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Recognizing an astrological sign

Written by Mary

How can you better identify the astrological signs of the individuals you meet or those you frequent while ignoring their date of birth? We propose in this article 5 personality traits per zodiac sign. So, as you meet people, you can have fun trying to guess who is in front of you.

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- They get right to the point and aim for quick victories since, for them, only the present matters - not the future, and even less so the past.
- Their pace is intense and hectic.
- They assert themselves, acting as the "leader" and taking initiative in their field.
- They are susceptible to crushes and hate the routine of day-to-day life, with its slow and downright depressing drudgery.
- They like novelty and have a competitive spirit.



- They like to be productive and consistent in their work, to leave an indelible mark on the material world.
- They hate uncertainty, despise change, and cherish their comforting routine.
- They rarely get angry, but, if they do, they do so in spectacular fashion.
- They have a deep bond with sensuality and find satisfaction in art, cuddling, in nature, or somewhere green.
- They are possessive, jealous, and aim to enrich themselves monetarily.


- They like to vary their activities and fill their days hanging anywhere and everywhere.
- They are a jack-of-all-trades that get involved in anything having to do with talking, writing, or business.
- They are charming, fantastical, resourceful, and hate getting attached to anything or anyone.
- They are filled with wanderlust and like anything that takes them on a voyage full of new and unexpected discoveries.
- They have a fragile nervous system due to their tendency to do too many things at once.


- They are homebodies and have a strong protective streak when it comes to those they love.
- They like to coddle and to be coddled, to live in a flood of sensations that nourish their souls.
- In order to communicate with others, they need to be tapped into their emotions, which is why if they feel like they are being "stonewalled", the conversation will end immediately.
- They are sensitive and sentimental, but, on the other hand, they can also turn cold and retreat into their shell if their emotions are undernourished.
- Their imagination is limitless, and they are naturally gifted at finding friends or a willing ear thanks to their intuition and sixth sense.


- They form their own identity by expressing their feelings like a child, one that loves to laugh, ham it up, love, cry - hence their tendency for acting.
- They like to be surrounded by people and have their own little, inner circle of friends and powerful people, forming a sort of kingdom that brings them life and vitality.
- They are a warm being who needs to be recognized for their generosity or creativity.
- They are proud and domineering.
- They like luxury goods and money, which they see just as a sign of love from life itself.


- They have a good service and work ethic and are drawn to careers in the health field.
- They like to think, analyze, label, categorize, take stock, and write lists.
- They have a critical mind and a keen and methodical intellect.
- They hate instability, and the unknown scares them.
- Their humility often pushes them to act or work under another person or in total discretion.


- They give meaning to their life by establishing relationships with others, hence their great people skills.
- They have a taste for refined esthetics, and, conversely, ugliness makes them flee.
- They have a certain sense of justice and need require balance among the various parts of their life.
- If they feel uncomfortable or insecure, they can become highly critical.
- They rarely remain alone, and marriage can become a pivotal part of their existence.


- They have a taste for power, desires, conflict, and confrontation.
⁻ Their emotions roil intensely within them, and so feel that life must be lived passionately or not at all.
- They sense underlying meanings, read between the lines, and sense others' motives.
- They possess an unyielding stubbornness.
- They have a strong penchant for fusing completely with others.


- They are constantly in pursuit of an ideal of some sort throughout their entire life, which gives them something to look forward to, enabling them to work toward a goal and expand their mind.
- Very sociable and open, they like to play councilor, guide, and organizer for others.
- They love life in all its infinite richness and outrageousness.
- Being free to think and go as they please is as important to them as breathing.
- They have a taste for justice, and, on the other hand, can tend to impose their own rules on others.


- They are realistic, prudent, reserved, and discreet.
- They need alone time to think deeply, recharge, and mature.
- To move forward, they set goals for themselves over the medium and long terms while keeping in mind where their limits lie.
- They are ambitious and responsible.
- They have a pessimistic, cold, and even cynical side to them.


- They have a strong preference for friendship over love.
- They have grand, humane ideals and are attracted to politics and the way the world works.
- They have a strong personality, which can make them come off as egotistical or lead to them dedicating themselves to an extreme cause.
- They are a free, detached, and often eccentric or rebellious being who is prone to shaking up the rules of the game.
- They like to look to the future and are interested in new technologies.

How can you better identify the astrological signs of the individuals you meet or those you frequent while ignoring their date of birth? We propose in this article 5 personality traits per zodiac sign. So, as you meet people, you can have fun trying to guess who is in front of you.

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