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The characteristics of the Aquarius ascendant:

Whatever sign you may be, Aquarius Ascendant will make you kind, sympathetic, lovable and endow you, too, with a quick, creative, innovative, and independent mind. You are original, run on instinct, and are usually far ahead of the others. You have much imagination and generally grow best off the beaten path. You give no importance to what others think of you. You like your freedom and intend on living how you want. You have the knack of doing nothing like anyone else does it and making yourself stand out from the rest. You like to invent and test out new things. You anti-conformist side prevents you, however, from fitting in with others, getting used to new circumstances, or evolving socially. Positive and optimistic, you are always ready to help out your friends and those close to you with your advice and practical solutions.

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Ascendant Aquarius, you are governed by Uranus

Those who are ruled by Uranus are independent, friendly, and a little eccentric at times. They can also be stubborn, arrogant, and rebellious. Your close friends and family can find you rather unpredictable, and you enjoy living your life exactly as you see fit, without others' advice or warning or even a plan! Still, your logical mind and inventiveness can get you out of a sticky situation. Your charm lies almost totally in your originality, friendliness, empathy, and sense of altruism. You seek to take part in improving the world for everyone. You are drawn to new, novel things, towards the future and humanitarian interests, and yet without desiring to really involve yourself emotionally, so that you may be free and autonomous while remaining charitable and understanding. You are not very sentimental for all that and easily confuse love with friendship as affinity and partnerships are more important than anything to you. Also, since you can be an instigator and a little cynical at times, your love-life is rather unstable...

The 12 signs with Aquarius Ascendant


Women: You cling greedily to your independence and autonomy, which still doesn't stop you from being so seductive. You are drawn to novel concepts and unheard-of relationships, all while still keeping your space from others. Often times, you're going a 100 miles an hour, and, to make yourself stand out, will express your own individuality and develop your own very particular talents... Most often, your friendships, and not your romances, are successful...

Men: This is a good mix for discovering new and interesting ideas all the time. You are quick, efficient, and original but often lack consistency. You are a man who advocates individual freedom and who can't stand having to depend on anyone. You always have numerous ideas about how to accomplish extraordinary things. Your optimism is your best quality for making positive advances in your emotional life.


Women: You are often at odds with your own temperament. You are a passionate, emotionally dependent being who seeks as much as autonomy as possible. Most often, you use your own, original methods to reaching your goals, even if it means you're not always understood. In your emotional life, this touchy problem between your love and egotistical side means that you are quicker to make friends than lovers...

Men: This combination isn't easy. You are a man split between a desire for attachment and a desire for freedom. Contradicting thoughts overwhelm you, and your mood is often foul. You express things don't match how you feel, which can lead to disagreement between yourself and your friends. Still, you have a good sense of humor and are a very welcoming man with interesting ideas to share.


Women: Your best asset is your intelligence. Your interest in all things that grow and change keeps you constantly up to date on the news. You possess a great, enthusiastic, and kind character, especially when it comes to dealing with eccentric types, which you love. You could make a great career in literature, humanitarian work, as an inventor, or doing something totally original. In your emotional life, the border between love and friendship is often blurred, and, though it doesn't bother you personally, it can complicate your relationships.

Men: You are a man with a quick wit who understands everything before anyone else. You use your know-how in every success you earn and won't hesitate to pass it on to those around you. Your process is original and your uncommon methods amaze and inspire even the most reticent. You easily form new relationships but have trouble maintaining them, so you have few close relations.


Women: You make up for your many bouts of lethargy with your intense mental activity; you are overflowing with imagination and are an idealist. You stand out from everyone else with your great kindness and helpfulness, which you will have to use properly to avoid getting used. You have trouble settling down in your love-life because you need independence as much as you need strong bonds. Not easy...

Men: You're not a hyperactive man, but that doesn't mean you don't have good ideas. You need independence while remaining very attached to your roots. You are unorganized but have very good relations with those around you. It can take you a long time to create your own family, but, that being said, you are pretty romantic for someone who loves freedom so much. You have no trouble with seduction.


Women:You are a warm-hearted person who easily wins others over with their understanding, no matter the other's point of view. But, your sometimes excessive independence makes your love-life complicated. You are more interested in making an ideal reality than financial gain, which doesn't mean you won't enjoy outstanding success... You have an open mind and great kindness when faced with quirkiness or new things. Your friendships are, however, simpler than your romances.

Men: You need to feel useful. You want to be appreciated and won't hesitate to really throw yourself into something that won't earn you much as long as you can prove that you're hard-working and committed. You have contradictory reactions at times when those around you don't behave as you expect. Your emotional life goes back and forth between the need to dominate over others and a yearning for liberty.


Women: You are a little enigmatic and therefore seductive. Your natural likability, tempered by a certain shyness, makes your charm all the stronger. You are better at research, speculation, and thinking than on-the-ground work, where you are a little helpless. You have no trouble being gushy towards other people, but, when clear-headedness is lacking, it can lead to mistakes and disillusionment.

Men: You are a unique man who doesn't seek approval from anyone before accomplishing what he wants. You have your own viewpoints on the world around you, and you could easily evolve and grow in the fields of research, volunteering, or medicine. You often feel misunderstood in your romantic life, and it's certainly because of the trouble you have expressing your desires clearly.


Women: You a are huge idealist with an uncommon understanding of others and a real interest in any sort of group problem. You possess a remarkable intuition but have trouble putting it to good use in your professional life. You aren't motivated by competition since you don't like to fight and will give up a little too quick when faced with difficulty...

Men: You spend much of your time exchanging points of view with others and are light-hearted and original, which others generally appreciate. You easily avoid anything that annoys you, can't stand violence or constraints, and you will often share your opinion on the matter. In love, you need someone that you can love unconditionally and who won't try to lock you into a routine.


Women: You are not easy to get along with in private life: you are better at solving humanitarian problems than personal relationship problems. You could manage to get a great career in research or a humanitarian organization thanks to your big ideas and great big spirit. You are a bit too intellectual for a fulfilling love-life. You need to learn tenderness and small, touching acts of kindness...

Men: You are a man attracted to science, new technologies, and revolution. In fact, you are a rebel who challenges authority every chance you get. You are competent in whatever you do, and you like to work in a group, but you'll drop it all in a heartbeat if you feel like you're being ordered around. You have trouble letting yourself go in your romantic life. You are more about thinking than action.


Women: You have a trendy side and freely evolve in your ideas and according the current moment. You are independent and open-minded, but your ideas are personal and your autonomy complete. You dream of far-off possibilities, lofty destinies with total candor and in a spirit of justice. There are a some exceptional aspects to your life, either in your activities, the company you keep, acquaintances, or work...

Men: You are gifted at entertaining, especially in your professional life, and help others cool off a little and get going again. Nothing shocks you, and you have a very open mind, but you don't always respect the establishment. You have somewhat of a provocative side that won't go unnoticed. You idealize your attractiveness and so will have trouble accepting a traditional couple's life; you seek originality.


Women: You look that is almost monk-like and have a serious, if not strict, side to you. Watch out: your rectitude borders on intolerance, and you always keep your emotions under control. Your career is your reason for living, and you can even be pushed so far as to sacrifice your emotional life for it. You need a partner that is as autonomous as you are if you want to have a chance to build a home, but you feel so far removed from people...

Men: You are very independent, absorbed in your work, and interested in any type of learning. You are a big name in whatever field you are growing in. You are cold, distant, and have your own views on things, but feel too different to share them. You dedicate much of your time to your professional life, and so you will have to find an autonomous and understanding partner to share your life with.


Women: You have an original, if not eccentric, way of thinking. Your unique ideas make you come across as bizarre or detached from the rest of the world to other people. You are generous and kind but allow no compromise when it comes to your independence in either thought or action. You use your charisma to advance humanitarian interests, or ones that benefit us all. Your love-life is a bit tough to understand.

Men: You are extraordinary and do things unlike anyone else. You have trouble communicating clearly, but that doesn't cause any tension. On the contrary, you still manage to have fun and entertain. Deep down in your soul, you are independent and enjoy taking part in causes for the greater good as long as attachment or obligation aren't involved. In love, you will have to find a partner who isn't looking for a traditional couple.


Women: Your idealism and selflessness when it comes to the material aspects of life predispose you to wonderful ideas and great wealth. You can breathe in peace and calm, far away from conflict and violence. You are able to dedicate yourself to a cause, ideal, or philosophy... Your deep sense of devotion and perspective could make you an excellent therapist, psychologist, or paramedic.

Men: You are a man who sees human interaction and connection as a treasure to be protected. You are so good at understanding and helping your contemporaries that you could make a career out of it. You need to meet new people and exchange ideas, but you also need time alone every once in a while. In love, you are very attentive and affectionate, and you hope to create perfect harmony at home.

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