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Aries Ascendant / Aries Rising Sign

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The characteristics of the Aries ascendant:

Whatever sign you may be, Aries Ascendant will make you enterprising, lively, joyous, daring, sociable, and courageous, but also impatient, nervous, and impulsive. You are ambitious, curious, and quick-witted. Even if it means taking a risk or two, you often act on impulse and forge full-speed ahead. When faced with obstacles or failure, you always have a plan for bouncing back and starting over better off. You loathe routine and always have new ideas for moving forward or spicing up your daily life. No matter the area or domain, you have trouble following the rules. You need to move, to go off the beaten path, and, in love, to be blown away. Your courage enables you to take initiative, to take the plunge, but your impatience can often prevent you from seeing your plans through: if things don't happen quick enough for you, you might just give up halfway so that you can move onto something else.

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Ascendant Aries, you are governed by Mars

So-called "Martians" are characterized by their ardor, an often impulsive drive, and their boldness and initiative. But, on the flip side, they can also be egotistical, impatient, intolerant, and prone to excess. This is an Ascendant that prepares you for confrontation, combat, and conquest rather than diplomacy or detail. You chafe under constraints or rules and especially any sort of authority that doesn't see things your way. Your goodwill can quite quickly turn into open rebellion - but you're not one to hold a grudge: you don't have the time! This permanent openness to whatever happens allows you to take advantage of many opportunities in life. All you need to do now is have a little discipline to see through the bold endeavors you embark fearlessly, but recklessly, on... Physical activity is absolutely indispensable for you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Exercise releases tension and keeps your energy up.

The 12 signs with Aries Ascendant


Women: An erupting volcano! You are hyperactive, relentless, willful, and fundamentally rebellious against any constraints. Your prime need is to express your vitality and any excess or impulsiveness that comes with it. You will have to watch out for your frankness, which, without at least a little tact, can lead to deep and long-last animosity... Your strength lies in your boldness and ability to constantly outdo yourself.

Men: An explosive mix! Always on the go, you are capable of moving mountains. You need to get rid of your excess energy in some sort of intense activity but must avoid imposing this combativeness on those around you. Keep seizing any opportunity that comes your way and giving the most of yourself in any situation. Nevertheless, you still have a lot of work to do to learn patience.


Women: You are one of the most obstinate combinations in the zodiac: your already stubborn Taurean temperament will double down on Aries' strong-willed spirit, which can make for an inflexible duo. This mix gives you a nose for a good deal and the motivation to be constantly seeking material comfort. In love, you are often jealous and exclusive, even to the point of suffocating your partner...

Men: You are a man with values. You will do anything to obtain your objectives without being afraid to impose your personality if need be. You are terribly obstinate and don't give in in the face of opposition. You can be very generous and kind with those close to you. You need a partner who can agree to be exclusive and who appreciates the warmth of a traditional household.


Women: You are one of the most fast-moving combinations in the zodiac: quick, nimble, clever, headstrong, and opportunistic, you have everything you need to hit your mark and move forward in life. But, you do tend to spread yourself to thin and are too critical. To attain long-lasting achievements, you will have to gain self-discipline. In the same way, though your charm often does the trick in your love-life, your instability puts you at a disadvantage...

Men: You are optimistic and headstrong, and your support can be quite enriching despite your lack of dependability. You have ingenious ideas for making your everyday life all the more practical. Still, you often jump from one thing to another which can get on some people's nerves. You probably ask yourself a lot of questions about your sentimental life. You should try to answer them without overwhelming yourself.


Women: You are full of contradictions: shy but impulsive, energetic yet nonchalant, headstrong yet dependent and a little too sensitive. You're not very easy-going, then, as you are extremely emotionally needy and impatient - so be more flexible! You will have a little trouble finding the right path professionally. You have a certain aggression that could be transformed positively: sales, perhaps?

Men: This combination isn't all rest and relaxation; you overdo on many occasions. You have trouble bringing together consistency and efficiency. Your touchiness can prevent you from enjoying harmonious relationships with those around you. You have to learn to observe other people to find out what you like and don't like. In love, you are devoted and sincere. This is where you can express your emotions the easiest.


Women: You stand out with your energy uncommon ardor. Moreover, you have strong talents as a leader or organizer. You are capable of anything if it's to defend an idea or to reach your goals, but your ambitions are always honest and loyal. Keep an eye on your moodiness and your pride in your emotional life. You don't indulge the weak or mediocre.

Men: You are aggressive, enterprising, dynamic, and positive. You can be a little authoritarian, domineering, or prideful at times, but you remain loyal under any circumstances. You are drawn to grand performances and the beauty of luxurious items. You are rather inflexible in your emotional life, and that can prevent you from discovering a real, hidden beauty. You also have a lot of trouble putting yourself in others' shoes.


Women: You are torn between being totally spontaneous and highly cautious, which makes you anxious or aggressive when you feel out of your depth. You need to put your energy to good use in engaging work or else it could turn into restlessness and dissatisfaction. Your critical side can prevent you from expressing your feelings in a positive way at times except with those who are patient and motivated enough to try to understand you.

Men: Your faults and your good qualities are constantly in conflict: you are distrustful, yet take risks; you think calmly but always seem agitated; being around you isn't always easy. When you take part in something, in a well-structured environment, you can learn very quickly. You rarely show how much you love, and this makes your emotional life rather complicated. You have to learn to avoid criticizing in certain situations.


Women: Your partner is your entire world. You only live through your affection and possess a deep desire to get married. This means that it is easy to seduce you since you are impulsive when it comes to making choices and teeter between indecisiveness and rushing into things. In any case, this is just asking for mistakes. But, you have a hard time living alone and need others to feel alive, which means that your work, too, depends a lot on who you're working with.

Men: You are often in a good mood and like to charm those around you. You quite energetic and manage to create a pleasant atmosphere just by showing up. That being said, you do lack discipline and reliability, and you can also quite regularly give up on goals. In your emotional life, you change your mind like you change your clothes, and you usually need others' advice to make decisions.


Women: You have a damn fine character! Problems motivate you, obstacles make you even more passionate - deep down in your soul, you are a true warrior. You live through your intense passions, and everything will be fine as long as they fulfill you and push you forward, or else you could turn destructive. You should channel your great creative powers into a concrete goal. This is the best solution for your romantic life and the most profitable professionally.

Men: You are passionate and tenacious, but you can also be a little over-the-top at times. You are very active, love meeting new people, and only feel good if your day was jam-packed and constructive. When you are satisfied in your emotional life, you can be warm, faithful, and positive, but otherwise you can become manipulative and egotistical. You take yourself too seriously.


Women: You can't put up with any injustice and have big ideas. Your enthusiasm is sincere and genuine, which makes you very charming. An adventurer, pioneer, and conqueror, you are the essence of a challenge, but without the aggression, mixed with a contagious enthusiasm. You're not complicated when it comes to love: having a partner matches well with your romantic feelings without a problem, and you are rather easy-going.

Men: You are an explosive one! You are very motivated, lack no boldness, and you usually have big ideas, which you have trouble seeing through. People still love you, even though you can be a little tiring at times. In love, you are fickle, and often act immature, but this is what makes you so charming, too.


Women: You are neither very affable or very warm, but your professional conscience and unflinching faithfulness are great qualities to have. First and foremost, you care about your interests, which you are trying to profit from with your unique energy and hard work. Your love-life could be a little bleak if not punctuated by unromantic, but sometimes intense and short-lived flings.

Men: You are discreet and efficient and throw yourself into dependable plans with little optimism but a lot of drive. You need to see it to believe it and have a hard time putting up with immoral behavior. Nevertheless, working with a group of reckless people might be good for you. You emotional life could be difficult. You don't relax easily and often seem like you're in a bad mood. You have to find a cheery and enterprising person.


Women: Your original, but loyal, spontaneous, and dynamic character garner you much sympathy. Moreover, you are whisked away by your lofty ideals and sometimes thrilling objectives. Your intense spirit of independence often pushes you to excess or outrageous behavior beyond hope of compromise. If you have the luck to stumble across the right partner, as free and eccentric as you are, your fiery attitude will delight and stimulate them.

Men: You are outgoing, energetic, and come up with excellent goals to reach and with people who are as autonomous and original as you are. You are attracted to speed, power, extreme sports, and in your professional life, you are fast, efficient, and enterprising. You can't stand being bored, and so you will need an entertaining partner who won't make your life as a couple monotonous.


Women: You are regularly torn between your daydreaming nature and your impulsive desire. You freely mix idealism with whimsy and often have complex, convoluted romances, often confusing matters worse, and so need a tenacious and adaptable partner. You will be fulfilled in some sort of business activity or in the medical field somewhere. You like to devote yourself through concrete action and take care of your own with great sincerity.

Men: You are a person who tends to take risks without weighing the pros and cons, and, at times, that can pay off in the end. Other times, you have to deal with consequences that are totally beyond you. Fortunately, you have great intuition. Though you are motivated, you lack discipline and tenacity in your professional life. Your love-life is varied, and so you will need a person with some personality that you can start a home with.

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