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The characteristics of the Scorpio ascendant

Whatever sign you may be, Scorpio Ascendant will make you more reserved, mysterious, and picky, but also more resistant and determined to take on new challenges. Impulsive, passionate, and uncompromising, you deeply invest yourself in whatever you undertake and do nothing halfway. You are an extremist who loves or hates without exception. You can often be overly sensitive and take the slightest disagreement and as an attack. You won't hesitate to bite back if someone upsets you or steps on your turf and will never let yourself be taken down. You have character, a sense of responsibility, and you are constantly seeking to outdo yourself. Naturally idealistic, you often grow outside the beaten path and feel the need to escape monotony and to stand out from others. You don't trust easily, don't let others influence you, and take time to analyze, pick things apart, and come to your own understanding before making a commitment.

Ascendant Scorpio, you are governed by Pluto

Plutonians are secretive, deep, exalted, passionate, and sometimes a little obsessive. They have an excellent intuition but can also be impulsive, excessive, suspicious, and very exclusive with who they share their affection with. You have a great need for authenticity in your interactions with others, and you are very picky about who you show your affection to. When it comes to working toward your objectives, you can be tenacious and stubborn, and obstacles urge you on more than they discourage you. You have crazy charm and real charisma that makes people's heads spin, and, at times, leads you to manipulate others into giving you what you want. You don't like it when others stick their noses in your business: you are discreet and possess the strength of character to go through any conversion necessary. Like the Phoenix, you are reborn from your ashes and reconstruct your dreams based on what you already have.

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The 12 signs with Scorpio Ascendant


Women: You run on instinct and seduction, and your intuition will help you very much in reaching your goals. You are a pioneering soul who feels good when they are discovering new things, but that, due to their excessive nature, run the risk of encountering deep animosity.

Men: This is a mix that pushes you to be vigorous and tenacious. You are an active man with a lot of intuition and willpower. No matter what obstacles you run into, you never give up and usually reach your goals. You need to possess the ones you love, and your jealousy can often stop you from thinking clearly. Your energy needs constantly to be focused onto something else so that it doesn't come back to bite you.


Women: It is often said of you that you have a damn fine character! Headstrong, passionate, sensual, and a tad bit manipulative with unfailing endurance, you swing from intense emotion to wild greed, going first through long-term jobs, investments that are sometimes a little shady but always profitable, and romances overflowing with sensuality with a touch of possessiveness or jealousy...

Men:You enjoy the good life and won't deny yourself any of life's pleasures, especially if those you care about join you. You are highly gifted in the areas that you are passionate about and will give all of yourself into your professional life - you're a dedicated worker. In love, you are possessive and jealous at times, but you can also be very comforting and understanding.


Women: Though you are very good in business, thanks to your agility, critical thinking and analytical skills, and killer intuition, you are much less better off when it comes to your love-life. In fact, you will have to learn to let go of your inhibitions yet without overwhelming your partner. You're not usually very easy-going... You are not inclined to making compromises, and this can harm your relationships.

Men: You are a passionate person who loves intellectual exchanges and is drawn to numerous pastimes. You have great ease obtaining what you want, thanks to your various methods, such as seduction. Your sentimental life isn't always simple. In fact, you don't like to reveal yourself or respond to personal questions. You intend on keeping certain events in your life a secret.


Women: Your emotions are intense: you experience joy as great as your sorrow is deep - there is no middle ground in your emotions. You are naturally secretive and distressed, who can be warmed up a bit by a warm, stable, comforting, and understanding partner. Your tenacity should earn you a good career, especially in business. You possess an excellent investment instinct.

Men:You are a rather sensitive man but one who doesn't like to show it. You are gifted at negotiating because you always know just exactly what others want. You are persevering and not afraid of work. You can reach your goals. There are many people who know you well, but you prefer to keep a tight, close-knit circle of friends.


Women: You dream of fame, prestige, recognition. You are prepared to sacrifice many things to succeed where others gave up... Your sensuality is powerful, but, emotionally, you can be a little egotistical, or even domineering. You love looking at yourself in the mirror that is other people. And you have trouble questioning or challenging yourself, instead accusing others for your own weaknesses. but, you are faithful and passionate.

Men: This configuration isn't always easy to get along with. You are quite active and determined, but you often use the wrong strategy to get what you want. You are a little immodest and can be way too insistent at times. You need to impose your will on others to feel alive. In love, you think you know what you want, but you consistently make choices that lead to disappointment.


Women: Your professional and social ambitions are at the center of your concerns. You need engaging, long-term work: you never back down, and this is your greatest strength. You successfully bring together your cerebral, analytic side and your deep, instinctual understanding of what's at stake. Don't let your exceptional clear-headedness, however, make you intolerant or narrow-minded...

Men: You have no trouble coming up with the right strategy to reach your goals. The goals you take on are always achieved even if you have to sacrifice all your time, energy, and money to get there. Most of the time, your feelings stay hidden, and your love-life is usually complicated. You set rules in your relationship to avoid being betrayed. You need someone who will teach you to stand up for yourself.


Women: There is something downright scandalous about you: you alternate between passion and apathy - either way, completely focused on your intense feelings. This is the perfect way to fall prey to masochism in your love-life. You are often drawn to impossible love stories. You are secretive, full contradictions and jealousy that no one can stand. You can transcend this aspect through living an artistic life.

Men: You are drawn to music and art in general, and you are passionate about numerous things that you can take or leave as you please. You can exploit ideas all by yourself or with friends, but, either way, you need results fast. When you know what you want, you can be passionate and convincing and have no trouble finding partners. You don't always say what you think, and your love-life is regularly punctuated with disputes; not that that bothers you too much.


Women: You have a distressed temperament that makes you drawn to situations of crisis. This can make for an intense and rich life but also lead to corruption. Your torrid sensuality makes it hard for you to find partners that are on your level, which can cause you a lot of frustration. You are a dedicated researcher as much at work as in your private life - you won't quit until you've found what you're looking for. This can be to your advantage.

Men: You hide a lot of things and tend to manipulate people for your own sake. Those you regularly rub shoulders with find you captivating, full of spirit and good advice, and it's most likely in your professional life that you are the most skilled. You have a tortured romantic life due to your harmful passions. You will evolve in the right way as long as you can manage to love and be loved by a healthy person.


Women: Underneath your charisma and natural likability hides a sharp intelligence and a reliable instinct that keeps track of the slightest weakness on others' part. You are a fearsome enemy but a loyal friend. A born rebel, a dissenter, and perpetually defiant, you need a hobby and an independent partner! Your astounding energy is focused into passionate bursts of emotion that you put into your intense, frenetic romances... Your life is not all rest and relaxation...

Men: You are dependable, courageous, and passionate, and your actions are guided by a keen instinct for getting what you want. You are a sore loser and get cranky when competitions don't turn in your favor, even if it only happens rarely. In love, you always ask yourself important questions, but you usually get the answers only too late. There is a discrepancy between your desires and certainties.


Women: Underneath your seductive, but often frosty, looks, you hide an ardent and passionate heart and an intense emotional life... You can knock out a big job in time and in even the most difficult situations. Your tenacity is worthy of admiration. You need a partner with an exceptional intuition who can reveal your emotions or deepest thoughts.

Men:In your professional life, you are a formidable competitor and irreplaceable colleague who always gets back up after a defeat. You are ambitious, tenacious, and a fine strategist who discreetly get what they want. You protect your own
passionately, and your household is the sanctuary of your intimate life. You don't intend on mixing your professional and family life. You like to possess your partner and have intense romances.


Women: You come across as a seducer on the prowl: attractive, mysterious, and scandalous. But, you are still highly independent despite your compassionate look. You are overflowing with revolutionary ideas that focus on collective progress as a whole, but you are still rather selfish in your personal relationships. Your rebellious independence doesn't go well with your search for intense, passionate emotions, which could make your emotional life tumultuous at times, but rich nonetheless.

Men: You make your decisions without taking others' opinions into account, even if often say you do. You seem committed to various causes, but if you get nothing out of them, you will drop them in a heartbeat. You can't stand any authority that might try to exert its power over you, yet you are care very much about your friends. In love, you are a passionate, possessive, and somewhat jealous partner, but one that is fun and surprising, nonetheless.


Women: You evolve in your own world of powerful feeling and quickly changing emotions that can just as much inspire you as throw you off kilter. You have your own ideas about morality, justice, and the legitimacy of your actions. You are quite seductive with a dash of mystery and trouble. You build strong bonds with your friends and family, and it is among your family that you seek to add some stability to your momentum.

Men: You have a great sixth sense that allows you to sniff out the good deals and meet wonderful new people. You are like a magnet, capable of attracting, and holding onto, others' attention, which is quite useful in your love-life and professional life. You like to go on and on about deep and diverse matters with your friends or family. Your passion will bring you intense romances, but maturity will bring you long-last love.

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