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The characteristics of the Capricorn ascendant

Whatever sign you may be, Capricorn Ascendant will make you more insightful, rational, and diplomatic but also colder, more bitter and egotistical and less spontaneous. With self-confidence and perseverance, you will go about your merry way, reaching your goals and fulfilling your ambitions. You are clear-headed and don't take risks. You construct your own life slowly but surely. You let your mind and intuition guide you towards the right decisions and down the right path. You need stability in every area of your life and prefer to build with an eye to the long term. With you, there is no room for the unforeseen or for fantasy: you rely on a clear, safe routine. You maintain total control over your feelings and emotions. For these very reasons, you come across as cold and distant to others, but you are simply shy and modest and want to protect yourself.

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Ascendant Capricorn, you are governed by Saturn

Those ruled by Saturn are sober (even somber at times),disciplined, ambitious, and discreet. They can also be pessimistic, anxious, and a little stiff in how they react. You are well aware of what your responsibilities are, whether socially, professionally, or in your family life, and you always insist of giving the best you have to offer without making a ruckus and with great, stoic perseverance. Your charm lies almost totally in your discretion, calm, and faithfulness: you are generally someone who can be trusted. But, you are probably the one who has the least amount of trust in yourself, ironically: the demands you place on yourself are enough to make you miss out on life's little pleasures if you don't become a little more flexible and forgiving towards yourself and more tolerant towards others. Even though, quite often, you prefer solitude, you still have to come out of your cave from time to time if you want a real shot at creating a happy emotional life.

The 12 signs with Capricorn Ascendant


Women: You are reserved with your affection and impulsive in your social and professional ambitions. This makes your emotional life complicated, but offers you bold and organized goals. If you manage to compromise with those close to you, to give a little warmth and tenderness in your emotional relations, and if you take your demands down a notch, you will be able to bring balance to your life in every way.

Men: This is not an easy combination. It makes you shy and unexpressive whereas you need the support of others in whatever you do to reach the goals you've set for yourself. You are a man who needs to have trust in order to share his ideas and actions with another person. You don't find it easy to express your feelings, but that doesn't stop you from being plagued by intense emotion. You must avoid bitter people.


Women: You're a real workhorse, motivated by lofty ambitions along with a desire for long-lasting, tangible, material security. All this means that you are not the most romantic person, and you can be blamed for being cold or petty at times. Your courage and endurance should make for a wonderful career, and, as for love, you will have to lighten up and expand your ideas, making them more tolerant...

Men: You're not the most generous man, but you could very well be the most faithful, thanks to your oh-so rare consistency. You're not afraid of routine or of putting in the work to get what you want: you have the ambition and hope to reach great heights. You aren't the warmest person, but you have a big heart and will never leave behind anyone you love.


Women: You come across and downright cold. At best, you are disillusioned, critical of everything, and always busy putting everything into perspective - even passionate feelings. You have a misanthropic side that will make you miss out on your own happiness if you don't make your criteria about other people a little more flexible, especially in your emotional life... You are good at analyzing, at hard work, and your ambitions ought to carry you towards a good career in general.

Men: You have ambition and do your utmost to attain your goals even if it means forgetting all about what is essential for your well-being. For you, everything comes down to logic and reason. It usually seems like you don't feel much at all since you never use terms of affection. You ought to find a partner that isn't looking for an especially affectionate or generous man, but rather an intelligent and resourceful one.


Women: Your motivations are entirely dependent on who you're around. You can be as distant as you can be warm and inviting depending on who you are talking with, but you often feel misunderstood; the image you give off doesn't always correspond to your true personality, which can be very uncomfortable... You have great tenacity when it comes to your professional ambitions. You seek security and social success and often get it.

Men: You often try to be the best at what you do, but not for vanity's sake, despite how it may come across. You are not always the most open and available person, and certain opportunities could pass you by due to your lack of flexibility. You seek to surround yourself with ingenious and adaptable people who aren't overly persistent. A little light-heartedness is the best remedy for your frustration.


Women: You are robust, firm, resolute, hard-working - but can also be a little distant in relationships. Don't let your ambitions take over your life - your work ethic and dignity could earn you position of responsibility where your efficiency will work wonders. You are so hung up on social success and material security that you could, if you don't watch out, end up being all alone.

Men: You are very ambitious and spend the majority of your time working; your career is hugely important to you. You are honest and serious, and your presence is very often appreciated by your associates or colleagues. You probably don't share enough of your time with your family, and that could hurt you. You have to surround yourself with people with lots of hobbies and who need their freedom.


Women: Seriousness personified! In every area of life, you build rigorously and methodically on sensible, long-lasting bases. You come off as strict and ambitious at times since you are shy, even secretive. Still, your affect is deep and your loyalty unflinching. Your great work ethic will push you into a wonderful career, most likely in a formal setting - you don't like anything too eccentric!

Men: You are discreet, effective, and move with precision. In your professional life, you are consistent and appreciate above all the satisfaction of a job well done. You lack any warmth, but that doesn't stop you from being admired by a good deal of those around you. To get to know you, people need to know what to say, since you're not exactly the loquacious type, but, in love, you are uncomplicated, faithful, and attentive.


Women: You are often torn between your sensitivity and your shyness, your love of others and your powerful personal ambitions. You have the right disposition for sales work: your intuition and common sense work together to make you very convincing. Underneath your apparent coldness hides a burning heart that suffers if it doesn't feel loved by a sensitive, affectionate, and attentive partner.

Men: Your professional life is your biggest preoccupation because it's where you feel the most comfortable. You are good at negotiating and attending conferences and are a valued member of the team, which brings you great satisfaction. You often come across as stern, serious, and reserved, but really, you need warmth and company. You have to be surrounded by enterprising, action-taking people to grow emotionally.


Women: You are the epitome of the smoldering, seductive temptress but are quite shy when it comes to expressing your feelings and can appear secretive or severe. You are very preoccupied with your ambitions, ferociously independent, and devoted to succeeding in life, even if it means being alone... Your demanding nature can make your emotional life difficult as much as it makes your professional life successful.

Men: You are a reserved and distrustful man who desires success in all forms. You come across as being sure of yourself, but really aren't. In fact, it's this doubt that pushes you to outdo yourself in your work. Your mysterious looks make you seductive. You hide your uncertainty well and do everything to control your emotions in public. In love, you don't like to show yourself off, but, in private, you are capable of intense shows of affection.


Women: You seek to make your ideals a concrete, long-lasting reality for the community. You very much intend on making your best ideas a reality and often have a keen business sense. You alternate between impulsiveness and caution, depending on the time and the people around you. In general, you give priority to your professional ambitions. You do your utmost for your family, but only after.

Men: You love having responsibilities, and, in your professional life, you seek an important position. You often neglect your family to dedicate your time to work and have to surround yourself with people who won't hold this against you. Your romantic life can seem a little empty or frustrating to you. You will have to come to a compromise if you want to make it a little more fulfilling.


Women: You are a solitary, but resolute and tough, worker. You have a little trouble communicating and can be shy with strangers. Your ambitions are mixed with a permanent doubt about your abilities, which can push you to constantly outdo yourself socially and professionally. You distrust everything, including feelings, and, though you seek emotional stability in a warm relationship, you will have trouble really believing in it.

Men: You prefer solitude, tranquility, and a routine. You have to constantly outdo yourself to feel certain of your abilities. You're not much of a talker and never describe how you feel. It's like pulling teeth to get to understand you. Your social is restricted because you don't have many friends, but the ones you do have are sincere. It is difficult to seduce you, but if someone manages to, you will remain faithful and responsible.


Women: Underneath your discreet demeanor hides great organizational skills and an iron will that will serve your ambitions well. You have trouble finding a partner due your high standards, but when you do find that special someone, you will be exceptionally faithful. You like calm and serious moods, hate frivolousness, fickleness, and vanity, but that doesn't stop you from having a great, and self-deprecating, sense of humor.

Men: You are a man who is passionate about his work: very rigorous, serious, and efficient; and you come up with goals with an originality that those around you enjoy. You are cautious and respect the rules as they are laid down for everyone's sake. You help those who need you as soon as you have the chance. You prefer to remain alone rather than have a bad relationship, but you won't hesitate to make a commitment when you find that special someone.


Women: You are constantly worried and lack confidence in your skills. Moreover, you have trouble realizing your full potential. You often keep your thoughts to yourself but have trouble feeling fulfilled without having an agenda or feeling guilty and silencing your inner killjoy. If you receive real help, you can commit seriously in a relationship and even be stable and faithful.

Men: You are a man who usually needs to be alone to recharge. You don't like to stand out and act discreetly but efficiently in your professional life, which earns you the appreciation of your colleagues and bosses. Your cautious nature prevents you from being able to express your feelings, and you have to feel trusted and secure before you can share what you think. You can confide in your loves ones when you are in a good mood and when your love is true.

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