and looks. It is in your sphere of friends and relations that you have the best chance of finding fulfilling professional opportunities. Your tact and confidence put out any fires and enable you to reconcile even the most divergent opinions.

Men: You're a man who loves a crowd on your side or going out and meet new people to talk to. You are drawn to drawn to aesthetics and are an artist deep down in your soul which comes out from time to time to put on a show and entertain those around you. You need passion in your romantic life. You are totally capable of being a loyal companion, but you will always remain seductive.


Women: You have a strong personality and can even be a little enigmatic. Your stooping posture hides an iron will and great firmness. Your domineering character doesn't go well with half measures. You are very demanding, but also very loving once someone gets to know you...With how much pride you put into even the smallest details, your sensitivity can be alarming to some.

Men: You are authoritarian and are a natural leader. You aren't necessarily appreciated by everyone: you are too arrogant and often try to impose your own will on others. You succeed at everything you do, and in varied, gratifying areas. In love, you are imaginative and spontaneous, and no one is ever bored around you, but you don't leave a little of room for your partner.


Women:You have the elegance of a real lady. Your gait is royal, your nobility natural, your enthusiasm contagious, and your ambitions lofty. Your passionate impluse for great, beautiful, chivalrous romances and fighting for a noble cause take nothing away from your independence. You year for an independent life in a position of responsibility, since you can't stand to see your talent go to waste.

Men: Your energy rubs off on others, and you are admired by those around you for your enterprising spirit. You like competition, meeting new people, and a sense of nobility. Your values are unshakeable and your bearing imposing. You are kind and fair towards your family and learn, and teach, a sense of responsibility with ease. You prefer to share your love-life with people who have personality.


Women: You are overflowing with grand ambitions, a love for a job well done, and exorbitant demands on everyone, including yourself. You attempt to make up for your interior solitude by seeking a reliable, and, above all, warm-hearted partner to heat up your daily life. When you choose to get behind an idea, goal, or person, you put your honor at stake to motivate yourself to win.

Men:Your career is your highest preoccupation. You work tirelessly in order to reach your objectives and become one of the best in your field. You can't stand people who slow you down and ignore those who aren't brilliant enough to work with you. Your friends and family appreciate you for your wisdom and sense of humor. Your romantic life will depend on whether you choose passion or reason.


Women:You aren't the most easy-going sign in the zodiac! Your libertarian and ferociously independent attitude can easily turn into megalomania. You can go from the most terrible egotism to the most selfless compassion depending on the moment, the people around you, and your mood... Your good qualities, devotion and warm generosity, come out best in a relationship with someone solid and sturdy.

Men: You are egotistical at times and compassionate at others. You have personality and never let anyone walk all over you. You are headstrong and energetic, but you tend to direct everything even if it's not your place, which can cause tension with the bosses. You love passionately, but you have trouble making concessions, which is necessary in life together with someone else.


Women:You will find comfort from your chronic lack of self-esteem in your accumulation of everyday victories, but, in reality, you are suffering. You garner sympathy through your bursts of genuine generosity, but you do expect recognition in return and are a little too vulnerable to flattery. You entertain grandiose ideas that actually have a chance of becoming reality if they are of an artistic, philosophical, religious, or more generally, spiritual nature.

Men: You are man who uses his looks to gain success. You can be enterprising, confident, and aggressive, but, and let's admit it, you can also be a bit of a dreamer and filled with doubt. You do alright for yourself: you don't want to lose face for all to see, after all. You are attracted to beauty and to deep bonds that you could share with a partner.

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