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Chinese element: Water

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Characteristics of Water in Chinese Astrology:

Water is the source of emotion and behind creative ideas. Thanks to this element, the new sweeps away all that is outdated. Those born in the years of this element are gentle and love to communicate with others. Their natural intuition helps them to understand others without too many problems. Water people are not the types to impose themselves on others. They are more inclined to go gently and get involved in new things. They manage to persuade others because of their talents and not by force. They are lucid but extremely sensitive. The organ associated with Water is the kidneys. Its tendency is salty.

Water and the Sign of the Rat :

The Water-Rat is attractive and his aims are always commendable. His calm temperament is appreciated at work and in life in general. He can be very understanding. The Water Rat will not be afraid to take risks to achieve his objectives and is capable of manipulating others. His big drawback is spreading himself too thin. He has a tendency to set several goals at the same time and does not always manage to reach them.

Water and the Sign of the Ox :

His desire to improve his mind is insatiable. Intellectual, rational and ambitious, the Water-Ox tackles things methodically to achieve his goals. He sees the positive side of any situation, even when faced with hurdles. His calm and patient disposition very often enable him to succeed in all he undertakes.

Water and the Sign of the Tiger :

The Water-Tiger is perfectly in control of his urges. He is wise. He is an effective communicator and his persuasive powers enable him to work in professions where human contact is all-important. Multi-talented, the Water Tiger rarely experiences failure.

Water and the Sign of the Rabbit :

The Water-Rabbit is very emotional and becomes depressed the slightest setback. His extreme sensitivity helps him to understand others' intentions. He is vulnerable and pessimistic. However, he is a reliable, sincere and devoted friend. His sensitivity can become an asset if he takes up an artistic profession. He will need to avoid situations where the atmosphere is very competitive.

Water and the Sign of the Dragon :

The Water-Dragon puts others before himself. He is completely dedicated. His strength of character helps him to overcome life's ups and downs. He is good at fitting in with others and will never impose his own ideas to the detriment of those around him. He is always willing to listen and does not automatically assume he is right.

Water and the Sign of the Snake :

The Water-Snake is very charismatic. He charms others with great ease. This is how he imposes his ideas very gently. He is crafty and intelligent, organising things as he needs to achieve his goals. He is a good administrator.Water and the Sign of the Snake.

Water and the Sign of the Horse :

The Water-Horse is absolutely determined to succeed in life. He is good at adapting to any situation to draw full advantage. He is restless and likes travelling. He is attracted by change and is horrified when things stagnate. He has an appealing sense of humour.

Water and the Sign of the Goat :

The Water-Goat is nor short of friends! This is one of the most sociable beings in the zodiac. A person born under this combination of sign and element is an imitator and easily influenced. He follows suit and will not try to impose a new way of looking at things on others. He is quite the opposite and prefers to look to others for guidance. He needs to develop more self-confidence in terms of his values.

Water and the Sign of the Monkey :

The Water-Monkey is introverted but adept at making friends. His innate kindness makes him popular. He is very efficient at work. He is able to motivate a team and bring new ideas to the table, which are usually well accepted. The Water Monkey has a natural gift for dealing with people.

Water and the Sign of the Rooster :

The Water-Rooster likes learning. He is austere and would happily spend his whole life with his nose in a book. He is very often a gifted writer and will choose a profession which will enable his gifts to shine forth. He is a perfectionist and likes to do well.

Water and the Sign of the Dog :

The Water-Dog is always willing to listen to others and generally has lots of friends. He loves celebrating and his life is always very busy. People seek him out to confide in him. He is psychologically astute.

Water and the Sign of the Pig :

The Water-Pig has a calm disposition and is able to persuade others his ideas are sound. He is not afraid of taking time to explain things to others. He is persistent and has strong feelings where others are concerned. He is not the type to live a quiet life.

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