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Characteristics of the Sagittarius ascendant

Whatever your sign may be, Sagittarius Ascendant makes you more energetic, resolute, courageous, outgoing, understanding, and devoted. Enthusiastic, warm, and spontaneous, you always look on the bright side of life and enjoy all the pleasure it has to offer. You need for recognition, to discover new things pushes you to outdo yourself, to do multiple things at the same time, and to come up with more and more projects. You can't stand routine, need change, can't stand still, and are always ready to take action. Still, you have no sense of moderation and lack concrete ambition at time. Your lust for life is contagious. With you, everything is easy: you don't like complicated situations and feel totally at ease in any situation. In love as in friendship, you are loyal and sincere about how you feel. You like to make yourself useful and to cultivate stimulating relationships.

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Ascendant Sagittarius, you are governed by Jupiter

Those ruled by Jupiter are open, frank, enthusiastic, and enterprising. They're fighters who aren't afraid of anything, who enjoy life's pleasures simply and in moderation, and who give their all in whatever they do. You are expressive and a bit of a goofball, and you bring optimism to any situation you find yourself in, but you lack critical thinking skills at times, get carried away a little too easily, and often neglect details, which can harm your endeavors and cause them to be unsuccessful. Still, you possess excellent intellectual potential and can become highly proficient in any skill if you manage to keep in check your excessive enthusiasm that can, famously, push you into acting recklessly. But, in general, your nearly childish charm, your refreshing spirit, kindness, and tolerance towards anyone and everyone will keep you popular and destine you for a wonderful career.

The 12 signs with Sagittarius Ascendant


Women: A double fire sign, you are overflowing with energy and candor. Though your optimism and drive might thrill your loved ones, you can also wear others out with your aloofness, excess, and by constantly forgetting to really think before you act! Still, your generosity makes your popular and your good faith can bring you success if you manage to learn at least a little self-discipline.

Men: You are an extremely energetic man who is always open, honest, and truly interested in numerous subjects. But, you lack the discipline to make things perfect. Unfortunately, you aren't very organized, are often too hasty or impatient ,and have trouble concentrating for long. You are generous and spontaneous. You should look for people that are sincere to help you be completely fulfilled in your sentimental life.


Women: You are a child-woman who is enthusiastic and curious about anything and who has faults that are just as childish: a certain aloofness and a lack of tenacity or patience. You are, in general, popular, healthy, open, and broad-minded. Your life is a little disjointed, split between travel, home, and fun. It will probably be difficult to tie you down emotionally, but you will never be alone...

Men: You are a forthright and sincere person who likes nature and simplicity but often have trouble telling the difference between reality and your desires for greatness. You will travel to see what the world has to offer you but will still be happy to come home to your own people. You will only be able to share your life with another person if they are able to understand you.


Women: Full of contradictions, you glide merrily through life, much to the shock of those around you, unaware of your chronic anxiety. You use get-aways, vacations, whether literally or figuratively, to expand your field of sight, but there is still a good amount of instability within you. You want everything and its opposite: you can't stand solitude nor the restrictions inherent in living together with someone else.

Men: You have a dynamic presence and always have a positive viewpoint to lend to any situation. You love to travel, make new discoveries, and you are truly interested in people's lives, in the beauty in objects and countrysides. Your jam-packed days won't let you get hung up for too long on anxiety problems that sometimes overwhelm you. Your contradicting thoughts are always there and often have a harmful effect on your romantic life.


Women: You manage to mix fantasy and actual voyages, which makes you particularly open and adaptable - a real asset in life! You are exceptionally hospitable, very natural, without formality, but much warmth and good food. You adapt a little too well to your environment at times, which can make for a somewhat disorganized and hectic sentimental life, despite your best intuition.

Men:You are predestined to be an inventor or storyteller full of passionate tales that thrill those around you. You like to travel very much, but you love your cherished home, as well. Your imagination is abundant, but your naivety is even more so, which is why you must be a little more distrusting. Your emotional life will remain satisfying as long as you stick with sincere people who won't abuse your goodwill.


Women: You are always on the quest for a noble cause to stand up for. You are unable to put up with any kind of mediocrity. Your attention to looks can be overindulgent, which can be forgiven thanks to your generosity. You are capable of any undertaking: your energy is contagious, your ambitions lofty, and your goodwill uncompromising.

Men: You are always in shape and have great, big plans. You need the time, and means, to make them a reality, but it's well worthwhile. You are interested in people who really throw themselves into what they do, can't stand injustice, and love
originality. You are extremely warm and very preoccupied with your emotional life that you want to dazzle as much as possible.


Women: You are likable, always smiling, loving towards everyone, attentive, kind; all this makes you popular and hard to miss. You dream of grand nature, far-away adventure all while staying happy with your peaceful little routine, which, deep down, is a perfect fit for you. You have to learn how to decide, to make choices based on your own interests since your naiveté makes you easy prey for the sharks out there...

Men: You are nice and very much appreciated by those close to you. Your presence motivates, but your methods aren't always fitting. You are rather efficient in your daily routine, but quickly change your tune once you start following a new idea of greatness. You need stability in your emotional life , but you won't hesitate to take off on an adventure with your lover if you feel trusted and safe.


Women: Everyone likes you: you are nice, open to other cultures and ideas, diplomatic, and tolerant. You have a hard time putting up with difficult situations and seek to avoid the usual difficulties, which can prevent you from moving forward. It is by sharing with others that you are most likely to find fulfillment, whether by partying, joining an NGO, or collaborative work.

Men: You are a man with an open mind. Drawn to travel and discovering new cultures, you would make an excellent diplomat. You aren't used to routine and prefer the unknown and surprises. You have the most fun surrounded by crowds of people. You can faithful in love, even if you're not always there, but whatever you do, don't feel like you're tied down.


Women: You are full of life and drive! Your creative force makes you idealistic and combative but not always moderate in your demands. You can do great things thanks to your confidence in yourself and in your abilities, to the point that you might seem aloof to advice. "Let those who love me follow me" is your motto. You don't realize that not necessarily everyone shares your considerable energy.

Men: You are an adventurer full of energy who needs newness and novelty to feel alive. You set lofty goals for yourself. In your professional life, you like to really outdo yourself, and others, and are stimulated by competition. You are drawn to the exotic, to unexpected meetings, and you can be quite faithful as long as you aren't stuck in a frightening routine.


Women: You are uncompromising, without either hypocrisy or nuance: spontaneous, sincere, honest, and active, preferably for the right cause. Your generosity, tinted with naivety, makes you easy to exploit... You are, however, fundamentally independent, drawn to new places, abroad, or to in-depth study of serious matters. Your enthusiasm and contagious energy bring you much luck as much in your emotional life as in your professional life.

Men: You are fascinated by travel, the exotic and unknown, and this guides you in your choices and desires. You are very energetic and never get bored. Your honesty is faultless, and so is your respect for traditions. You need to be constantly surrounded by people, and this is why you are likely to have a big family and lots of friends. Your romances are diverse and varied, but you stick around if you are in love.


Women: You are split between the usual conformism and yearnings for autonomy, independence, or freedoms that are hard to reconcile in certain areas, such as love... You are loyal and fair all while holding lofty ambitions which your pursue enthusiastically but with common sense. You sometimes feel frustrated by the demands, constraints, and responsibilities that adult life brings with it, but you know how to remain stoic.

Men: You are very persevering when it comes to standing up for your interests or your loved ones'. You have a sense of justice and responsibility. You are serious in your professional life but get frustrated when results aren't as fantastic as you had expected. You are impulsive at times in your romantic life, which can drive you to make mistakes that end up showing you what you need.


Women: You are always seeking to do better and have trouble putting discipline into your own unique way of doing things. You are sincere even in your wildest eccentricities, and your enthusiasm moves those close to your along a path towards greater growth and knowledge. You need novelty or else, as independent as you are, you could be crushed by the daily grind. Choosing a career could be difficult.

Men: You constantly need new things in your daily life. You don't think like other people, and that often helps you find solutions or opportunities where others didn't even think to look. Constraints, rules, and obligations send you running, or prevent you from reaching the fulfillment you intended. In love, you need, change, too, and will choose a person who has a lot to offer you.


Women: You wander through life on a quest for the uncommon, the exotic and new, and for enriching relationships with others. You desire a carefree life and aren't exactly cut out for a long-lasting and profitable career. But, that barely bothers you at all - you're quite detached from the material world anyway. You are great at adapting and please everybody with your gentleness and authentic kindness.

Men: In your work, you are unstable, disorganized, and not really ambitious. Your professional life is rarely ever satisfying, but you get along well enough with your coworkers. It is your social life that will bring you the greatest satisfaction. You will have no trouble meeting nice and interesting people. In love, you most likely need a lot of time to find the exoticism and security you've been looking for, and you often have conflicting desires.

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