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Tuesday, November the 24th
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Your ascendant is Gemini

  Written by Mary

Whatever sign you may be, Gemini Ascendant will make you expressive, outgoing, dynamic, and able to adapt to the world around you. Quick-witted and curious, you have numerous areas of interest and possibility, love interaction and movement, and are quick to seize any interesting opportunity. You don't take life seriously and avoid routine, responsibilities, and complications. You like to use your sense of humor to play with ideas and win over whoever is listening. You are passionate about everything you do and are always ready to take up a bold new challenge, but also often lack the energy and dependability needed to see things through to completion. You are unstable, changing, and easily influenced, which makes it hard to understand or follow you. You tend to let yourself be blinded by illusions, to flit around more than you need, and to spread yourself too thin and so accomplish nothing.

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Ascendant Gemini, you are governed by Mercury

Those ruled by Mercury are characterized by their lively wit, mobility, and flexibility. They are often "forever young" types who always look young and full of youth and who have a strong taste for variety, change, and movement. This means that they are also a bit unstable, get bored quickly, and sometimes have trouble finishing what they enthusiastically started. You are the cerebral type, and so it is your intellect that will guide how you approach the world around you and will take a critical look at facts without letting feelings get in the way. But, though you are highly skilled intellectually as well as manually, you lack patience, spread yourself too thin, and often engage in useless debate simply for the fun of arguing. This can make you come across as superficial or inconsistent. You will have everything to gain if you can show a little more emotion and not just in your love-life!

The 12 signs with Gemini Ascendant

Aries: Women: You can't stay still, have no patience, but are good at everything you turn your hand to, whether it's interacting with other, seizing opportunities, or slapping together on the spot anything you might need. Routine exhausts you, and, in your love-life, you tend to get carried away or lust after many lovers at the same time. You are characterized by your magnificent energy and sharp intelligence.

Men: You are highly gifted at interacting and communicating with people. You're a good do-it-yourselfer who always uses the right tool for the right job. You are a man who needs regular change if his daily life and who is bored with repetitive tasks. You lack structure in your love-life and often don't know where you stand.

Gemini: Women: You are light-hearted, airy, and refreshing with a forever young side to you that is very attractive. Still, practically speaking, you lack tenacity, tend to spread yourself too thin or to get distracted when you get bored too quickly. Intellectually, you are drawn to every possibility there is and have a little trouble focusing on your goals, but your flexibility usually makes up for your erring ways, except, perhaps, in love...

Men: This is a combination that makes people nervous. You are always on the look-out, ready to jump at any chance to occupy your mind. You often have good ideas that sometimes get lost in your torrent of thoughts. You are regularly late to meetings and rarely finish what you started, but that doesn't stop you from being a good worker. Most of the time, your emotional life is complicated.

Cancer: Women: You are endearing, like a child: full of ingenuity and goodwill, but also antsy and a little fickle - like a kid! Not just that, you like novelty, newness, movement, but also need a lot of tenderness, which isn't always easy to keep in balance... Thanks to your charm and flexibility, you could succeed in any number of careers, that is, as long as you keep yourself in balance at least a little bit.

Men: You are a little naive but have a lot of great ideas to share and are often motivated in starting a new project. You lack maturity which is also what makes your constantly drawn to new and bold ideas. You are bad-tempered when you are dissatisfied, but no one should ever take your provocations seriously. Your love is still sincere, despite appearances.

Virgo: Women: Worrying, anxious ascendant. You examine, count, critique, leaving little room for your intuition and nothing at all for relaxation. You are so obsessed with the details that, quite often, the overall picture is totally beyond you. This hardly encourages you to take a chance, to take flight. You aren't very forthcoming with your feelings and are constantly screening everything through your intellect first. You need a partner that is affectionate and soothing.

Men: You are extremely restless, frequently critical, and you can discourage others sometimes with how severe judgments can be. You need to take time regularly to relax so that you don't slip into unhappiness. You do, however, possess great skill that is useful in succeeding in your professional life. You rarely express your feelings since you don't know how. You need a group of warm and patient friends to feel at ease.

Scorpio: Women: You are a born detective who likes to dig, dissect, and who yearns to know and understand. This is great for machines but can be a little more difficult when it comes to people. Your sarcastic sense of humor can wreak havoc, causing wild laughter as much as long-lasting enemies - watch out! You are more sensual than romantic. Your curiosity pushes you to probe and investigate your partner, so you'll have to find the right one...

Men: You have excellent analytical skills that will most likely help you have a successful career. You can be a dangerous adversary in some situations, but you can also be a valuable ally for those you consider a friend. You do what you like, and your emotional life is rather particular. You try to avoid certain responsibilities that you find boring and will have to find a partner that avoids conflict as much as possible.

Capricorn: Women: You have remarkable intellectual capabilities. You are possess great practical reasoning, critical thinking skills, and the ability to look at the big picture, yet you still sometimes doubt your own abilities. You exhibit a brilliant, biting sense of humor in your comebacks, but you are really just building a barricade against your emotions. You are destined for the public life, whether as a politician, salesperson, or craftsman. No matter what, you will be a great success.

Men: You are exceptionally good at analyzing, and your criticism is always well reasoned, your work always impeccable. You are discreet and serious, but that doesn't stop you from entertaining others from time to time with your deadpan, and highly appreciated, sense of humor. You have trouble relaxing, and your romantic life is usually complicated. You need a partner who will listen to and comfort you.

Aquarius: Women: You possess great intellectual potential in general and lack no inspiration. But, you are vulnerable to illusions. You are interested in concepts and abstractions more than in reality. You love it when you finally understand a new, complex idea. It is easier for you to be happy in your friendships than in your love-life. In fact, you rarely ever show your affection and can be a little distant.

Men: You are a bit unhinged but overflowing with ideas and new concepts, but this isn't always a good thing in certain areas. You would probably have a good career in publicity: you are convincing and always up on the newest trends. You think, and react, quickly. You know lots of people, but rarely have intimate moments alone with your family or with your partner.

Taurus: Women: On this solid, hard-working, and confident foundation, there is a Gemini influence: critical thinking, absent-mindedness, scathing sarcasm, and intellectual frivolousness. These contradictory traits often clash and can sap your self-confidence a bit, as alive and well as your material ambitions may be. Your usual annoyance doesn't work in your favor: you tend to be scatterbrained. Many like this suffered, in their childhood, from a lack of opportunities, though they had the right ideas.

Men: You have much difficulty keeping up with your projects and staying in touch with those close to you. You don't always reach your goals and are often frustrated by your lack of concrete results. You are a man who is, however, still loved by those close to him for your devotion and sweetness. You are usually there when someone needs you and ask nothing in return.

Leo: Women: You have an indisputable talent for diplomacy, are very skilled at making it out of tough discussions unscathed - how useful! You hardly get attached: you are in your head too muchd and can be accused of lacking emotional involvement, even in love. You are affluent enough for public life: your eloquence and distinction will earn you a popularity that you can take advantage of.

Men: You like company and won't hesitate to take the floor to give your opinion on any occasion. You make a good mediator during conflict and are the first one to listen to someone else's opinion in order to find a solution. You have excellent analytical skills that will afford you great professional success. Your love-life is all over the place. You have trouble settling down and need to be admiration for there to be love.

Libra: Women: Light-hearted and on the move, there is something brilliant inside you. A romantic who quivers at the slightest breeze, you are very sociable, and everyone and everything interest you, but not necessarily for long: you are likable but a little fickle. You tend more to be the one who is seduced rather than fight for someone's love. Moreover, your indecisiveness and fickleness, not to mention laziness and aloofness, can prevent you from growing professionally.

Men: You know tons of people and love exchanging ideas on any topic with others for hours and hours. You're everywhere, always feeling fine and cheery. Your presence is greatly appreciated: thanks to you, no one ever gets bored. You can be accused of being unstable or not serious enough, but your faults will become your strength when the mood is a bit too serious. Your romances are few and far between; it shouldn't be hard to convince you to settle down.

Sagittarius: Women: Your emotional life is often complicated by the fact that you tend to swing from the wildest enthusiasm to the darkest pessimism in one emotion... Your greatest problem is your constant restlessness. By being interested in everything and everyone, you could stray from the path a little. Don't be so aloof in your romantic life. You could come across as fickle when, in actuality, you are just awkward or distracted.

Men: You are constantly on the go and get more or less far. You want to discover everything you don't already know, which is why you can be accused of lacking seriousness or consistency. You are very energetic and always have a million ideas going through your head to be put in action, but you often lack realism or just time. You have to learn how to stabilize yourself if you ever hope to succeed in your romantic life.

Pisces: Women:This mix isn't easy-going or easy to live with. Your emotions and imagination are first filtered through your reason and self-criticism. You know how to listen bring together great intuition and practical sense, but you can come across as superficial when you're being overly sentimental. It is common for people like you to be gifted in sales, craftsmanship, or the arts. Your ascendant puts a little organization into the confusion of your sign and your actions as well.

Men: You can provoke people without even realizing it, and that can get you into some sticky situations, but, most of the time, it's all in good fun. You are usually restless, which means you are always on high alert, making you very good at your job, but it can also tire you and exhaust others. You have to be on the same wavelength as your partner, emotionally as well as intellectually.

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