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The characteristics of the Pisces ascendant

Whatever your sign may be, Pisces Ascendant means you are sensitive, sentimental, creative, and empathetic, but can also make you more anxious, irrational, and less sure of yourself. Sensitive and hyperemotional, you tend to take the weight of the world on your shoulders and can't stand to see others suffer. Compassionate and generous, you are always reading to lend a helping hand and to come to the rescue of those in need. You are also always ready to invest yourself, but don't quite know how to go about it as you have trouble managing your emotions, facing up to reality, and handling daily life. You are on a constant search of the absolute, the ideal, and you dream of a better world. You need to feel loved and appreciated in order to move forward. You are highly critical of yourself and the slightest upset can manifest itself physically. You vacillate between the desire to run away and the desire to fulfill yourself.

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Ascendant Pisces, you are governed by Neptune

Neptunians are overly sensitive, sentimental, and very emotional dreamers and idealists. They can also be dependent, irrational, and psychologically fragile. You have a hard time facing up to reality, which, to you, seems dull, bland, or too harsh, and will retreat into your own little fantastical dream world made of unattainable ideals as soon as possible. You are dependent on your environment and relations with others, and you often have trouble taking initiative. You don't like competition and yearn for a world of tolerance, kindness, and understanding. Your charm lies in your romanticism, sweetness, and extraordinary ability to adapt, which makes people of all background and cultures accept you. You have a great need for tenderness and have to really make an effort to hold onto your autonomy as your desire for compatibility, for becoming one with your lover, can lead to great disillusionment in love due to your unrealistic ideals.

The 12 signs with Pisces Ascendant


Women: Your personality is complex, split between your natural egotism and inexpressible humanistic desire. In love, you need equal parts romance and independence, which can be a real problem if you wish to start a family... You are not always clear in your choices since you often have trouble pinning down exactly what you want out of life. You can, however, manage and magnify your passions with some sort of artistic activity.

Men: You are a man that is hard to follow. Your shifting moods prevent you from following through on your goals. You need a kind and understanding group of frirends to feel truly fulfilled. Your ability to escape from the real world is an asset or a setback depending on the situation and something you have trouble keeping under control. You can be an attentive and warm, but also angry and restless, partner.


Women: You are sweet, kind, and helpful, but, for all that, you are not weak. You know perfectly well what you want, and your sense of comfort and pleasure motivate you to come up with a comfy routine that offers you the chance to devote yourself, feel useful, or else you may become depressed or feel useless. In love, your sensuality makes you attractive, but your generosity can be easily abused.

Men: You are a man who loves to have people over in the comfort of his own home and enjoy all of life's pleasures. You are attentive and able to put yourself to good use comforting those who are down in the dumps. You are gifted in the arts, so don't hesitate to express your skills. You need to express your feelings and share a relationship where you can melt together with your partner.


Women: You are very adaptable, to the point at times that you can even lose your true identity. You plant yourself sensitively in your world. You have trouble staying in touch with the present moment and putting up with life's hard truths... You need a solid and affectionate group of friends. Beware of trusting too quickly and to just anybody. An artistic activity would suit you best...

Men: You are a man adapts very well to his environment and are very much appreciated in society despite your tendencies to make fun or criticize. Your mood depends on who's around you most of the time, and this is why you have to have good people as company to feel good. You have trouble seeing concrete goals through to the end due to your unrealistic expectations. You badly lack a sense of organization.


Women: Your life is based on feelings, affection, and attachment. You are capable of doing much more for others than for yourself! You are very sensitive to moods, and hostility, even vague, can literally make you sick. You seek someone strong. You can accept life's misfortunes if you are in good company. You have faith in life and in humanity.

Men: You appreciate sweetness and tranquility, and you loathe violence in any form. You make great sacrifices for those that you love, and you mainly invest yourself in projects that boost your morale. You're not always really clear in what you say and have a little trouble staying in the real world, but your intuition will probably push you to stay away from what might cause you harm.


Women:You are always worried, preoccupied with what others think of you, uncomfortable with how you come off at all times. You have trouble seeing through emotions: either your own or others', and so there is potential room for error... You need a clear-headed and highly stable partner to guide you and enable you to express your good qualities in a positive way.

Men: You possess indisputable artistic talent, which will help you release the tension that builds up from your lack of confidence. You have a varied professional life that allows you to constantly discover new interests. You are generous to everybody, but you mainly only share your feelings with those you love very much. You lack the foresight somewhat to make this mix more peaceful, harmonious.


Women: You are totally lost in your imagination, far away from reality. You are often anxious or a little shy and very dependent on your environment. It is by serving others that you are most likely to find fulfillment, or else in social, medical, or paramedical professions. You lack the aggression and strength to stand up for yourself. You seek a partner that is sturdy physically and morally, who is able to protect you.

Men: You are a fragile person who has trouble remaining in the real world and who needs to be surrounded by strong and kind people. You mood swings are difficult to understand, but you have a good instinct that can come in handy in many cases since you also don't hesitate to give your all. In love, you need someone who won't take advantage of your devotion and who will give you the bond and affection you need.


Women: Underneath your nonchalant airs and easy-going appearance, you hide a deep sensitivity that is attentive to the mood and to others' opinions. You lack aggression in the face of life's challenges, so you should find someone strong and comforting to share your life with. You console yourself over life's brutality inside your colorful imagination, your own little world of fairness and beauty, surrounded by good company. Luxury, calmness, pleasure...

Men: You are a fragile person, full of kindness and understanding. You aren't the most active or determined person, but you look out for others and know when they need help. You lack a real sense of realism, but your imagination can be channeled into some sort of creative project. You need a strong, energetic, and determined partner to make you feel secure in your romantic life.


Women: Your well-being depends above all on your relationships with your loved ones. You are emotionally fragile, tend to live in your old, protective world, all while looking at the world with mistrust, worry, and a lot of intuition... Behind your discretion lies an immense, quickly upset, pride that doesn't make interaction with others any easier. Learn to put things in perspective and to trust. To life, to others, and, above all, to you!

Men: This mix means lots of instinct, which will turn out to be handy in making decisions. You understand people really well and would probably make a good doctor, yet you are also very sensitive and can't stand seeing suffering in other people. You might also be interested in art in all its forms. When you are in love, you devote yourself wholeheartedly to your partner.


Women: You show goodwill but are often confused, distracted, awkward, or thoughtless - when you're not trying to run from one dependence to the other... You have trouble holding onto a job, but will certainly find others with shocking ease. In fact, you attract luck. You are likely to lead a tumultuous but very romantic love-life. Stability isn't always a given, but you make the best out of things anyway.

Men: Your initiatives usually drowned out by your pointless daydreaming. You have a lot of trouble getting your thoughts in order no matter how much you want to. You have, and cling to, a specific framework in which you conduct your personal life and without which you feel lost. Your love-life is as mixed in who you meet as it is in how you feel since you let your partner guide your emotions.


Women: Feet on the ground but your head in the air: you have a little trouble getting your daily life organized and easily start to feel guilty. You need protection and security to move forward in life. Your humility and devotion can bring you great support, however. Every once in a while, you need to shake yourself up to break out of your sense of torpor maintained by your daydreaming and morose rumination.

Men: You seriously lack self-confidence, which is too bad, because you are highly capable of reaching great heights. You are a hard worker without equal who understands the human mind, and how it works, very well. You can help others get to know themselves better your indulgent nature and kindness. When you are in love, you will fuse emotionally with your partner and will be comforting and attentive.


Women: You look like you're drifting through life as if in a dream, in your own quixotic little world, far removed from material concerns. Any sort of routine will suit you, provided it is peaceful. You hate noise, rage, and violence and are constantly on the search for complete and total harmony. Your utopian tendencies and attraction to the spiritual world can make lackadaisical, even lazy, once it comes time to get down to work.

Men: You adapt very well to anything, but you don't always feel like it. You have dreams, which you have trouble making a reality because you can often be idealistic. You are calm and devoted, but not overly insistent. You have to feel comfortable before you can reveal your greatest talents. Forming alliances with realistic people will be good for you. In love as well, you need a clear-headed and warm person to remind you how important your responsibilities are.


Women: Here is a relatively rare combination, at least for the northern hemisphere. You often feel misunderstood: your ever-changing inner world is not accessible to everyone... If you don't find a person or a cause that you can meld with, you will be hounded by the temptation to run off to an artificial paradise or anywhere really. It is in the ethereal world of art or in a spiritual, even mystical life, that you will find balance.

Men: This is a combination that makes you enigmatic and mysterious: no one ever knows what you're thinking, and you often let your mind wander in your various daydreams. You are a calm and understanding man who knows very well how to put himself in other people's shoes and who would be a valued member of a hospital team. You will have no trouble finding poeple who wish to share a romantic life with you, but you won't bond as completely as you wish with them.


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