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Characteristics of the Taurus ascendant

Whatever sign you may be, Taurus Ascendant will strengthen your common sense and determination, enabling you to keep your feet on the ground and give a solid structure to your daily life. But, it can also make you stubborn, quick to anger, possessive, and a little egotistical. You are very patient and always take time to think before acting, and your obstinance generally pays off in the end. No matter the area or domain, you are serious and dependable in reaching the goal you've set for yourself. To be fulfilled, you have a fundamental need for emotional and material safety and comfort. You are attached to strong values and your habits. In life, you will opt for a familiar and comforting routine. You enjoy the good things in life, too, and relish in life's simple pleasures as much as good food. As for romance, you hide a romantic and sensitive soul behind a tough fa├žade. But, you are very demanding and can burst into a wild rage if you feel emotionally threatened.

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Ascendant Taurus, you are governed by Venus

"Venusians" are characterized by their sweetness, sensuality, taste for beauty, comfort, well-being... and love! But, these magnificent traits are mixed in with indolence and gluttony, which can lead them to be lazy, even slothful, overindulge in an unhealthy manner, or to be jealous and possessive; they have a deep desire that nothing change, though real life is nothing but permanent change. This Ascendant is a real perk in the game of seduction: it makes you attractive and want to pamper yourself, but also encourages you to go with the flow and avoid confrontation even if it could help you move forward. You will have to beware your tendency to seek comfort and the good life first, but rather force yourself to take the initiative that must be taken to ensure your own personal growth.

The 12 signs with Taurus Ascendant


Women: Your energy and greed are the main drive for anything you do. You can make up for your excessive desires with your uncommon ability for hard work and your excellent physical stamina. Your emotional life might be a little hectic as you are no good at compromising, can be willful, exclusive, or jealous, and that's not even taking into account your bouts of love-at-first-sight that sometimes only last one night...

Men: You are torn between numerous desires and lack the resources you need. You are obstinate, but desperation isn't necessarily the best way to reach your goals. You have to learn how to change course and reach your goals by roundabout means. You are dynamic and organized enough to put in motion, and complete, great things. You often have turbulent romances that can often lead to comical situations.


Women: You are a nature-lover: sensual, warm, faithful, tenacious, and realistic, but also materialistic, stubborn, jealous, and possessive. You tend to seize hold of people as much as things and will have to work on being a little more flexible - your rigidness can cause problems. You are a workhorse that always sees their projects through, no matter how much time or energy it'll take...

Men: You are an uncompromising man who isn't attracted with trickery or smoke and mirrors. You do everything you can to make your ideas a reality and, most of the time, you succeed in reaching the goals you've set for yourself. This can lead to slowness and closed-mindedness on your part. You can be jealous or overly possessive with your material goods as well as with those that are close to you.


Women: What makes you shine is your practical-mindedness, keen sense of reality, and your excellent manual and handcrafting skills in general. Still, you are handicapped by your instability and lack of perspective about what happens to you. You tend to jump to conclusions in love as much as in love, which leaves you open to disillusionment if you don't use your head enough...

Men: You are a man who has more than one trick up his sleeve. Gifted in hands-on professions, you are often get by pretty well, but you can also come across obstacles that you have no idea how to get past. You are very outgoing and always meet new people, which leads to new opportunities. Your sentimental life is tumultuous; you will only mature with age.


Women: You are simple, warm, and very attached to your home, your roots, your heritage. You have a healthy appetite and are very sensual, but have a little trouble getting used to upheaval, which you are not accustomed to. You like a smooth, steady routine, without any surprises. You are gifted at managing your assets and put your family first, though you are generous with everyone.

Men: You are a sensitive and just man who dedicates himself to his family and throws himself into enhancing his heritage. You are fascinated by the natural beauty in things, without embellishment. You are used to a routine that suits you, and surprises always make you a little uncomfortable. You are thrifty but generous, too. You love to please and feel loved by those close to you.


Women: You have a personality that some could describe as overpowering, with a great sense of pride and tremendous persistence. You possess great determination that is useful in pursuing your long-term goals, but you often have trouble adapting to other people. You are to sensitive to appearance, which can earn you a little disappointment and unleash destructive passion...

Men: This is a mix that lacks flexibility. You are a confident, stable man who manages his affairs impressively. You are materialistic, seek to acquire pretty things, and, in your professional life, hope to gain a prestigious status. In your emotional life, you can be possessive or domineering when times are bad and warm or enthusiastic when things are good.


Women: You are a real workhorse. It is in the responsibilities of everyday, far from the spotlight, that you will gain fulfillment. Your obstinacy will pay off in the long term in every way. Your ascendant brings you warmth and sensuality. You need a partner that's on the move, that will show you new possibilities, far off the beaten path. He will enchant you if he is faithful.

Men: You are a tireless worker who seeks long-term security. You can often appear insensitive, but those who stick around a while will realize that you can also be warm and understanding. You truly appreciate nature and uncomplicated relationships with others. You need time to really love, but it's always long-term if you do. You need sincerity and stability.


Women: Above all, you are an artist, and hopefully you will find a way to express your talents as your energy is starting to wane. You aim to please and to make your love-life more stable. You dream of someone who is the perfect mix of beauty and tenderness. Your main preoccupation in life is seeking pleasure, whether in food, art, or sensuality... You can come off as superficial or fickle at times...

Men: You like making the mood peaceful and harmonious, and your relationships are often pleasant, even if they are short-lived. You love to indulge in all of life's pleasures with those close to you, and you have no trouble putting others at ease. You have the talent to create stupendous things or to enhance what's already there. You need balance in your romantic life, and so you are sure to take your time settling down.


Women: You are extremely exclusive whether it's in your dealings, with your affection, or even with your ideas. Your somewhat animalistic sensuality makes you very seductive. Your business sense can be quite enriching, but you will always suffer from a permanent sense of dissatisfaction. You need a partner that's on your level: sensual, open, tolerant, and affectionate. On this one condition, you will be able to relax and let yourself be loved and enjoy complete fulfillment.

Men: This mix limits your relations with others. You like to possess people and things, which often leads to conflict. Your powers of seduction are your best bet for getting what you want: it is rare for anyone to be able to resist you. You have a certain sixth sense with how you do things: you're often at the right place at the right time. You have to learn to manage your jealousy and domineering sides if you don't want to ruin the mood in your couple's life.


Women: You are a little greedy but oh-so kind towards everyone! Your household is a place full of friends and good humor. Your positive view of things brings you a lot of luck in your undertakings thanks to your unabashed pursuit of success. You like Nature and simple pleasures. You have a very sociable temperament that opens many doors to you. Your energy and perseverance do the rest.

Men: You are always in a good mood in public. Dynamic and enterprising, you take pleasure giving advice, and sharing your knowledge with those who will listen. Drawn to nature, cooking, and cultural happenings, you enjoy life shamelessly, which
works for you. You have sincere and long-lasting friendships and romances, but you usually overdo it with your shows of emotion, which you will have to keep in check.


Women: You are unwavering in leading your own life and pursuing your goals. You organize, and carefully structure, your professional and family life. It is through material gains that you will see proof of your success and will gain a feeling of security from it. Your love-life is often set back, but, when you do make a commitment, it will be under the influence of deep and long-last feelings.

Men: You are very down to earth. Your life runs on a schedule, and you are not especially interested in anything new You apply yourself diligently, are perseverant, and have long days. You are thrifty and feel most at ease when your financial situation is secure. Your romantic life is calm, and in the same way, you need a stable partner who loves sharing the comfort of home.


Women: You are all at once lacking nuance, unobliging, unable to adapt, but also fair and realistic in your views on people and situations. Your sensuality and healthy appetite for pleasure can bring you great satisfaction in your friendships or romantic life. You would make an excellent lawyer: you are determined to scrupulously lay bare others' reasoning, motives, and methods. You work courageously and with perseverance.

Men: You are frank, direct, and like to be materially secure, but would like to detach yourself from it. You often seek to prove to others that they're wrong on various subjects, which can be a good thing for you if you can manage to make a career out of it. You are tough and determined once you get down to work. Those just showing up in your emotional life don't always understand your need for change mixed in with your desire for stability.


Women: You are an angel descended from heaven: sweet, attentive, warm, compassionate, and devoted. You dream of solving all the world's problems and curing all its ills. You tend to worry about the most impoverished and weakest among us first, seeking out practical and common sense solutions to their problems. Your intuition will help you find the ideal partner, the one that will understand, support, and stand up for you as you move forward.

Men: This mix makes you hyperactive, but oh-so attractive. You are kind, generous, and warm-hearted with those you are close to. You're totally the type to work in humanitarian works. You are person with a healthy dose of intuition and common sense, which makes you very useful. You are looking for a comfortable and peaceful romantic life and are a true romantic with lots of charm.

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