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Characteristics of the Cancer ascendant

Whatever sign you may be, Cancer Ascendant magnifies your imagination and sensitivity, making you gentler, more tender, more reserved and distrustful, and more nostalgic. You possess a sympathetic, warm, and love character and are, above all else, a wonderful head of household and a kind confidant. For you, family and solid friendships are essential. You feel immense joy in cherishing those you love. Extremely sensitive and easily influenced by the mood around you, you need to grow in a harmonious and comforting atmosphere. You are very sentimental and attach great importance to your past and your roots. You are hardly the talkative type and can be a little hypersensitive. Your moods change rapidly and almost anything can throw you off balance. Because of this, you tend to withdraw into yourself and let your emotions, feelings, and imagination wash over you. You are logical and deep thinker, have an excellent memory, and possess a great knowledge of the facts at work.

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Ascendant Cancer, you are governed by the moon

Those ruled by the moon are characterized by their sensitivity, memory, changing (lunatic) moods, and powerful protective instinct. They are very attached to family and affection but can even become dependent on them and lack initiative and aggressiveness. You exude charm and poetry every day but would still do best to gain more autonomy for yourself. Your willpower remains strong under outside pressure, and you will be remarkably tenacious in your whatever you undertake as long as you don't get down or let negativity influence you. You might be able to escape from the torment of your overflowing imagination, which blows everything out of proportion, if you can manage to turn your mind to creative or artistic activities. This will help you to channel your excessive emotion or hostile reactions properly.You need a stable, faithful, and comforting friend group to feel safe and let out all of your natural affection.

The 12 signs with Cancer Ascendant


Women: You are often conflicted with your yourself, torn between your ego and your dependence on others' affection - two contradictory but equally powerful tendencies. You often come across as complicated. Your will runs up against uncertainty, your anxiety deprives you of emotional peace, but you possess a great creative and artistic strength that is also an excellent way of positively channeling this permanent imbalance.

Men: This is not an easy mix, but, if you can manage to express your feelings through your creations, it will be much easier for you to relax. You are often reckless and engage in contradictory behaviors. Your fickleness can quickly annoy those #around you. Still, you are a very endearing man who will never betray another's trust and who is always ready to take part in projects for the greater good. Once you find love, you'll hold on and not let go.


Women: Mother hen: you are affectionate and often expand your home to include your best friends or neighbors in your "tribal" vision of daily life. You have to make sure not to suffocate those close to you with your warm, yet invasive, protection. You are emotional and sensual, love the good things in life, and feel both joy and sadness with the same extravagance. You have a deep need for security.

Men: You are a man who dedicates most of his time and energy improving your home in any way possible. You are warm, enthusiastic, and persevering but can sometimes be fickle, stubborn, or overly chatty. You consider the people you like to almost be part of your family. You invest a lot of yourself into your emotional life, and so you need a partner who doesn't have much need for independence.


Women: You intimately mingle thought and feeling, which could weaken you in your long-term pursuit of your goals as they are constantly changing. Whether in your love-life or elsewhere, you do tend to spread yourself to thin and get discouraged too quickly. Free from daily drudgery among comforting company, you can still have a good career. You bring together great skill with a utilitarian sense of opportunism.

Men: You are highly influenced by the current ambiance, and so your moods are constantly shifting. You need positive bonds with those around you to really feel fulfilled. You dedicate much of your time to your family. It is from them that you draw the inspiration you need to make your professional goals a reality. You need to be supported, and your self-confidence is your driving force in achieving success. In couple's life, you are restless but endearing.


Women: People either love you or can't stand you - you are uncompromising, madly in love with your family and your roots, but are a little slow to action. And so, it would be in your best interest to find yourself a partner that is energetic and dynamic so that you don't constantly slip into your useless daydreaming... Depending on whether you succeed or not in your love-life, you will be fulfilled at home or waste away in your solitude...

Men: You love thinking and never get bored because just looking around you is enough to keep you occupied. You are a real homebody since you only ever really feel safe when you're home. Your family is your principal concern, which doesn't make you the most outgoing. You interact with the outside world only by necessity, not because you want to; that, and you also need assistance from time to time.


Women: You have a rather artistic temperament, an inner life rich in feelings and color, great sensitivity, and a love for comfort. You have a little too much pride, which can make you sensitive and ruin your mood over one wrong thing said... Your charm, however, does garner a lot of sympathy, but, in general, it is your home and your loved ones that will benefit from your warmth.

Men: In your professional life, you are a tenacious and loyal man who needs to prove his effectiveness. Your home is where you feel the best, which is why you take great care of it. With those you love, you are romantic, warm, and protective, and you love to be surrounded by close friends and family. With others, you can be unpleasant and not let your opponent get a word in.


Women: You are delicate, attentive, devoted, pleasant, and very sensitive to any criticism, which makes you dependent on those around you. If you can manage to surround yourself with affectionate people, you'll be able to unleash your own wealth of tenderness and devotion with great fidelity. At work, your best assets are your diligence, perseverance, honesty and perfect punctuality.

Men: You are a sensitive person who needs to be loved before they reveal all of their finer qualities. You are imaginative, understanding, devoted, and diligent. That being said, you do have mood swings that can push you to close yourself off. You need a partner who knows how to calm your anxiety. In love, you need attention and warmth. You have to be comforted and consoled often.


Women: You like people who know how to give tit for tat. Your seductive powers are great, but you have trouble really gaining fulfillment due to your dependence on who's around you. Your dreaming nature, in high demand, will come out best in an artistic lifestyle. You can be aloof and fickle and will have to correct this fault that can make you professionally unreliable over the long term...

Men: This combination isn't easy: you often feel frustrated. You lack a sense of reality in your endeavors, and, furthermore, others don't give you the help you desire to make your goals a reality. Your life will be easier if you can manage to take an artistic path. Your romances are deep, you tend to idealize, and make yourself readily available to, your partner, and you are very sentimental.


Women: You are very secretive and a little tormented in this intense world where all your emotions are heightened, which makes for great intuitive potential. Your romances are often difficult due to your constant need for intensity in your relationships, which is a rare thing. Your perseverance and avidity allow you to have a wonderful career thanks to your obsessive work ethic and inspiration.

Men: You are often unclear in what you say and do. You prefer to act anonymously, and this serves you quite well. You are very attached to your family, but you don't make a whole show of it. You prefer to remain discreet when it comes to private matters. You have trouble merging your emotional life with the outside world, which can cause you problems in building a life together with someone.


Women: A little carefree and a lot unstable, you are uncommonly kind, adaptable, can be a bit of a dreamer in general, and everybody loves you. In reality, you are anxious, tortured by a constant feeling of insecurity due to your difficulty laying foundations. You need a strong emotional bond, a real family, and the warmth of loving, fulfilling friends.

Men: You are a tolerant, generous, helpful, and a good teacher. You are an idealist who has grandiose plans usually having something to do with abroad or cultural encounters. You need help from other organized people to succeed in your endeavors. You need a comforting and stable home to recharge your batteries. Your family is your main source of satisfaction. In love, you have to avoid overly domineering people.


Women: You have a little trouble gaining fulfillment, peace, and happiness. Torn between excessive, contradictory emotions, and between feelings and reason, you are quite often anxious. You depend on those around you to feel fulfilled. Your surefire charm will, however, help you find the protection that will be vital to you. In your work, you are persevering and organized, but you periodically run into depressing moments of torpor or discouragement.

Men: You are a tortured person and don't know how to manage your emotions as you wish. You can be extremely driven one moment, then totally discouraged the next for no apparent reason. You don't trust your own talent and prefer to rely on logic to reach your goals. Family responsibilities stimulate you, and you take care of those close to you gladly. In love, you need time before you can trust.


Women: You give off an original, fresh air of seduction and a stunning charisma that you use marvelously to hide any apprehension or doubt on your part from others. In one way or another, the motherly image is a powerful one. You seek a partner with lots of tenacity and emotion. You might have a little trouble finding the right place for yourself professionally, torn as you are between a desire for independence and discipline - you must make a choice or strike a balance between the two.

Men: You are very autonomous in your professional life but not always the most motivated. You have constantly changing ideas that lead to frustrating failure. You will abandon one project just to start another. You would most likely be happy working at home. In love, you need someone who is affectionate, serious, reliable, and who won't insist on your always being at home.


Women:You will spend your life building a cozy home for your loved ones and hiding away in your pleasant, yet invasive, imagination. You run on autopilot, open to any influence, visible or not, and are capable of turning these into works of art at times. There is no in-between in your emotions: you can go from the highest exaltation to the darkest despair. In day-to-day life, you need a stable and kind friend group.

Men: You lack any self-confidence. Which is too bad, because your imagination is an exceptional source of creative ideas that you can take advantage of to make your desires a reality. You escape into your dream world as soon as things get uncomfortable for you, but you can also be fun and devoted when everything is going well. In your romantic life, you need someone who won't rush you, with whom you can create a pleasant and comfortable home together.

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