Tips for love for the Leo and Scorpio couple

Written by Alison

Everyone is proud, stubborn, and aggressive when their feelings are at stake. Who will overtake the other? Your combined emotional energies can lead to a torrid relationship or a merciless war. Or both, for that matter. If you manage to avoid a dominant / dominated relationship, which is going to be hard, then you will be able to live an out of the ordinary emotional adventure.

Love compatibility between Leo and Scorpio

You like each other, without a doubt, but will you support each other? Both of you are prideful, stubborn, and aggressive. Who eats who? Your combined emotional energies can lead to a torrid relationship or a merciless war. Or even both, on and off. If you manage to avoid a dominant/dominated type of relationship, which will be tough, you could enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary emotional adventure.

Compatibility between a Leo woman and a Scorpio man

This will be a tough relationship for these two signs. At first, their union will draw them ever closer together, making them stronger and even invincible! These two have a perfect, natural understanding between them, enabling them to take on life and its small, everyday worries. But, if these two aren't on the same wavelength, their confrontations will be cruel and rough. Scorpio and Leo are both armed to defend themselves - so who knows who will win? In any case, neither will be willing to back down! It is essential for each to abandon any ideas of domination. To win each other over, they will have to challenge themselves profoundly and leave aside their own natures! It really is possible - if you're mature about it!

Compatibility between a Leo man and a Scorpio woman

These are two formidable signs that could learn to live together and form a sincere and rock-solid bond. In order to get there, each one will have to do their part and find their true place within this couple. No compromising for either of these two; they will, however, have to work to build a romance together. Both seek unity and a full and complete love-life. Their thirst for living well will bring them together and push them to become more aggressive that they already are naturally. Scorpio will be urged on by his partner's extreme optimism. He will appreciate her search for the absolute, for comfort, for all that is beauty. They will live out their love within a framework that matches their aesthetic ideals and will regularly rekindle the flame of love and renew their immense, overflowing passion.

Compatibility between a Leo woman and a Scorpio woman

Dear Scorpio, try not to be so secretive, constantly calculating your slightest action or move. Come to appreciate your Leo's frankness, too - it's all for you! Work on being both more spontaneous and nuanced. This will be an absolute must for getting closer to your partner over the long-term. This woman will be your pride and joy, but don't degrade her natural dignity along the way. Accept that she is perfectly organized and autonomous in many respects. With her, learn to breathe... Rushing her into group activities is not smart at all. Nothing good happens when she's rushed, and could end up letting you down and especially getting annoyed!

Compatibility between a Leo man and a Scorpio man

When it comes to maintaining a relationship, you are in two different worlds: the passionate, introverted, and suspicious world of Scorpio, and the luminescent and hectic world of the other. Scorpio runs the risk of perpetually antagonizing Leo with their biting remarks, suspicions, and obsessions, but can also feel constantly attacked themselves by Leo's disproportionate pride and authoritarian ways. For this to last, other more harmonious and adaptable aspects are needed. Without a hint of tolerance and open-mindedness, this combination might be particularly difficult to manage.


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